How To Protect Your Natural Hair At Night | Yougonatural Silk Bonnet Review, Ygn Turban

  • Posted on 16 January, 2022
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[New Code "K15" at checkout] Hey! In this video I show you how to protect your natural hair at night with a silk bonnet and turban. This is the one thing all people with natural curly hair should do before bed.

This is my natural hair sleep routine. This natural hair sleep routine includes a review of the YouGoNatural large silk bonnet and silk turban. These silk bonnets and silk turbans are made of 100% mulberry silk.

You can use this natural hair sleep routine for any type of natural hair and many styles like wash n gos, twists, flexi rods, protective styles, and curls of any kind. I hope you enjoy this easy natural hair sleep routine.

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00:00 Intro, How to protect your natural hair at night

01:08 YouGoNatural Silk Bonnet Review for Natural Hair (Sleep Collection)

04:00 YouGoNatural Turban Review for Natural Hair (Sleep Collection)


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And this is for this is for your rich auntie, so maybe i've been going to start nowhere over and go for it hey guys. My name is kya, and this is your best place for natural hair, lip vlogs and reviews. If this is your first time on, my channel, welcome make sure you hit that subscribe. Button join the family and, if you've been rocking with me for a while, hey boo, i am finally in super excited we're in a new year and the energy. It has been perfect so far, so i'm gon na go ahead and get ready for sleep, and i just put these twists in my head, so you know i could have did a twist out, but it's the winner. This is a protective style that i completely love. We'Re going to start by putting my bonnet on and right here i have a bonnet from you go natural and you go natural. They normally go by ygn, they make products that are super functional and no - and i just really love this bonnet. First of all, let's talk about the color. The color is amazing, it's fit for queen. You know how we do over here, but this bonnet feels like quality material. You know how some of the bonnets they feel super thin like right here, and you can tell that the elastic and stuff is just not going to work out for too long. This is definitely not bad. This is a quality bonnet that just has enough room for my twists and boom. Now my hair is protected and i'm going to go ahead and take my makeup off and take a shower and just woo side and go to bed. So yes, now they do have another option and the other option. Oh okay, so it's adjustable. I was taking it off and i was like what is that, but look at the ridges or the edges on this. Now you can adjust this. However, you need to. So that's super cool, but i am just in love with this color. This is amazing and they sent me over another option which i may go ahead and choose now. This one right here is more of like a turban style. So if you don't want the traditional bonnet, you can go ahead and get the turban style and you can be a little fancy. You know, because sometimes we need that. So, first of all, let me show you the inside this, look, i'm literally matching with this. This is super cool, but yes, so the inside is really nice, and this is what you want to protect your natural hair. You do not want to go to sleep on those irregular like kind of pillowcases, you better. Not do that. Don'T let me cut you doing that, but this will definitely get you right. Everyone needs. One of these, like i feel, like everyone has a bonnet like you can find. I bought it from everywhere, but again the quality of this bonnet, and then these turbines are just so nice. So let me just go ahead and put this on now we have a little bit of hang time. Let me show you guys the back, so this is what i do to protect my twists. Okay, so we have this one on right here now: remember you can go ahead and adjust in the back if you need to, but you just take this twirl it and put it over your head. So we are set. Look at that. How cute is this? Now there are two ways you can do it right here i like to feel tough and insecure, but if you want to make sure you don't have any dents, you can just go ahead and bring it under which i'm assuming that's what they intended from the beginning. But look at this like i'm looking in this, i can actually go ahead and run some errands, and so i'm just gon na go ahead and go to sleep like this. So again definitely check out yougo natural ygn i'll put all of their information down there and their website here on the screen somewhere. Probably right here definitely go check them out again. Beauty meets functionality and that's what you need when you need to protect your strands and again, please don't let me catch you out in these streets going to bed without some kind of like head situation head scarf situation, but - and this is for this - is for your Rich auntie, so this is actually really good gifts. People would love this because well, first of all, i would love if i got something like this for either my birthday holidays. Whatever the occasion is, but this is super cute. I just feel like. I would answer the door in this be like coming down. Excuse me, yes, how can i help? You like, i feel like a rich girl. Yes, the honey silky bonnet has premium silk lining that is hypoallergenic and helps your hair retain its moisture. While you sleep, you'll, go to bed feeling beautiful and wake up with your bonnet still on due to the adjustable elastic straps. The champagne pleated sleep turbine will not only help you protect your crown while you sleep, but you'll look fabulous wearing it. This sleek turban is made with a hundred percent mulberry silk lining. It has a beautiful pleated look with their signature. Adjustable strap, give your bonnet an upgrade and switch to either the silky bonnets or the turbans from the ygn. Sleep collection make sure to use my code. Kia 15 for money off your next purchase comment below. Are you team, bonnet or team turban? Lastly, i would like to thank ygn for sponsoring this video and until next time, bye

Vibing With Kia TV: Team Bonnet or Team Turban? Thank you for checking out this video! For more natural hair content, please make sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram @CurlsWithKia.

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