Curly Hair Routine For Beginners (Wash Day & Styling For 3B Curls!!)

  • Posted on 07 January, 2023
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Hi everyone! This is my very first curly hair video on my channel! I want to start posting more videos about my journey to longer healthier curly hair, because I've spent the last 6 months working and learning how to take better care of this mane! Please let me know any videos you'd like to see from me! XOXO

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Items in video:


Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil-

Olaplex 3 Treatment-

Olaplex 4C Shampoo-

Scalp Massager-

OGX Conditioner-

Tangle Teezer Brush-

Microfiber Towel-

Pattern Leave-In Conditioner-

AG Curl Fresh Definer-

Ouidad Climate Control Gel-

Denman Brush-

Hot Tools Blow Dryer-

Universal Diffuser Attachment-

Verb Ghost Oil-

Olaplex 7 Oil-


0:00 Intro

1:07 Pre-Wash

3:52 Shower Routine

6:28 Olaplex no.3 Treatment

9:12 Styling Products

11:56 Brush Styling

17:14 Diffusing

18:34 Finishing Products

20:05 Outro

Hi guys welcome back to my channel. My name is Hope, Elena Garcia, if you guys are new here, I make Vlogs and fashion content and makeup and now hair videos and if you're not new here then hello. I haven't posted a video in a while. So today, I'm going to show you guys my curly hair routine. My hair looks very different than the last few videos that I posted, because I have been growing my hair out and doing a lot of different things to try to make my hair as healthy as possible. Because I want to grow my hair, probably to like here or so it was very short, I'm gon na pop up a photo, so you guys can see where I started. I also didn't know anything about hair. I guess I didn't know that you were supposed to style it. I didn't know that you were supposed to shampoo. I didn't know all of these crazy things. This is it. I don't know if you can tell on the camera she's very coily, very springy, so yeah this is my hair all done and so we're gon na get straight into earlier today, when I washed my hair Okay, so this is what my hair is looking like right Now it is um day four. This is day four hair, while it's in a a pineapple, my hair actually doesn't look that bad right now like. I could definitely go like another couple days like I could do pineapple today and then tomorrow I could probably do a pineapple or like a bun or something, but I wanted to film this video. So this is what my hair looks like. I could take it out of this, I'm using a scrunchie. I only use scrunchies and ow okay. So this is what my hair is looking like. It'S looking really insane um. It definitely looks shorter right now, because it's like all scrunched up and like weird and I was also wearing a bonnet to sleep. I wear this bonnet every night. This Bonnet has literally saved my hair. I have never worn a bonnet in my life ever honestly. Didn'T know how to take care of my hair at all until like it's like six months ago, I found this from Mains by Mel who basically changed my life. I mean like all of these things that I'm doing it's all because of men's by mouth, so I will put her um YouTube channel in the description, so you guys can check her out um because she's how I figured out how to deal with my hair. So I also have a bit of like oil on my scalp, just because I did put this in my hair the other night. This is the meal uh Rosemary, mint, scalp and hair strengthening oil. I mean you guys probably already know what this is, because it's so popular, but um I've been using this well. I just started using this like not that long ago um, but I'm using it to help grow my hair out so yeah. I definitely need a good clarifying shampoo today. I haven't done that in a few weeks and I'm also trying a new clarifying shampoo today, I'm gon na do the olaplex number three treatment today. This is like their original hair treatment um. I also started using olaplex about six months ago and it has seriously changed my hair. So I know that the people that I've watched use this have done it on their like dirty hair, before taking a shower and like shampooing and everything, but the instructions that on the back say, apply on damp towel dried hair. So I'm just gon na shampoo and do my whole shower routine and then, after that, I'll do the olaplex treatment and then I'll rinse it out afterwards. Okay, welcome to my shower guys. There was water all over my bathroom because I left the glass door open, but the first thing I'm going to do is use a clarifying shampoo. This is the old Plex 4C. This is the best shampoo I've ever used in my life. I'M telling you guys. This is the first time I've been using it in this clip and my hair has been so soft. So then I also use a scalp massager. This you can get on Amazon, probably at other stores, and this just helps get a lot of the build up off. Your scalp and also stimulates hair growth, which is really great. We love that and then I just make sure to really rinse out all of my shampoo just because this is a clarifying shampoo and it's really strong. So you want to make sure you're rinsing all of it out and then I'm using this OGX coconut curls conditioner honestly, I haven't tried too many other conditioners. This is just what I've used for so long, so I'm still using it. If you have any suggestions, let me know uh and then I just put a lot of it in my hair and then I detangle my hair with a tangled teaser Wet Brush and my hair is pretty easy to detangle because it's short, so it doesn't take too Long and then I just make sure that I put it up in like a little hair tie while I wash my body and do the rest of my shower