The "Hairshop" Movie | Kinigra Deon

  • Posted on 02 August, 2022
  • Long Hair
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The Youngest Child:



Title: The Hairshop Movie

Plot: Kids own a hair salon and one of their clients keeps running into misfortunes

Starring: @KinigraDeon , Chloe, @theariibabyy , @lifewithpaige , @MALAYSIARAKIYAH, @seraphsworld7295 , @alwaysaustin, @JojoReddsWorld33 , @romantoolit , @KinigraDeonFamily , @lpbree2160 , @thatboychris8311 , @Lenox aka Nox

Girl, you didn't come with your hair washed and blow dried hey! No! What is my password? It don't matter. They ain't making no money anyway, pink light, pink or dark, pink light pink. What else blue light, blue or dark blue light? Blue foreign foreign? I only have a couple people in here usually be packed up in here around this time. Thank you. So much girl, okay, I'm here now all right, bye, welcome to BB's. Well, we can have your hair fried dye the legs to the side. Oh, isn't that so cute, you must be your mom a little helper uh! No, this is me and my sister shop anyways, who you here for Chloe. Oh Chloe come on nine o'clock appointment here, such a deposit, uh yeah, I'm looking for your mama Chloe uh-uh, I'm Chloe, you Chloe, but this is a daycare uh. It ain't, no daycare honey. It'S me and my sister shop um. Well, I know the kid's gon na be in my head. Babies can't be chooses okay, okay and then you say you had an emergency call soon I did and your head like a hot mess, you see my hair is spot. You see her hair is spy. So, what's it gon na, be you do braids? It'S a salon, ain't it yeah, so go get in the chair. Okay, y'all need to learn from customer service or something well. I need to go. I have a seat right here. Okay, attitude, listen! I'M a good writer! I am a braveologist people and their mama come to me. Okay, okay, I sure hope so cause I got a good date tonight. Come on hook me up what you did not wash a blow dry, your hair. I ain't think I needed to you supposed to do that. You know that's gon na be extra right, whatever, okay, I sure hope you know what you're doing I do. Okay, okay, Kylie come watch and shampoo her hair, please come on child time. Baby come on not be your mama all right, so right here at this one uh. What do you think? Okay? Look! Don'T um don't put that water too hot. Now I got it. I can do my job correctly. Now, okay, let's shoot yeah yeah. It is too nappy. My hair is not nappy girl. Thank you just. Can you make sure when you shampoo it, you scrub it real good, please, okay, I got it dang. You ain't have to push me so hard. Never this extra right. I know she a lot of girls. Okay, now, hey everything costs extra. Can you just do my hair? Please? Oh baby! This is nappy B. This is hurting. I say I'm 10 ahead. I don't care! You came here all right. Okay, It's Gon na Hurt, don't touch my [ __ ]. This is the last spray honey and then huh you can go good cause. It took you long enough, I'm ready to see it. Oh, what is this girl? You got me looking like I'm three years old uh. I don't want to see. No back, you sure I just said I don't want to see the back. I need you to take this out because I look like I'm a child in this shop. Kids can get rolling Styles and grown-ups get kid style. You see my edges, their own Fleek, oh baby, Y'all, Gon na deposit Reaper. You already paid me in full and you ain't getting it back. We want to bet cause um. We gon na see about that. Hey little nappy head girl, just like I told your sister, I want a refund uh wow, your hair look good and we'll do refunds. My hair does not look good. I like a goddamn talent. I told you. I had an emergency. I have a date tonight. Oh dang sound like a person problem. If y'all don't give me a refund, I'ma call the police and I'm a reporter. That'S fraud, oh really gang gang. So what that was? You were saying about a refund yeah cause me and my sister we don't do refund. I was saying I love my hair and I'm gon na I'm gon na tell people about y'all. Look so good girl have a nice day tell people about us ride down and lay to the side. Bye, foreign me: it hurts. What kind do you want? Purple? Okay, you've been 30 minutes, it's hot up on the hill has not been 30 minutes. Yet. Yes, they have often the techniques, oh fulfilling my hair air dry. Look, if you take it off and it's not fully dried, I'm not doing your hair, oh whatever one. Two one two one, two one, two, okay, I did that all right, that is it you coming next to it right. You come about time. You'Ve been taking fit, that's full, okay girl. So when somebody come in and get their hair done or whatever um make sure you greet them and tell them welcome to BB's, but we have y'all have Friday and late to the side. That'S it welcome to babies, make sure you have your help to the side. That'S not what I said but close in this way too nice, I roll my eyes and all