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  • Posted on 10 February, 2015
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In this video I give you a demo and review of the Gold N Hot bonnet dryer.



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Hello curls, it's yolanda renee and today we're going to be talking about my bonnet dryer. So yes, this bonnet dryer is freaking. Awesome. You guys it is still a little bit scary using a dryer because you're always thinking in the back back of your mind. Oh, my god, i'm damaging my hair. Well with this bonnet dryer, the heat is more evenly distributed, so i feel safer with this and it's so much easier. This is the the carrying case of the dryer and there's a handle on here, and then this part opens so this opens inside. You have a bonnet, you have the actual hose to the dryer. Then you have the dryer which is in the center, and then you have a cord that um you connect to, of course, the power source, and then you have here on and off switch right here and you can go to high or low heat. So here's the hose - and here is the bonnet so what's cool about the bonnet? Is it's very comfortable because this material is not the best material? I mean it's like plastic and it's annoying like it's like a pool, a kiddie pool, but there is this um. This elastic piece right here, so that makes it comfortable on your forehead and then in the back. There'S a drawstring right here, so you can adjust it to your head and then this hole right here is where you connect the hose and then there's little holes already in the hooded part of the or the bonnet. So you connect the hose right here. If i can get it so there it's connected and now we're gon na put it on our head, and now i can show you my twists. So let's see i have two four six eight. So i have eight twists in my hair right now, um. So i'm just gon na go ahead and set up shop, so the elastic part goes on your forehead and then make sure all your twists are under the bonnet properly and now i'm just going to this is the drawstring i just tightened it and i'm gon na Tie it around because the string is pretty long. Oh, my god, one of my twists are hanging out get in there. The hose part does get a bit um warm so make sure you have on clothes when you do this okay, so i'm just going to turn my heat onto high, so you can see how it blows up. So the the air is really cool right now, but it'll heat up in a second okay. So again, i'm gon na start taking my twists down. While i finish talking about this dryer, so i personally have not used this dryer to the point where my hair is soaking wet and i twist my hair and put sit under that dryer. What i use it for mainly, is, if i'm doing a pre-poo before washing. I like to apply my oils to my hair and put a plastic cap on and i'll sit underneath just to let those oils warm up on my head, probably like 10 or 15 minutes um, because i mean you have the plastic cap one. So the heat isn't directly on your hair, like drying it out, but it's really just heating those oils up as like a hot oil treatment, and then i use it like today, where i just wanted to refresh my hair to add some. You know some awesome products or ingredients to my hair, to refresh my twist out and to add a little bit of moisture, so my hair was basically damp and i, if i had somewhere to go - or i had a video to record like today, then i just Put that bonnet on and you don't even have to keep it on for that long, like i literally just had that one just now for probably like five or ten minutes, so just enough to get your hair dry, so your twist out will have the definition that You want or the stretch that you want and that's what i needed it for it's just to stretch it a little bit and to dry it. So i wouldn't see shrinkage once i took my twist down anyway, i'm going to keep talking while i'm styling my hair. I hope you guys don't mind me talking and styling, but um. I found this hooded dryer, which i posted this on my instagram a while ago, when i first purchased it and all of my curlfriends were chiming in especially my old school curls. They were saying that this this dryer is so old, like it's, a favorite of everyone, like even people were like. Oh my god, i remember this back in the day my mom used it. So it's a old gadget, a bonnet dryer, but it's a goodie because everyone on my comments, um, have good things to say about it and i didn't even know i didn't even know. I was picking up a good pro, a good gadget and i didn't know it was oldie but goodie, like i didn't know, i just saw it at my local beauty supply store and picked it up. I put that bonnet on and i did my makeup while it was on so you get to multitask, so this is so ideal for the working girl, a working naturalista. So you can get your makeup done and do your hair all at the same time and end up having a flawless twist out. You know what i mean all right, so i think my hair looks okay, it's good um! So anyway, i hope you guys enjoyed this video. This is not a sponsored video. I promise you that i just really want to share this with you guys, oh and if you guys are wondering um at my local beauty supply store. My bonnet dryer was um. I think it was 45 dollars because i've seen the bonnets where you can just have the bonnet and then you can connect like a hose to your normal blow. Dryer, like your hand, blow dryer. So that is another option, but this one was the dryer too. So i think that's why that was the price of it, but if you're looking to save money - oh my god, you guys i'm so sorry. I keep messing with my hair. Okay, i'm done! I'M done! No, i'm not done okay, i'm done! I'M done. I promise okay. Anyway, so if you are looking to save money or if you're a college student - and you don't want to spend money on like crazy things - then just get the bonnet portion - you can buy just this part and this part - but this part, i think, would be kind Of the same material as the bonnet and then you just connect your handheld blow dryer to that. So that's another option, a very good option, but i saw this one and decided to get that. I saved the box for you guys, but this is what the box looks like if you need to find it at your store. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. So in the comment section, let's talk, do you guys use this exact dryer? Do you use a bonnet dryer? How often do you use it? How long do you use it and have you experienced any heat damage um, so yeah? Let'S talk, okay, all right girls! Thank you guys. So much for watching and i'll see you in my next video goodbye

