Beaute Seoul Soft Bonnet Hood Dryer Attachment For Natural Hair

  • Posted on 22 February, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

#beauteseoul #bonnetdryer #naturalhair

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I hope my face is not dry. Probably is ..., hey guys. What'S up, it is fresh-faced brandy, chanell and I'm here today to uh. Welcome you guys to my channel if you're new, here, hey girl, hey boy, hey person, what's up and if you've been here for a while, thanks for coming back and here on this channel, we talk about everything from hair to makeup, to fashion to you to pretty Much all things, beauty, lifestyle and everyday living. So if you haven't already don't forget to press press press press press press that subscribe button and don't forget to hit the notification bell, so you can join notification gang gang all right. Let'S get on the subject matter at hand. Well guys, as you can tell by the title of this video today, we are going to be trying out a new soft bonnet. I recently finally threw away my hard-bonnet that i've had for a really long time. So yes, today we're trying this bonnet from amazon, and let me tell you what it is called. It is called the it's by beauty or beaute seoul, as in like seoul korea. Um store is a soft bonnet hood dryer attachment for naturally curly texture, hair drying styling. It'S just a soft bonding for any hair type. I don't know why they specified um. I had a amino acid treatment, um right before the new year, so my hair texture is slowly coming back. If you guys can tell it kind of looks like a jerry curl. Very interesting, it's the first i've ever had one yeah we'll talk about that at a later date. Anyways, let's get into this, i need to put some deep conditioner on my hair. I literally just did a t rinse, i washed it. I did the t rinse and now it's time to get into this bonnet. I am just now opening it so we're seeing it for the first time together. Okay, it says beauty, soul on the front it comes in this little case. I hope you guys can see that i don't have my glasses on uh or any contacts, so this is the packaging that it comes in. Hopefully i can get it to go back in here after i've used it um. The dryer that i have is the speed freak the purple dryer. I'Ve had this for quite a while as well, and i've read reviews on this to use it on the low setting because it gets really hot. So i plan on doing that as well. Here is the hat portion of the bonnet or the bonnet. This is what the inside looks like. I see that there's some holes and such in there, so i guess that's where the heat comes through or the air comes through, and it's a pretty big bonnet. I would say i don't have any rollers to test out today, but i'll test it out with some rollers as well. It'S kind of an elastic. It reminds me of a slinky kind of uh hose here, and then this is where you put an aroma dryer. I hope it fits around my dryer, it's a little stretchy, so hopefully it'll fit around the nozzle. Oh yeah fits perfect around the nozzle of my dryer um. It has a neck chin, strap here, chin strap and then this adjustable strap there um and then the logo. Again, it's on the front of the bonnet. Let me go put my deep conditioner on i'll come back with the bonnet on my head and then we'll see how this baby works be right. All right here we go. It is ridiculous. This thing is pretty roomy. I feel like it would do good with some perm rods or something um. First off, let's uh tighten this bad boy. Okay, i'm just gon na. Do it around my ears. Hopefully it doesn't get too hot. I don't really think i need this chin strap, but i'll do it for you guys. This is just so crazy. All right, i have it. I think, on the coolest setting i've had this thing for so long that the um, the numbers have worn off all right. So i'm just have to leave the hose like down here. It'S pretty cool, it's like temperature, wise hope. You guys can hear me. I'M gon na leave it on for 20 minutes and i'll come back and see if it gets warmer guys. So i did my deep condition. I still have it on. I just finished. I left it on medium heat and low um kind of pressure. If that's a word or low power, i would say so. It'S low power, medium heat, i didn't go beyond. I did try the high heat high power. It was a little too hot um. Then i tried to scale it back. I was scared, i wasn't sure if it was gon na burn or anything like that, so medium to low heat is probably the best for me. Um, you can try it out if you guys have tried this bun or you have another soft bonnet. Let me know in the comments below i'm gon na do a hot oil treatment after this and i'll catch. You guys in my next one all right, bye,

Brandy Chanell: Hey Guys! In this video, I review this soft bonnet by Beaut'e Seoul from Amazon! I have to say so far I love this bonnet, I can move around and don't have to worry about setting up a dryer! Highly recommend this bonnet you just need a standard handheld blow dryer with a long nozzle. Don't recommend using chemical treatments but deep conditioning and rollers are perfect #NotSponsored

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