that, but you'll get that later. All right and the most important thing about this shop, like the most important thing they have to do. Anybody to come in here make sure these folks scan a phone, so we can get our money. Okay, don't you want your money? Okay, you got to get your money so be like hey, don't let them walk past this day at all skin phone all right now, you can go, get your hair appointment. All right now here is where you make sure get all the feet together like when they say it's gon na cost extra make sure they got a check on them. I mean they paid for it and all that good stuff, all right now, Pop Quiz. What'S the most important thing about this shop, they got ta pay, that's right! That'S right and that's all you got ta know for real girl. So you don't pass this now. You can actually work I'll go. Take a look now for some should make sure they pay. I swear. I cannot believe that question go sit there and cancel my appointment now I got ta go in this stupid shop working on babies while we get your hair slay day and done. That is not it, but we're gon na work on it. It'S too nice anyways back so soon, don't start with me. Little girl cause today ain't my day. Now what Chloe she here? Okay! Well, um! I need an appointment with her um. Did you make an appointment before you came? Well, I got ta make an appointment. If ain't nobody here, baby rules are rules, so he's gon na make an appointment now or what? What can you book me an appointment? I can see what she got open hurry up because I got a date. Oh today is nacho day for real because she ain't open until February next year February of next year. I need my hair done today. Okay today, look, I may can make a small exception, but it's going to have a small fee, just teeny tiny, not too major or nothing like that. You know what y'all some little scammals cash a card - foreign - listen here, Mr robber man. I mind my business ain't in your business. You probably need some money and guess what I ain't got it, but you see her right. There she owned this shop. She got the money um, I'm just gon na go and leave, and you do what you ain't gon na tell I promise. No, you ain't going nowhere like you're a doctor, gon na go to the back. Oh y'all come on, go to the back. Come on now get to the back now come on. Forget you get to the back. Okay, what you doing get them to the back, get to the back come on right now! Yeah! Please! Let me live. Have you fools lost your mind? Do you know who I am look girl? We don't care who is just take us to the safe Hotel, yeah or else? Oh, my God, y'all. Think. I'M scared me too. You need to be scared of him. You'Re gon na come look girl. You think it's a game or something yeah, you think it's a game, hey man say something different or something hey bring us to the money right now, yeah, what you don't talk, oh that mean I don't care one. You ain't, getting your money! Two! You think somebody's scared of your little sign language or something this little girl, crazy or something yeah foreign. Stop being so scared go. Take that mask off okay, um. What I got ta! Do it shoot you want your hair done, don't it yeah? I do put your weapons back, shoot told you you shoulda, let me go man, please don't call the police, it was his idea. No, no! What'S his idea, why you can't even talk? How is this idea? Please don't call the police anyways. I got a better idea for all of y'all all right y'all what BB's, how y'all like fry, die and lay to the side? What fries all right y'all can go all right and y'all better bring us some sales. All right! Tell y'all friends about us next time. Y'All come it's gon na, be a robbery to the side. Fry die and lay to the side. Did y'all see Rihanna having a baby? Yes girl, but we ain't gon na get no album. She can do everything else, but give us an album yeah. What y'all talking about Rihanna having a baby for real yeah, her baby gon na be cute yeah speaking of Rihanna [, __ ], I see Keisha girl, Liberty, wear baby, don't do my friend unless you watch her business put out on the ground um. We all know who you like um my business girl. Let'S not talk about who you like hey, don't be doing my sister, especially not in front of the new girl. Hey got ta get her comfortable. First, anybody want their hair done. No okay, then anyways don't get to work. Come on. I'M ready to make. Did y'all sell some liquid gold? No okay! Then I ain't shouldn't have been trying to rock and make sure y'all greet these people. Okay, bride die and lay to the side and is y'all how real? Okay, that's what I thought you better tell her girl. I don't know who she thinks she was talking to girl. I know that's right. She might have been good. I ain't quit my job. You can give me a manicure or something okay, foreign welcome to BDS, where we have your hair, fried dye and laid to the side. Hey how y'all doing