Melanie Tillis: I have a white dryer extremely similar from the 1960's! And it still works well. It was my mother's who got it thrifted and barely (if ever) used the early 90's. I use it to deep condition and to fully dry if I'm short on time!

Terri Shemeka: Love the video! I haven't tried the bonnet dryer but it seems to be so convenient & has many uses! With me being a college student I'm always having to rush and take down my twists or bantu knots so I won't be late for class(some of my twists take longer to dry). I need to check my local beauty supply store for the oldie but goodie

MyNaturalMyChoice: Hey Yolanda great review and I definitely enjoyed you talking and styling your hair. And by the way beautiful results! Yes, I definitely use my conair bonnet dryer only for weekly hot oil treatments. Give yours a try with a hot oil treatment, your hair will thank you!

1SewSweet: Great review! I use a portable hood dryer that I've had for many years, and I only use it for deep conditioning. I have not experienced any heat damage at all!

Nekayba Ross: Hi, Yolanda , I just bought this same dyer, I use mine for my deep conditioner every wash day! Thanks for your ideas on other ways of using it! By the way you are beautiful and your hair is too!

MissMarie89: I just love your videos girl! I think I will go get that bonnet also because sometimes my hair doesn't dry fully overnight. Great video beautiful.

jstbngme3: Yes, I do own one and you taught me something new on how to tie the string. I use it mainly for drying my hair but not often, now I'll use it for hot oil or prepoo treatments thank you. No heat damage because I do not use it that often love the tutorials.

Stephanie Burke: Yes I had that dryer in high school over 15 years ago when gold n hot flat irons were the thing to have, we still have it because when we wore roller sets it made it easier to dry and you can relax while drying, love this dryer, but since going back to natural I haven't used it, good flash back hair accessory!

Caresse Venable: OMG I got this dryer in August as a birthday present and I LOVE it!! Life saver definitely.

Dollfacehustler: I've used it. I loved it but unfortunately my dryer went out on me. I have the bonnet that attaches to the hand held dryer also and I love it even more. It's made by the same brand I got it from Sally's

Melanie Edwardscarter: The best portable dryer ever! cant imagine being without it in my life

Monica Robinson: Thanks for this review. I definitely need this in my life!

NaturallyUnique: I definitely need that in my sat under dryer is broken...Thanks for sharing that information Yolanda!!!

TressesOfAlexis: Nice video. I use the blow dryer bonnet attachment mainly to DC because I get too hot and my hair is too thick to dry in 30-40 minutes lol. I may have to look into this though!

Tonia682: I have this same dryer. I was not happy with it because the cap slides back when the air is on. I really like the idea of wraping the string around to keep the cap in place.

needhelp0913: Love the vid and I died wen u said u were done fixing ur hair and u were not done... I love it!! Hair looks so awesome as always. Big and fluffy!!

BlackBrunnette: I use a Gold n Hot bonnet dryer, but I had to buy a new bonnet from Sally BS my old one  ripped. I purchased the curlformer bonnet since that's my goto style. Not that I use it everytime I style with curl formers, but it was a good investment. Speaking of which, I would love to see you style your hair in curl formers, you may have to get the extra large pack though, your hair has grown so, and very beautiful. Price point around $60.

sweetness331000: Great video used one growing up but not now as a natural will be picking it up thx to you would love to try with hot oil treatments as mentioned tfs!

QueenSheeMee: I'm going to check my local Sallys for that particular bonnet dryer because I know they carry the one with just the bonnet and the attachment. Your hair is just getting BIGGER x BIGGER love!

