How To Sew A Reversible Hair Bonnet

  • Posted on 27 March, 2021
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Hello friends, in this video, i showed how to make a reversible hair bonnet.

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Hi friends welcome again to my channel, i'm fumi, popularly known as fenzie of fancy creature. You can check us up on instagram as fancy culture. You can check us out on pin interest as fancy culture. You can also check us up on facebook as fo fashion. I mean f, o f fashion on facebook, okay, um. That'S my facebook account. You can also check us out on this youtube as fancy culture. Okay, this is a do. It yourself sewing channel where i upload different sewing videos weekly, okay, this channel will help you to know everything you need to know um on cutting and sewing of male and female ways. Okay, we major on male and female ways everything consigning male and female okay. So in subsequent videos i might be showing some parts of male years: okay, as well as female years. Okay, so you'll be able to learn both rather than just major on female vs only okay. So i have a lot to teach us on this channel. Okay, if you're yet to subscribe to my channel kindly subscribe now for more sewing videos. Thank you so without wasting much time, let's quickly dive into the reason we are here so in today's tutorial, i'm gon na show us how to make this beautiful, lovely, um, air, bonnet, okay, a reversible air bonnet, a sleep bonnet, okay, a sleep air bonnet, so um. First thing to do is get the fabric you want to use. You can use african prints, you can use whatever fabric or satin whatever fabric you like. Okay, so that's my fabric and that's my lining. Okay, next thing to do is get the edge circumference of your client, okay measure the edge circumference of your clients. Whatever answer you get, you divide it by two. So for this first thing is 21, so 21, divided by two, will give me 11.. So i'm gon na add one inch sink uh allowance to eat. That will give me 12 inches. So that's! What'S how i'm gon na work with. So next thing is to fold your main fabric into two okay fold: the fabric into two then fold again, making four folds okay, so next thing to do is to measure along the folded line of one um, the folded line of 12 inches. Okay, you know remember the 12 inches i calculated from the 8th circumference divided by 2 plus 1, okay, so that same 12 inches you're going to measure it like so okay, you can see as uh as i measure this in the picture. Four, so you keep measuring it like so until you get to the other end. What i'm trying to say is you measure 12 inches from one end to the other such it gives you such that it gives you this um a cone kind of shape. Okay, a cone kind of sheet so after measuring it like so next thing is you use your scissors and corsets and, as you can see in picture six picture number six. You can see my scissors cutting a shoe so when you cut it through, the next picture shows you a a typical cone: okay, a cone shape. So that's how it looks like because the iron lady, what we are actually trying to get is a full circle. Okay, so this is the cone okay. So, by the time i open up this cone, i have um a full circle and that can be seen in my next video okay. When i open this up, i have a full a full second. So, as you can see, this is a full second. Now next thing to do is place both fabrics together, the lining and the main fabric right sides facing each other, and you sew round. Okay, you saw round the fabric with half inch, leaving you measure half inch round. You sew half inch round, leaving three inches space, so this three inches space i've left is what i'm going to use to turn the fabric. As you can see in this picture, i've already turned the fabric and it's looking nice. I'Ve ironed it. So i have only three inches space left. So next is to create the casing for the elastic measure. One inches inwards, connect dots round and sew okay. So you measure one inch round. Okay, you measure one inch round, connect the dots and you sew round. Do not forget. We still have the three inches left so that three inches you're going to use the edge circumference measurement minus three inches. You are deducting three inches from your head circumference. This is to help you cut your elastic, okay, so pin the elastic and pass it through the three inches opening i left initially, okay, so past you can see. In my picture, i passed the last three. So next thing is: remove the paint and overlap the elastic and sew them together. You can see my elastic i've removed the pin and i've sewn it together. So next thing is you remember the three inches i left earlier on, so i i will close it up. Close up the opening and boom, i'm done as you can see. This is my final answer. Fancy does not disappoint it's just as easy as a b c. As long as you follow my steps. Okay, it's just very easy. You can see my final outcome, so what i'll do is i'm gon na place it on the money queen, so that we'll be able to see how beautiful it is on our head? Okay, so my next picture, as you can see, you can see it's how lovely it is on her, it's as easy as a b c just follow the steps and you'll be glad you did so. Thank you for watching this tutorial. If you enjoyed my video kindly give me a thumbs up like and subscribe to my channel okay and do not forget to hit the notification bell so as to get notified each time i upload new sewing videos. Okay, thank you for watching you

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