um do you all have any available appointments? Um, your hair! Look! Fine to me! Oh no, not me! My son Linux, oh Linux, what somebody need their hair done. I can do it girl, please um. So if you're almost done with the head yeah, I'm wrapping up her hair now, okay, you're done, I don't know why they don't want me to do their hair, because I'm licensed, I only mess up Kiki hair. One time it will go back shoes. Is it all right if I come back and get them uh-huh? Thank you hand, good hands. Welcome to beach. I already know it. Okay, look. I need one of y'all to do my hair again because um I ain't in my blowout last time, um what they got. Ta do with me. I got something to do with you because remember last time I came up in here. Y'All got robbed um. I remember that what you mean you don't remember you two freaking mascots right there, someone who did it so I need a blowout. Oh yeah, I remember that, but basically now it's a cancellation fee, so you got to make another appointment. How is it a cancellation? It ain't my fault that y'all got robbed: can they not fault either? So I'm professional people I can ever dealt with in my life? How y'all gon na charge me a cancellation fee when it was y'all fault because y'all, let me see, okay drop the attitude one too cause. I got a date. She not available until June and 2024. her phone she on her lunch break. What can you do before the 24th? He worked me in a day, um yeah, but it's gon na have a small little feet to it like last time, but you ain't pay it so yeah, but you got somebody else available, um huh, but I don't think you want to go to Hooker Kiki. Oh, you don't want to go to her, but yeah. You look, I'm telling you this because I don't like. I guess I have to wait. Then right over there Apple pay. No, let's see can we leave now um yeah. I guess because y'all don't make no sales. Anyway, give me my wig come on write it early, seven o'clock, foreign contract, changing okay! Let me see what I can do for you, Chloe yeah girl. I got you right now: oh um! No, you don't! Okay! First of all, you just told me: Chloe ain't got no appointments until June of 2024.. Okay and what's your date, kind of like girl, what kind of job you got! I don't know we're gon na find it out when we go out today, learn about each other. Do you even know if you got money, I hope so? Is he a ball player? No okay then go sit down in the Broke Girls section and wait for gloom bye. Well, it better be quick I'll make sure your bird smelling. I don't know what I'm getting breaks. My last shoe. I can tell you that Chloe. Thank you. I know what it [ __ ]. What'S she doing? I need my hair fried and late to the side. Yes, girl. You know I got a date tonight, hot date, I'm gon na hook you up, okay, girl, girl, I'm done with your hair. You got me fried daddy, laid to the side, yes, girl, it's fried dye and laid to the side. Let me see: oh, he gon na wan na marry me if it is two dates. Um are y'all doing because I got a date um. Is he a football player? I keep asking me that bye girl, you done. Thank you, boo. Okay, you ready for me now. Come on hey Chloe, can you just touch my toys so much? Oh, no. She can't cause I've been sitting here waiting. Oh, you don't have to stand in line she talking to I'm talking to you because I paid an extra fee. You need to go over there and pay extra fee too, and until she get me done because I got a date tonight, this is my grandma. I don't care who she is. You know what this is the most unprofessional place. I don't ever had in my life. You know I'm gon na go and get a refund about him. Shoot right. I'Ll! Do your hair! You do my hair yeah come sit down. It'S customer service. She gon na. Do my hair. Thank you, sugar. You sure about that who did your hair last time? It don't look right that little unprofessional girl over there um they're wrong. I know she did she didn't cut your ends. She coming. Please do girl cause. I got a date tonight. Ooh Girl, your hair, looks cute. You look like Einstein, but a girl girl. I mean. I look smart anyway. Let me see, let me see me hello. You still got some hair right here. You cut my hair off. All you had to do it'll grow. You know what your license need to be taken, because you did this to me. You know what I am so sick of this shop. I want a refund right now, girl, you already know we do not do refunds. Do you see my hair yeah? I see it. It ain't right fried and this show is clip. You know what y'all gon na help from my lawyer. Oh, I think she need this definitely this here here. This is your second time this week. You need to practice no cutting. I want to see this ball hit. Let'S try to keep the hair on there. Okay, she really think I'm gon na clean this toilet. It'S my bathroom, clean yeah, better, be you can go baby, these like doing dishes yeah ain't, my mama! I ain't your mama baby, I'm your