JuicyMealsWitJuiceGame: I just got one yesterday, I can't wait to try it this weekend :)

Carla Le'Shon: I have been using Gold n Hot Bonnet dryer for yrs. No heat damage ever. I deep condition with it every 2wks.

YellowStarrx3: I just bought this after watching your review! :-) love your channel been a subbie for a few years .

C Babe: Great results!!!

Virgocloud: i was looking for a gold and hot bonnet dryer and couldnt find one except the hard hooded dryers which was what i didn't want. i ended up coming across the laila ali bonnet dryer last week and i love it! its exactly the same shape as yours with a handle on the side. I use mines for pre poos and deep conditionings. 30 minutes for each. bonnet dryers really come in handy! Thanks for the vid! :)

Tinahgirl83: I'll have to try that one. I use the attachment for my regular blow dryer and I hate it! It's impossible to keep it on my head once the air starts. So I'll be looking for this one! Thanks!

ßiTE SiZE ßAяßiE: I have one similar to that one by laila ali. I got it from walmart for $30, I think.

Fatima Farmer: do you think this would work on perm rods? Great video

Naturally Dunn: I have the Laila Ali bonnet dryer. My daughter wore it all night and the bonnet melted around the draw strings! I still use it but it's itchy.

ODY: Wonder if this would be good for wash n Gos :D

Brandi Govens: cute. my hair is still short but I would Love to have a hooded Dryer.

Locsandbeautyjess: Excuse me if I'm late but do you have a mini tutorial on how you do the hanging Bantu knot. I attempted and failed lol

created2worshipGOD: Reminds me mom's ole skool bonnet dryer ('70s) with minor changes.

Itscarmellee: Yess!! Getting this

dimplesgood3: I have the hard head dryer....I use it for Deep Conditioning my hair & Hot Oil Treatment...Some styles if I need to go out right then....So far no heat damage???....I like the one you have too....

Kenisha Dominique: Is this ok to use on heat damaged hair

Miriam Smith-Woodrich: This may be a silly question, but can you use this if you have a plastic bag or cap on, like when you're doing a hot oil treatment or deep conditioning?

Shy_Monique: Love your video can you please try e'tae products been dying to see how well they work before I go and buy them

Lela: What are the products you used ?

Duchess Glinton: I have to get one of those !

michelle morris: Great vi oe with great hair results, yeah H.I.H. syndrome is a friend of all (most) naturalistas lol, I don't own a bonnet dryer however have been thinking of purchasing one, because my hooded dryer I have to sit in one place so that it can sit on my tabletop, boring! Thanks for the review will certainly be checking this one out!

Che Rhys: "I'm done. I'm done. No, I'm not done." Lmaooo I died. It be like that tho smh lol

MelsGurl2004: Love the hair! But I do need that shirt. Where did you get it? And what's the lippie? Lol so many questions

Melissa MellowBrown: Is the necklace your wearing is it being sold on your online boutique?

susannah Childs: did you feel the heat all over or more and the back

Bianca Fry: So, pissed right now. I received my bonnet dryer today and they sent me one that doesn't look like yours. Mine is gold and white and cheap looking. The case doesn't open at all and I used the link you provided. I am not blaming you, I'm pissed because I really need this now I have to return or exchange it......smh...I contacted the company waiting to hear back from them.

Stepford Mane: wait... I dont understand. How could using a dryer damage your hair? ....I mean, its not direct heat? Its also not (in my opinion) as forceful as a hand held blow dryer? So am confused...

Gabrielle Robinson: Where did you get your scarf from

fran maultsby: I want that dryer but can u do a update video on ur favorite products on shampoo conditioner leave n conditioner deep conditioner an ur favorite oils jus wat u use on a wkly basis

Bianca Fry: I guess I could try it out but I hate seeing one thing and receiving another. .....idk....we shall see.

Asmeret Malu: Where to buy?sis

~Daphne Amy's World~!: We're can I get this ?

silverback808: Hi young lady; you are delightful! I had the ANDIS BONNET DRYER, but the cap became detached  from the hose  and the entire dryer had to be replaced!!  BOOMER!!!!! Does the GOLD 'N HOT have a detachable hose???  A hood that is detachable from the hose and a hose that detaches from the body of the dryer are the best option, in the event that one of them becomes damaged.

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