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  • Posted on 05 January, 2023
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Hi my loves ✨ Happy New Year and welcome back to my channel. I've missed yall! This is the first sew-in that i've had in like 5+ years. I've had it for 4 weeks now and every time I wash it, it's literally like new all over again. Hope you enjoy these tips & tricks that I share in the video. Enjoy!

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Hi my loves, what's up and welcome back to my Channel first things: first happy New Year: it's 2023! I hope you guys are as excited for 2023. As I am. I know it's been a while since y'all have seen me I apologize, but literally in December. I was just burnt out needed to take a break, and so that's what I did, but we are back it's 2023, so back to uploading content on YouTube. So today's video is going to be all about the tips to get your silk press on your weave as Sleek straight and shiny as possible, and it seems like it should be pretty like simple and straightforward. But there are a lot of mistakes that I see. People make first things. First is using a blow dryer. When you wash your weave, you do not want to blow dry your weave dry. You honestly want to allow your weave to air dry and air dry. Only the only time I will use the blow dryer is when you saw in that previous clip. The middle part of this is actually a sew-in guys, but the middle part of my sewing was still wet. So I was just going in between the hair to try and dry the middle part, basically where my my real hair is braided up to get that to dry a little bit faster. But you really do not want to go through with a blow dryer and, like literally blow dry, your weave from wet to dry. You can, if that's your preference, but the reason I say not to is because for some reason, when you blow dry it weave, it loses its natural shine and luster. It makes it more dry, hard and brittle. So I highly highly highly recommend just allow your bundles to air dry. Usually what I'll do is I'll wash my hair, maybe the night before or the day before and I'll just let it dry itself overnight. That way, when I wake up in the morning, I know for a fact: it is completely dry. Trust me on this tip, I I am trying to give y'all a gym. This is probably the most critical tip that I'm gon na give you this entire video. Like I don't know what it is when you allow your bundles to air dry, but I promise you if you do, that they're gon na come out so much silkier, now, obviously, of course, the quality of your bundles matter right so before I continue on with the Rest of my tips, I just want to put that out there that definitely plays a role in it. However, even if you have quality, bundles, um and you're doing things like completely blow drying your hair from wet to dry, like I promise you, these tips are going to make your bundles, like literally Top Notch, okay um. So yes, like I said the quality does matter. Of course, if you're buying 20 bundles off of Amazon, whatever the case may be, you may need them urgently whatever, but of course, they're not going to be as silky as your more quality, bundles um, but yeah anyway. So number two tip second tip is to use a clarifying shampoo when you wash your extensions now, if you want to use two different shampoos, so a clarifying shampoo for your extensions and then whatever you like to use on your natural hair, that's cool, but you don't Want to use a shampoo that has heavy oils that really weighs your hair down on your weed. It'Ll literally just make it look way down: stringy um, it won't have a ton of movement, body, Etc. So that is also a big No-No. Please do not use shampoos or conditioners for that matter that have oils in them or any ingredients. That'Ll really weigh your hair down now. The third tip I feel like is pretty much public knowledge at this point. I think everybody is already doing this, but you want to use the chase method when pressing your hair out now this flat iron, we are actually going to get get into this next. This firearm is the truth, but you still want to use the chase method, whether you use it with a brush. I see some people using a bristle brush or a fine tooth or rat tail comb, whatever you want to call this or a comb as I am here, you just want to use a Chase method that helps to smooth out the strands and the hair so that You can get it as sleek and smooth as possible. Now, let's get into this flat iron first things. First, this video is not sponsored. Okay. I recently just bought this by Iron with my own coin. My own money, okay um, but this flat iron literally, is the truth. Alright, so it's a bay Bliss baby list. However, you pronounce her name uh nano titanium and I currently already had a different version, which was really good, but I don't know it just wasn't like wowing me for some reason, like I, I've had it for a long time for a few years, and I just Wanted something new um, and so I saw this on Amazon, so I a really good reviews, so I wanted to try it out and literally it will get your weave bone straight in just a single pass. Okay, like there's honestly no need for multiple passes, I'm just doing it because I'm a perfectionist - and I want my weave to be laid to the gods. But honestly, look at this like look. How sleek do y'all see that like no? No, do y'all really see that for real for real, like this flat iron is so amazing highly recommended. I already know when I do my silk press on my natural hair with this flat iron. It is going to be like Chef's case um and actually that's gon na be my next video, because I do have some products to update y'all on as far as what I'm, using in my new natural hair routine, so be on the lookout for that. On the caveat I will give about the sweat urn is you do want to be careful because that whole like plate part, even the top of the flat iron, gets really hot? So you don't really want to touch the top part of the flat iron where the plates are and then because I guess, maybe because the edges of this flat iron are around it - be careful getting super close to your roots, because you will burn yourself, sis, okay, Um, that's literally the only not even a bad thing, but the only thing to watch out for wear, but I've also read reviews that it's really easy to curl your hair using the spot iron in a learn knows: I am horrible at curling, my hair with a Flat iron, but I think it's because of the design, so the same reason why you want to be careful not to get too close to your roots is the same reason why it would be really easy to curl your hair with this iron, because the edges of The flat iron are rounded instead of like that boxy Square um that we're used to one other thing I want to know about this flat iron is that the temperature does go up to 465, which I turned it down a bit. When I pressed out my natural hair, my real hair and I think most flat irons go up to like 450. So I think that's another reason why it's able to get your hair straight in one pass and so well as it does so. Another thing to keep in mind just make sure you're watching that temperature, if you're, using this on your natural hair. So I do have one more tip that I want to share with y'all. But I'm gon na share that when I am done with pressing my hair out so stick around. If you are wanting to hear about this last tip this one's also super critical. This is probably like top two foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Foreign foreign may be super simple, but I don't know maybe not. Okay. Last tip is the first night after you have freshly washed ear, bundles and press them out for the first time after washing sleep with a bonnet on a silk Bonnet. When I tell y'all it makes so much of a difference tomorrow. If you think my hair is Silky today, wait till I wake up in the morning. Not only does it help to make my hair even silkier, it helps to blend my natural hair with a weave a lot better. I don't know what it is about: sleeping with a satin or silk Bonnet, the first night after you, first wash your bundles, but trust me on this tip. It'S a game changer and I say that because I forget to sleep with bonnets all the time, but that first night baby - oh I'm, not forgetting um, but like look at this like the eye didn't add any oils to my weave or my natural hair, like everything, Is just so silky and laid and literally looks like butter? Okay, like I mean, can you like even debate me on this, like everything looks so so so good and, of course, I'll have everything Linked In the description below, including where my bundles are from? If you know you know, but if you don't know, I got you, sis um. This is where they stop on me a little bit past my boob and we're running out of time. So, thank you guys so much for watching this video I'll, see you in my next one