woman! Today! This is gon na be sparkling foreign cause. They know it's dirty. It'S gon na pay me extra for this all right. That'S good! Keep getting that spot, though I know who that's gon na stay talking to, because I am your baby, but I clean up all right good. All right, y'all, good y'all, can go see y'all tomorrow, bright and early six o'clock. Did that get everything done? Barely is everything okay, y'all seem a little anxious. Do you know what today is right, it's inspection day, but not the regular inspection? It'S a crazy inspection because we got inspector roosters coming exactly do you know the inspection from he. You know what just saying his name's give me the chills inspector Rufus. How bad could he be? Look? You don't know him because you never met him, but he's a very strict inspector. He once gave us an F for having a single strand of hair on the floor, and then he failed us because we had one blown out. Light bulb right. Really, yes, and if we failed this inspection, then this whole shop is going to get shut down and we're gon na get no money. Ain'T gon na get no money right. We better get to work yeah before he gets here, because these little kids ain't do nothing shoot There. He Go um, so dirty paddles man, right, hey how you doing um you want some chips. No, I don't want any of that baby. I won't know where the license is you understand what I'm talking about? You'Ve been losing weight? No, how are the kids? I don't have any kids, oh well, the license are right there. All right! You just keep moving along hey. You must be the new girl. Yes, where's your life, oh she, oh, she got her where's your license, baby uh you talking about my driver's license. Do I look like a State Trooper to you? I want your beautician license. Oh you're, talking about that life. Yeah that license all right. Can I talk to you privately for a second excuse? Us, okay, yeah y'all, go ahead! Just don't take your time, okay, what um? I don't have my license. Yet what you mean you don't have your license like you left them at home or in the car. No, I never got them what what you mean. So you didn't go to school yeah. I went to school, but I didn't finish so. You lied on your application. Technically I didn't. I went to school when 3 P.M hit. I left that didn't mean I finished school. I graduated and stuff Sarah now we're about to fail the inspection. I told you Rufus, don't play that, I'm sorry hey! What'S taking y'all so long back there! You should be sorry! Mr Rufus who's handling some good good hair shop business hush. Where is your life? Oh! My dog ate it yo dog ate it, so I'm gon na politely need you to move out of my way just a teeny bit there. You go just move a little bit. I'M gon na check everything out and you know if it's not right, it's a fail. I'M telling you now the way it's gon na be yeah go through here. This look all right up. I see some electrical issues. That is not good. This cannot be up to cold. I almost tripped over that broom and they got a mop bucket. I bet they watching people hell with that water. There then my Boogie thing and running water. Let me see what up going on here. Ceiling fan sagging. What is the worst shop I ever been in man, I'm gon na have to let them go. I'M gon na have to let them go now. I promise you everybody up here. Having a meeting y'all huddling talking about me. Uh-Uh talk about your great hair, you'll, never touch it! This wave Nouveau baby, you know, do y'all know what the f in Rufus stand for. Funk fabulous, oh, I got something for y'all, it's what I'm gon na do for you. I got something for you early Christmas birthday present, whatever you want to call it, and I'm gon na tell you exactly what it is. It'S a big fat elf and I'm gon na give this to you. You there you go ma'am and we gon na shut this shop down. Y'All gon na leave early go to the movies whatever y'all want to do. I don't think I don't think that I'm gon na go find my license. You'Re trying to tell me how to do my, my dog. No, it's just gon na solve the problem. Yeah you go ahead and get your license. That'S what I want you to do. Take it back, no, I will not get back y'all shut down early today. Look it's my hat, don't even say nothing about no goddamn appointment, because I ain't gon na have one you're gon na sit here and tell me that this God dang on wig, was supposed to make my edges look good. It don't look good and I got someone to fix it. Look today is not today we're about to close. I I don't care you're gon na close after you do my hair and his hair can wait. Okay, because your appointment, gon na, have to weigh out the mind baby - well, hey pretty lady, how you doing I'm good and you but I'll, be better after my hair done. Okay, can I talk to you for a minute there, Chloe? Why you didn't tell me you had such beautiful friends um you look, I ain't got nothing to do with