Airmail!!! !! Silk Hair Bonnet From Blensblend

  • Posted on 02 April, 2019
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Okay, guys welcome back and stand for a special video for you, because I've just received some air mail from the United State. I haven't received something by a mail in a very long time, so I'm building site is gon na, be an unboxing, slash, maydel, opening video. So this is the first time I've received anything in my term Spanish address and to think I just got in now from the student and the woman, the post, lady post woman, yes post, lady literally just read the dog or, like ten minutes later same as if I got home late, I would have missed her cuz. I needed to sign for it and show my ID man and so now I know who it's wrong, because she reached out to me and said that she wants to send me a oh, my God. Look at this, this is huge. This is huge guys. What is this? This is a bonnet and it's for someone who has really long hair or like a massive effort. Oh, my god, it smells like America hungry so yeah, oh, my god, this little and there's a little kind of informational thing here. So the lady who sent it to me, her YouTube channel, is called one ballerina and I'm gon na put her to have used to down in the description box what he that one. You know one ballerina one. You know one banana, oh my god. When is the social club? So, let's see this is like they care the care instructions so hand wash in lukewarm water with mild. Soap can be rolled in a towel to remove excess water. Do not bring it out. Okay, air dry out of direct sunlight. Do not bleach do not use he appliances. If you need to only pull you a medium setting and it can be adjusted and keep half reach of children and Internet for adult use made in USA and actually it's a hundred percent silk. So, silk is just as good. These colors are amazing. So, yes, thank you, one ballerina um yeah, I mean my hair is like non-existent at the moment, but I will definitely I'm gon na put it on now, just to see like how it sees my skin tone. Walk like an Egyptian walk like an Egyptian. Don'T wan na see no

TheBobelly628: Smells like America ! I've purchased conditioner from her in the past and she got me swimming after recommending myswim cap. I might have to purchase a cap too since yours looks fabulous!

Michi Wichi: That’s it so cute thank you for sharing

Ms OhSoSolo♥️: My first visit of the day to Spain only to find you receiving a great gift & you walking like an Egyptian. 992

Beck Perry: I screamed when you said it smells like America. Sometimes it’s stinky here

roxiebot 74: I bought some Shea butter, Shampoo and Conditioner from her stuff. Try her Shampoo.....I think you will like it

Melodee: Very nice and roomy.

1ballerina: Yay!! :D

nato b: Walk like an Egyptian.

Octavia Gillion: Wow what big bonnet, hello

Patricia Kinney: 992 com'on!!!!

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