stuff. So it just kind of sits in my hair for a few minutes, and then I just make sure to really he thoroughly rinse out all of the conditioner. My hair was so soft after the shower, and I know that it was the shampoo, because that's the only thing I changed and then I just use a microfiber towel to put my hair up, so I can get out of the shower and that's really it okay. I just got out of the shower, and I wrapped my hair up in this microfiber towel from Amazon from curly girl all the products I use will be linked in the description also, so I wrapped up my hair and I'm just kind of making sure it's like Not soaking wet because when you put the number three in it says on damp towel, dried hair, so I'm so surprised at like the length like how it's growing my hair hasn't been this long. I don't even I mean I did such a drastic cut from like waist length, curly hair to like a bob, but a short bob. That'S the shortest my hair has ever been, and actually the shortest my hair has ever been was basically right before I started growing out um. So this is quite the growth in six months. Okay, so this is the olaplex that I'm using olaplex number three. This is the original one um, and this just says to use a generous amount. It'S not necessarily a certain amount, with the number eight you're supposed to do like two pumps. This is just a squirt bottle, so a generous amount from scalp to ends and you leave it on for 10 minutes, so I'm just gon na use. I don't know like that much and then I'm just gon na work that, through my hair I also have pretty low porosity hair just because I grew out all of the bleach that I did and cut it all off. So this is all my natural virgin hair for the first time since, like 10th grade or something like that, um because I started using sun in some at some point during High School um, which is basically like a bleach. I'M gon na use a little bit more. Just towards the ends, so I don't necessarily like need to do these treatments, I'm just trying to keep my hair as healthy as possible and do as many treatments, because I do use a diffuser um and I have straightened my hair a lot the last six months. Not with a straightener with a blowout brush um, I actually haven't used straightener much at all. Okay, so I'm gon na take this claw clip and put my hair up okay. So this is what it looks like just put them up in a little clip. So I think I'm Gon na Leave This in for like 15-20 minutes or so, and then I'm gon na come back and rinse it out. Okay, I am back and it is 2 14 now so I left it on for about 30 minutes um and now we're just gon na rinse this out, because it's not a leave-in okay guys, so I rinsed it out and then I brushed all my hair upside Down, I always do this because this gives me a lot more volume at the root when everything is brushed forward and if I'm not doing a mask outside of the shower after I rinse out my uh conditioner, I almost said concealer after I rinse out my cons. After I rinse out my conditioner in the shower, I will like brush it all forward and do it then um, but if I'm doing like a mask afterwards, where I'm gon na like rinse again, then I'll just wait to do it when I actually finally rinse. So I go in with a leave-in conditioner. Always I've always done that. Well, actually, I've always like left in my shower conditioner, and then I realized you like should just get like a leave-in conditioner, so I've been using this one. This is the pattern yeah the pattern. Leave-In conditioner, I ordered the Aveda Nutri plenish leave-in like spray leave-in conditioner, because that has like um heat, protectant and all of that stuff, and I heard that that was really good. So I will be trying that one after today I do like it. It'S just like that, it's kind of lightweight I kind of just run this. I have to learn to not put product at my roots, because I have always done that and I realized that it weighs my hair down so much, I'm going to section off the top layer, hello right at like the temples, I'm so bad at sectioning, my hair For some reason, like I don't understand how people, just like section it so easily okay, so that's what we're looking like, okay, so the first thing I'm gon na go in with is my curl cream and I just started using this one. This is the AG Care curl fresh, definer um. This is so good foreign, okay, well um. I can't let my hair dry - and I already started this so we're just gon na have to ignore. Whatever is going on over here, I'm using this curl fresh, defining cream um from Ag, and this one is so soft and light. I used to use um for like a year or two. I was using this one. This is the Miss Jessie's pearls pillow soft pearls and that one is really good, but it is more like a custard, it's very thick and I have very thin hair um, and so it gets weighed down very easily. I can't I'm gon na use a bit of that. I need to learn to not use so much product because I have short hair. I'M gon na use this much for the whole bottom section and I'm really not gon na touch my roots too much, except for just like kind of working it up towards the roots. I usually use to define My Curls the Denman brush, like everybody else, uses the diamond brush, I'm kind of tempted to just try with my tangle teaser today and see how it turns out. I'M really scared because I'm filming a video right now and that's probably not a good idea, but let's just like see how it works um, so I'm gon na take this section. This is crazy, okay, so we're gon na try with that. I take smaller sections because I have like 3B hair. So if you have smaller curls or like tighter curls, you should take smaller sections. Wait, that's working really well! This