that right now we finna clothes anyway. That'S my client, that's not my friend yeah, but I need you to hook me up with her. Give me a dick. Well, you still fell as if I get you a date baby. If you give me a date, we'll see how that go, but just know that it's gon na be in your favor you're gon na be in a dumbass I'll, be right back! Oh, can you hurry up and come? Do my hair [ __ ]? What um? I need you, a big favor if you want your hair dye, go on a date with him. The hell, if I am I'm gon na, get my hair done anyway. You'Re gon na do it uh exactly, but this is expensive and if you want your hair done, we're gon na have to close that, because it's gon na give us an F. Please can tell you and you a thing, a three okay, please, please shut up. Oh, I know is okay, my hair. Every time I come up in this shop get messed up every time, not mine. Okay. Last time it was a robbery in him. Should I tell the inspection about that? Oh I bet, and you remember another time - guess what happened. God dang on the girl made me Bob, hey and another time he never did myself. But look you know Chloe and Chloe hooked you up the first time you came so you she put me in a kid's style when I want it, but I took the bowls out. Just you know compromise with us. We can do your hair for free for free for free for four years you're doing too much. Oh I'm doing too much. Well, you know what happened. I go tell Mr okay. For a year for a year you got it, you got it: oh yeah, foreign yeah! No appointments. Your head do need to grow back a little bit. Okay, you got it. Oh, Mr Rufus, yes, baby talk to me. Talk to me talk to me. You know what I was just telling my friends we're gon na do my hair whenever I want them to next week. Just give me your number and um I'll schedule it with you won't be none of that baby. You trying to get me we going on a date right now and right here, yeah right. Let'S come okay, yeah! Your hair is so pretty they set this up real, quick, didn't it yeah! I like it. It'S so lovely how's, your lovely day going um, I'm hoping it come a little faster, oh well, on the menu. Today we have kitkats and M M's, but for appetizers today we have some lovely Doritos, but for you I know you're a little picky. So we got you this, oh as long as this, they hurry up cause um, oh yeah, um. So let me get your kitkats okay! Thank you all right! That'S enough! Thanks! All right have fun. Oh, it's gon na be quick, so tell our old roof is about yourself um. My name is uh Kanika and that's a negro carnegro such a beautiful name rolls off the tongue. I love it. Please don't say my name like that. No more, ah, a little sedated too ain't. You, you wan na hold my notebook. No thank you! What I want is to Harry Potter's date of it, so I can get my hat done. So why don't you just Puck up and give Rufus a big old, wet kisses a little bit too early for that because um, you know we got ta, get to know each other right. It'S never too early baby, it's 20 22 things move fast. Nowadays, things move fast, just give me one all. I wanted pictures and close your eyes. Okay, all right, I'm ready for him, Chloe all right, we're taking so long baby. I can't even hold it the excitement back, I put some lipstick on. I am not about to kiss this man, okay, that is Nancy. Look at his lips. I don't care how about we give you a free snack time to tell you hey. Can I open my eyes now um one second Rufus give me one. Second, I'm a lipstick. Taking a little bit longer, Y'all Gon na feel that, especially in the day cause I ain't doing it. I'M not. I got on this. I got an idea foreign, but that's. Okay, we'll work on that. We'Ll work on that. You know I do a better job. You know the lip gloss I had probably was um messed up yeah. We might have to get to see a dermatologist or something check that out. Okay, so uh, I really got to be going Rufus. You know, I call you later, okay, all right! Well, uh! Let me uh talk. Let me talk to y'all for a minute. I got something for y'all since y'all been so kind of old, Rufus old roof is gon na, be kind of kind of you yeah. So I'm gon na make sure I give y'all this foreign Rufus I'll, see you later see you later. Okay. Was it away it don't matter just come on. You finna. Do my hair right now right because uh you're supposed to be doing my hair. We told you that before you started all this exactly we closed at eight o'clock, y'all see it. If I go on this thing, if I ain't going this date, you could have finished my goddamn going out. You know what let me tell y'all both a thing to throw y'all some scams and guess who got Rupert's number. I got it. I'M gon na come back here. Hey don't shut this shop down, get out of my face shut up talking to me, let me tell y'all a thing of three: it's pronounced kanigra now subscribe. I crack myself up thanks for watching, because watching me is better than watching TV.

