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  • Posted on 27 August, 2021
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Silky hair bonnet

Bonnets bonnets, whichever one hey beautiful people, welcome back to my youtube channel. I missed you guys it's so good to be here again and thank you all for always supporting. I can't do without thanking you guys. You know, because youtube is not something you could you can just be doing without subscription without encouragement. You know the subscriptions. You just give you this kind of goosebumps like you're, just encouraged to do more, and you guys have shown me that support, and i can't just thank you enough. Thank you and please always remember to like my videos and share yes. If today's your first time, please remember to subscribe, my name is nikki. I film about um sewing tutorials fashion, vlog, lifestyle, everything, not everything, those ones i mentioned actually so in today's video. Obviously, as you can see, i will showing you how i made this beautiful bonnets. Bonnets, whichever i want as long as you know what i want to do, but i think the product um correct pronunciation is bennett's yeah, bonnet anyhow cup bonnet, bonnie all joined together, so i'll, be showing you how i made it let's get into this so um. This is the fabric i'm going to be using it's saxon um fabric and an african fabric, which is called ankara. So this is going to be on one side, and this is going to be on the other side and it's going to be reversible. You can either wear this of this, so this is actually for um to help retain the moisture in your hair, like when you just wash your hair, especially for those that have natural hair and when we just wash our hair when just wash your hair and you've Applied a lot and you want to sleep, and you still want to retain the moisture the ingredients you've included in your hair. You don't want to lose it, so it's advisable to usually use the side of the knee to sleep too. So, let's get into business. So i'll be folding this into four equal parts. I need to get a second friends, so i'm folding into four equal parts like this. You can see. Also, i will be doing the same thing: okay, i'm having excess hair. Okay! Let me let me try folding it. This way, because i don't want to have excess, i just want. I want um the boney to be a one. Size fits all like when, not only when you have your natural hair or when your hair is out like when you still have your braids on, and it's very big and you don't want it to just scatter all over the bed when you're sleeping, especially for those That don't know how to sleep on one side: you can, they can sleep, they can sleep on the bed in the evening and the next morning you see them on the ground, so those kind of people. So i wanted to be a kind of bunny. That'S woody. Even a very big hair, a very big break and also can be very good for your natural hair when it's when you lose your arm. When you take out your breath, so i'm gon na be starting from here the measurements. I want to get a circle so we're using 14, so i'm going to be measuring 14 rounds, so this is actual size. Then, when i now had my um sewing allowance and every other thing that is going to go inside, i make it extra one inch. That'S 15.. Sorry, i guess this um fabric is quite dark, so you can't really see my markings, but i'm just going to move it anyway. You can actually see it, so i'm going to cut so this is the excess we have so this this looks um very big, very, very big, very, very bright. I feel we should still cut it a little bit more okay, let's that's going a little bit more! So this is what we have here. As you can see, we have a perfect circle. So next thing is to uh turn this reversible, like i'm gon na, say just you sew on each other, both um right sides to the right side. So, okay, just right side right side to the right side. This is going to allow me go through the next stage, because i'm going to be using elastic for this - and this is where i'm going to be going through in with the elastic so guys. The next thing is for me to um measure so in front of my bonee, i'm going to be leaving like a two inch line, i'm going to be sewing it around from here so, depending on the size of your elastic. If you have like half inch elastic, you just need to leave like maybe half um, half half and then quarter space in between so you're just going to sew around between this line. You sew around like this, so so so so you can actually make this bigger. Depending on how big you want the front to be depending we have different choices so um, you can do it. Whichever way you like, i mean, i feel i just wanted to not be too big. So i'm going to the first round of sewing, i'm going to make another circle again for the space of the elastic, so i'm going to be starting here, as you can see, so you notice, where my um my space here, is different from where i stopped here, Because i don't want the elastic to um, probably fall out or be showing at the end of the day, you know just avoid all those stuffs, so i may be here and i'm just going to go in like this. I kind of like this type of one because it just gives your head your front edges the free space of breathing because your front edges, you know it doesn't need anything too tight because it's just going to fall off if you keep doing that. So just just kind of give it that free space breathing space and it's right house - oh yeah yeah, so i'm just gon na use another pin somewhere here just to get the exact size of the head. I want! Oh, i don't want this to go in. Let me make it there, so i'm just going to draw it freaking and bring it out, bring it out voila. It is my way so don't forget. I still have one team there, i'm just going to try and pin it together. It'S not the actual size so guys i have the size i want already. I can't see so i'm just going so so. Okay, i'm just going to be doing this okay cut. Then you cut out the excess. Then this space left here remember to close it when you're done just close it up. You

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