Dejah McGhee: Absolutely beautiful! So bouncy, and it honestly looks like it’s all yours love it!

The Life Of A Trans Woman: She's not lying about blow drying your weave from wet to dry, it definitely does become more tangled and it feels like it's weighed down the flow isn't the same and its not as silky. I will say though a trick I do is let my hair air dry for about 5 hours to where it's 75 to 80% dry and then I just blow dry it on cool and that really does the trick. I also use this Palmers olive oil shampoo for my weave and when I tell you it feels like I redid my hair all over again!!

ATLSTLCurls: Happy New Year!!! No apologies needed, gotta tend to YOU before anything/anyone else I'm excited for what 2023 has in store...and this turned out gorgeous, as per usual!

Jazz: Did you do this sew in yourself can you give us a detailed tutorial please ? Your extensions always looks so natural!

OHoneyPot: I need to teach myself the Chase Method. This is beautiful❣️

Janece Ann: Beautiful! When your hair is soaking wet right after washing it, how do you blow dry your natural hair underneath the sewin, without drying the bundles?

Twin 2: Do you wrap your sewin when you straighten it? If so can you do a short or video on that please!

Zarissa LeBlanc: Yayyy I’ve been missing your videos!

TJ LATTIMORE: Whats the name of the clarifying shampoo and conditioner do you use?

Grazi cristiny - Receitas Culinárias : love your vídeos ❣️

Rita Horne: Happy New Year Jenise.

Steph Walker: How many bundles do u have in. I just purchased two from you

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