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Only_dream: When the baby said stop moving

Denise Lee: If Chloe is a Braidologist that mean she study braids cuz Ologist means study

mark mason: Kinigra Deon ✊

ttownsend0205: At 9:27 I have the same shirt as the girl trying to get the job❤

Future Millionaires: Love u kinigra keep it up love ur vids

Aminah Sparks wa Spice Diana ne Bobi wine: Let me tell you the thang or three. I like when Kinigra saying this word.

The_Mayalife: I love these videos

Super CT 234: Kinigra keep up the great videos work

Aznmom1: CHOLE is being sassy as fuck DANG CHOLE CHILL

Denise Lee: He said it's 2022 things move fast

Tameka Sykes: I remember watching the 1st one now they came out with the movie im so done

Sophie Sun!: This is amazing! I absolutely love it!

Ta’Ryah Murphy: Kinigra is so funny she had me dying

Tiffany L: The fact that I know who the robbers are 11:38

jami: I love this i watch this all the time

Alyssa Taylor: Lol my hair looks like that now LOL

Tia Porter: It’s too funny I Love kinigra y’all love y’all

Super Mario: I literally cried cause of how much I laughed

Latifah Dicks: so sassy i love it lol

jahmala Spencer: I love you guys so much cuz he makes so good here

Fresno 2003 Official By Joseph Jamar Taylor: Kinigra Deon Is Funny haircut these BABE Kids

Amazing and Amiya : 4:48 has so funny Chloe said oh baby this is nappy

Marilynn Martinez: I love when she’s the little girl that’s painting the nails said stop moving

True Channel: “your hair nappy”

Perttyface.Embrace: I love this

Rosa Mbachi: I love your videos!!

Life with ashari💛.: I loved this to much.

Norkeisha Moore: Awesome I love it all of your videos are so awesome!

KIYAH REBORN DOLLS: i love this so much❤️❤️

N D Sav: I love this show ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Skyla Knox: 30:18 and I was crying

man: I love your videos they like movies I need to get popcorn for this

𝔹𝕒𝕓𝕪𝕡𝕠𝕠𝕙𝕤𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕙: The lil baby (stop movving) she so cute

Queen Diamond: Fried dyed and layed to the side

Gianny Barros: Make another episode

Kiarrah Stewart: I need her do my nails lol

Carson Howell: My sister hates me cuz I love this and the white tiger is out!

Bxby faith🤟🏾: This is Literally all I come on YouTube to watch

Erica Rhinehart: So funny

Jaden quinnie: I liked the part when Chloe said her egdes we're on fleek

zainab m: yess make another one i love this movie so hillarious

Life with_nayy🤭🖤: I loved this episode smm plzz make more just like this plz

Christine Smith: Welcome to BB's where you have your hair fried and late to the sun that I am

FoxtrotUSA1: I see you Kanigra, 10,000 new subscribers a week!!!!

Srey Davis: The fact that the toddler can do nails better than me

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