How To Cut And Sew Reversible Ruffle Ankara Satin Bonnet#Howtosew #Fashion #Satinbonnet #Hairbonnet

  • Posted on 13 December, 2021
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

how to cut and sew reversible Ankara satin bonnet

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Hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel, so in today's video we are going to be making a big um ruffle, hair bonnet, it's reversible, so the front you can use ankara and the back. You can use satin. So that's you can wear any one that you like, okay or you can use two different colors of satin. If you wish okay, so these are the material you need. You need your fabric, then you need your tape room. So, let's get straight into it. I have another tutorial on um on bonnet, but it's not raw food. It'S not this type that i want to make. So if you want to see that one too, i will leave the link in description box below i marked out um, i cut out a square fabric 28 by 28. So if i open this unfold now, if i open it up like this, like i said this is a square. You know all sides of square are equal. I have 28 by 28, like this okay, so once you mark that out you fold this way, this is the first folding and you fold again. This is the second folding okay, so we're going to mark our red juice now, so the radius i'll be using today is that same okay, these um? This is a big, a big um bonus. So if you want a smaller one, you can reduce the reduce you can use 10. You can use 12. You can use eight, so i'll mark that 10 round. Remember where you're making from is the edge that is on food. This place is on food. This place is on food, but if you start from here, you can see that this place is open. Don'T start from here start from the tip that everywhere is closed. Okay, so our mark taking right around like i said you can use 12, you can use 10. You can use any one you like, but this is a bigger one. I don't know if you're seeing this chalk so after marking it now i'm going to trace it out. Okay, i'm going to trace out so after tracing it now your course. So with this now you place it on the plain fabric, the same length 28 vitamins is on cold place it on the same fabric and trace out the two of them are going to be the same thing, the same size, the same shape everything so after cutting The fabric and the lining you open the top, and you have a perfect circle. You can see a perfect second make sure you know the front and the back, so the front will be up facing you and you place your lining front side facing each other. Okay, so this is it you place it like this and arrange it very well, so you're going to sew around you're going to sew round. So when you reach your starting point, you leave about um, just a small opening. Let me measure what i have here. This is four inches, so if you can turn with two inches like three inches, but if you can turn with four inches leave four inches, so you leave about four inches or two inches any small opening that i can turn out from okay, you leave it open. So you saw from here with half inch round and stop here. Okay, so i'll go now to show this, you can paint them down clean it down. If, if you want so guys after sewing it now, you can see the stitches line, the stitch line. Okay, so i left this opening here for turning so i'll go now to notch them and trim. I will notch. You know this is a second you need to notch so that it's a relaxed way and now the shrimp so guys after turning it out. I gave it a good press and this is what we have okay. This is the front, and this is the back. So if you don't want yours, this big, like i said you should reduce the radius i used 18, you can use 12, you can use 11. 10 8. Just reduce the radius okay. Now the next thing to do is to mark out two inches from the tip of your from this edge. Mark two inches. Remember our opening, so you should also leave the opening mark two inches round two inches two inches, so you should mark it i'll do that now and i will show us so guys after matching the two inches round. This is our two inches long. The two inches will even cover the opening that we left. These are opening so you're going to sew this two inches round. So even the this opening side you're still going to sew these two inches on top of it round. So after sewing it so after swinging, this two inches, you mark out half inch from these two inches just mark out, half inch this side as in towards the hem okay, not inside towards the hem, my couch half inch or 0.75 three quarter inch. It depends on the width of your elastic, i'm using a half inch elastic so, and i like giving the elastic some room. You know to to to be free, so i'll mark out 0.75 instead of half inch so that the elastic can have 0.25 um room to to sit inside. So this um 0.25, like i said, depends on your elastic. This 0.75 are marking. I won't show this opening. Remember the first one is two inches you so round: don't leave any opening now, the second one, this 0.75, i'm marking. I will not sew this opening, because that is where you pass your elastic into. We are trying to create elastic casing here, so this one you so round the two inches, then the second one which is 0.75 if you're using 0. If you're using half inch elastic 0.75, you don't so this opening, you leave it. Okay, hope we understand so i'll. Mark my 0.75 round and i'll go and sew and i'll get back to us so guys after sewing each round, as you can see, i've done um like i said you want so the second line, the second 0.75 you're showing you won't sew this opening here, but The two inches we made it's round, okay, so the next thing is to attach our elastic this elastic. You can just tie it on your head. Okay, you can just tie it around your head and cut out your head circumference measurement, but what i have here is them 19.. So if you're looking for an adult, you can still use it 19, because almost all adults heads are 21 to 23 inches they're about so this is 19 here. So i'm going to pass my elastic if you're using self tipping. You said to me: this is what i have here so pass it through. So you come out from the other side, so when you're passing it make sure that this one doesn't go in. So you secure this one at the edge here with a pin. You secure it with a pin, make sure it doesn't shift inside okay, so you go around, keep pushing it so after passing it around. This is what you're going to have. So i'm still holding the two edges, you can go to your sewing machine and sew it or you can just tie it so i'll, just like i'm arranging the bonnet to see. If i need to reduce this elastic. Okay, so i'll just tie it. If you want it too tight, you can reduce your elastic. Like i said, i, the what i cut out was 19, so you can see that i reduced it this this one's i'm holding now is the reduction, so you tie it as much as possible so that when they are using the elastic, it runs just loose. Okay and you cut out, you can see so this opening. Now you can go to your machine and sew it. Okay, you go to your machine, so it and press it so that it will conceal or you can use hemming gum or you can use your hand and do blind stitch or if you have it mentioned that was blind stitch. You can still do that. So i'll go to my machine now and run a stitch over it and i'll show us what it looks like after i'm done so beautiful people. This is what we have at the end of the day you can see. This is your raffle, it's very, very simple and easy to make. You can make this within 10 minutes, and this is a very good and nice gift to give to your clients this x-mas period. Okay, so i'll put it on my head now now shows so. This is it on my head, like i said, this is a perfect gift to gift your clients in this christmas period, those that patronize, you very well - and it's so simple and super easy to make with six years of ankara you can make much you can make More than let's say, 50, okay, so this is it if this video was helpful, please give it a thumbs up like share comment, and i will see yours in my next video. Please don't mind my face so, and this is season. This is christmas period. It'S rush hour for me, so, okay, bye, oh

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