is with my Tangled teaser. This brush is actually working so well. So I put pressure on the spine and kind of turn it out guys. I don't know what is happening, I'm so sorry because that's probably really annoying. I'M very surprised. I also just started like styling My Curls period um six months ago. I didn't know that you were supposed to do that literally at all, until I started watching Mains by Mel, which is like crazy. I just can't believe I just didn't know any of this, so my hair was always like really frizzy and just not cute at all. So that's the bottom section if you can see so we're gon na take stuff for the top half now use like that. Much that might have been too much, but we're gon na go with it um it's kind of a big top section. So all right! So now we're gon na style, the top part. Actually, I'm gon na like grab this top section, and I'm separating that because I find it so much easier to do it in like a lot of little sections um when I style like out and up it just gives me more volume at the end. So I like to do that. Okay, I scrunched a little bit there. It is again so now we're gon na do the top section before that starts up again um, and I'm just gon na take this back section like that, and I'm gon na go straight back with it. Okay, so then, when it gets towards like the Middle top of my head, I start taking like diagonal sections, so that like if I want to part my hair on either side I can like. If I want to flip it, we are working on it see little chevrons. So this is what we're looking like. Let me show you guys in the light it's a little, so you guys can see that's what we're looking like. So now I'm going to take my wide tooth comb. This is just from Wet Brush like the brand, and I just ever so slightly very carefully brush out some of the curls, because my hair really likes to clump and that does kind of make you lose a little bit of um a little bit of volume. I kind of like the front to club together because I've got this weird bang situation happening. Basically, I've been straightening, my hair, a lot and I wanted like literally like bangs, and I did that and then obviously when and I knew this when I did it - I just didn't care because I was straightening it like literally every week um. So when I went curly, then the bangs were, like short, so now we're gon na go in with gel um. The gel that I'm gon na use today is the wedad um Advanced climate control, anti-frizz heat and humidity gel. This is the stronghold which is really good. I love a good cast. My hair likes to get frizzy like real frizzy, a decent amount of gel today, so I'm gon na. Do this praying hands sort of method? Here, scrunch praying hands mix a little bit of crab hands, so that is what we're working with. So this is what my hair looks like before diffusing. I don't know if you can really see it well, if you can see I'm trying to show you guys better. Can you see, I don't know and now we're going to diffuse. So, unlike everyone else, I actually don't have the Dyson uh supersonic, so I'm using this hot tools blow dryer with this um Universal diffuser that I got from Amazon. So I flip over, like this and now I'm going to my necklaces always get in my mouth um and now I'm going to diffuse on high heat and high speed and I'm going to hover diffuse at first um so that the gel cast can Harden and then I'Ll scrunch after okay, so this is what my hair is looking like. I still have a really strong cast. It'S pretty much fully dry, but I like to let it just kind of set. While I do my makeup and put on an outfit and all that stuff and then I take an oil and I scrunch and fluff a lot, but I like to really make sure that that cast is like fully set. I'M really excited to scrunch this out, but I'm going to put some makeup on and then I will come back when I'm ready to scrunch and put some oil in okay, guys I am back and my hair is pretty much fully almost fully dry. I did my makeup and my hair is looking crazy because, obviously it's really flat and the cast is like really hard. So I'm going to finish off my hair. Now, I'm going to grab my blow dryer, I'm gon na flip upside down shake my hair. Try to scrunch a little bit and then I'm going to finish it off with a hair oil. Okay. So, for the final step, I'm going to take a finishing oil, this one is the verb ghost oil recommended by Mains by Mel, and this one is really really great. I also really love um. This olaplex number seven bonding oil, I'm almost out, and I already have a backup ready to go. I use this a lot when I straighten my hair, give myself a blowout, because it's like way lighter. This also has UV protection in it, which is really great. I'M gon na use one full pump right now my hair and then I just kind of scrunch that in my hair scrunch up the cast okay and that that is my curly hair. I'M going to move my camera somewhere where you guys can see a little bit better, so I can show you guys the finished hair okay. So this is what my hair looks like. You can see it a lot better in this lighting. Also, let me know if you guys have like holy grail, curly, hair products or anything like that. Let me know in the comments so that I can try it out because I'm literally trying out like so many different products, um yeah. So I hope you guys like this video - and I hope you guys have a happy and positive day and I will see you guys in my next video bye

Tyisme100: Amazing curls, I think we have the same hair type, so it’s cool to see what my hair will look like when it gets longer. Also I think this curl type is actually 3a, as an example of 3b hair would be manes by mell

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