How To: Sleep With Curly Hair | Minovet Satin Hair Bonnet Review | #Haircare

  • Posted on 26 July, 2021
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How To: SLEEP With Curly Hair | Simply Minovet Satin Hair Bonnet Review | #haircare

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00:00 - Welcome to JACKIEHOW

00:17 - What is Minovet?

01:42 - Unboxing

02:16 - Satin Scrunchies

02:28 - Satin Bonnet Medium (Standard)

03:18 - Medium Bonnet Try-On

03:55 - Satin Bonnet Large (Oversized)

05:11 - Large Bonnet Try-On

05:32 - Satin Bonnet Gift Set

06:04 - Gift Set Bonnet Try-On

06:33 - Full Try-On

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Have you ever wondered if there was a stylish comfortable sexy way to protect your hair? In this video I unbox my new hair bonnet by Minovet.

What’s so special about Minovet is that she makes her hair bonnets handmade with beautiful special satin. Satin is especially good for your hair because it allows your hair to slip so that it doesn’t tug and break off. It also will not strip the oils of your hair so your hair still looks healthy lucious, sexy, beautiful after the hair bonnet.

Thank you Minovet for sending me these hair bonnets. Since recording this video I have been using these bonnets every day. They do stay on my head all night. They do not tug or pull on my hair. They are not super tight giving me a headache. Most importantly my hair loves these hair bonnets. My hair feels healthy, and full when I wake up in the morning because it was protected so nicely.

Caring for my hair is part of my self care routine so its very important that I care for my hair because its loving myself my hair is a part of me so showing my hair love is showing myself love. Lets protect your beautiful crowns!

Which Bonnet is your favorite?

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Have you ever wondered if there's a stylish comfortable sexy way to protect your hair at night in this video, i'm going to unbox my new hair bonnet by minovei, so what's so special about minnevae is she makes her hair bonnets hand made with beautiful special satin satin? Is especially good for your hair, what that does, for you is allows your hair to slip beautifully, because you don't want any breakage. It doesn't strip the oils. Your hair still looks healthy, luscious sexy beautiful after the hair bonnet. I love handmade pieces. This was gifted to me, so thank you so much chrissy christie is the owner of minnevae she's, very kind sweet. This is a black-owned business which i definitely support. 100 and yes, our hair is very, very special to us. We have to protect the hair, we have to make sure we care for our hair. It'S part of our bodies. Carry from my hair is part of my self-care routine. So it's very important that i care for my hair, because it's loving myself, my hair is a part of me so showing my hair love is showing myself love. So, yes, let's unbox this, i'm so excited to see my new hair bonnet and how it feels. I'M very picky with hair bonnets and hair caps and anything with my hair like hats and anything because, honestly, i do have a big head and any time i buy something new, it's a struggle to to have it fit perfectly because i end up getting a headache. It'S so uncomfortable, i'm not happy, and we don't want that. We want to be happy sexy cute comfortable. So are you ready to see? What'S inside? I did cheat already. I opened it, but then i opened the box and then i saw how cute it was. I was like oh my gosh. We have to unbox it together. I love little touches like this. It just makes me excited and i'm a sucker for packaging, so the first thing included is a little card. It says, thank you. I love it. It just makes me feel special and then next it has a little bow. I literally just ordered a hair bonnet, but this looks like a beautiful surprise. This is absorbable, so it says thank you for supporting my business. Look how beautiful these scrunchies are and the satin is very, very nice. These colors are so pretty and you want to have satin scrunchies because you don't want scrunchies to pull out your hair so beautiful. I love this and this is perfect because, on the go like if you're going to go on vacation, you just easily put your hair bonnet in this little baggie again. So that way, it's not just everywhere with all your other clothes. So it tells you what it is here: satin bonnet and it says medium standards. So this is the one that i actually chose the black, because i have a black satin robe and i love black and black is just like mysterious and sexy to me. I chose the pink inside the pop of pink. Just got me happy like dark and bright was very cute, so this one comes with the drawstring, which is very nice, it's adjustable, which is perfect for different types of heads, we're all, uniquely beautiful and the fact that you can easily adjust it to your size of Your beautiful head is amazing, okay, so this is the medium one on the pull string is here. I don't even need it. It has a really good stretch to it. It doesn't feel tight at all. It'S very very comfortable and my hair feels like it has a good amount of space. The good thing about hair bonnets is that it would not flatten your hair. Your hair will still have volume. So that way, you don't have to worry about. Maybe like refreshing, your hair or like trying to finger curl your hair again or adding extra product just to avoid that product build up that you might not even need you can see the little pink popping out. I love it so this is the satin bonnet large oversized. How cute are these little bags, so this has nothing to do with the size of your head. This is the size of the bonnet like where your hair is going to be. So if you have a large head of hair like if your hair is big, if you have braids, if you have a big fro or if you just want room so your hair could be free, then the large would be good for you. This feels so nice. So this is the large bonnet in a beautiful black and pink like the other one, and this is the medium one and side by side comparison. You can see this one here hangs more so there's more space and it's amazing that it has the drawstring, because a lot of the times, if you wear hair bonnets when you're sleeping, sometimes if you're a wild sleeper. If you just like to move around or if you have so much hair that it makes the hair cap move, this is perfect because it keeps it in place. It keeps it secured, because the whole point of you wearing hair protection overnight is so that way. Your hair is protected. You don't want something to fall off in the middle of the night. Your hair gets ruined, breaks off, it gets dry. So this is perfect that it stays on your head all night. I think i like this one better than the medium. It'S so funny because i didn't think i would need the large, because i thought maybe i didn't really have that much hair, but just the amount of room i like it how's it looks. Do you like the large one and again this is not so tight. It'S not going to give me a headache. I don't feel any type of pressure on my head and last but not least, how cute is this: this is the satin bonnet gift sets and this color is beautiful. I actually love purple. Purple is my favorite color, so the fact that it has this green and this purple peeking out look at the beauty of this bonnet, seeing these colors, it's like a peacock, oh so nice and the satin, looks very luxurious and feels luxurious. So it is very, very stretchy, so i'm sure it's going to fit comfortably on my big head, so the bow here is basically to allow you to adjust it. So if you want it to be tighter, then you just untie the bow, pull the string and make it tighter, depending on how big or small your head is. But this is the perfect amount and it's not squeezing my hair, and i know that it was handmade. The u.s supporting a small business, i love it tell me which one is your favorite and this one is medium, so it doesn't have as much room as the large one. You think that i'm afraid, but i don't break. I heard you question my stability. You think i fall just like a guillotine, but i am here to stay. I won't look away. The storm is so these are my hair bonnets. They look feel fit me so beautifully, i'm extremely happy with them. The link to minovei's website will be linked down below. Thank you so much for watching, let's protect our beautiful hair or crowns that are so special. I love you. Thank you. Coming for the throne,

Simply Minovet: Thank you so much!!! This video is absolutely fantastic! You are such a beauty and we are very happy to have you in our items. ✨

Unique BeauTs: That’s so awesome they sent this to you congrats! you look so stunning! This whole box they sent was super cute! My daughter’s could use this! Ty for sharing this with us!

Make It With Micah DIY Decor: Thanks for the detailed overview and explanation! The peacock colored bonnet is my favorite!

Unique BeauTs: I like them all but I really like the last one I love for the colors look together and the bow is adorable!

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