How To: Invisible Locs Takedown | Detailed Steps With Optionslet Me Help You Save Your Hair!

  • Posted on 08 January, 2023
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YA’LL THiS iS THE ONe! Watch this HoW TO video on taking down your invisible Locs! I promise it will make your life so much easier. Yes I’m saving y’all some timmmmee you hear me ! Easy to follow steps for crochet method and feed in method.

..Check out how I installed them in this Invisible Locs Tutorial video:

…This video also includes tips to help your style last.

Bonus TIP : Get creative with your styles as your styles starts looking older. LAY THOSE EDGES.

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Be Blessed :)

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Foreign, I'm gon na first start off: hey y'all, okay, so I feel as if I was yelling at the screen, so I decided to cut that part out. If you have not watched my invisible like tutorial video, please go and watch that either before you watch this one. I have it linked down in the description box or you can watch it after this one. It'S your choice, but all this will make more sense. If you have seen that so first thing, I'm going to do to take these bad babies down. Is I'm gon na find that rubber band? Where I put at the end and then I'm going to cut it, then I'm going to find where that end of the twist began, which should be close to the rubber band and then I'm gon na take it as you can see, and then I'm going to Twist it the opposite way around, where I actually Twisted to create the knot and it's gon na going to come down just like that now take your eyes and put it on the right side of the screen. First, so I took some scissors and then I just cut the end of The Twist, because that's one option: if your hair is a lot shorter than a Twist like mine and you know where it stops, you can just Begin by cutting it, but I want to Give you all options so for those that have longer hair, you can just start by looking at the left side of the screen now and you can just start by at the very end of the Twist and just begin unraveling it the opposite way. Then what you twisted it so you're just twisting it the opposite way and it's going to come out now. This is the this one was installed by the second method. I showed you in my invisible, lock, tutorial video, so once you finish untwisting it at the top. It'S just going to slip right out once you decide to stay on my channel for a while and subscribe you're going to see that I love to give y'all options. Okay, so you can try different ways, ways to see what works for you, but the next way. I'M going to take out this invisible, lock is from the first method. I showed you on how to install so. The first part of the process is going to be the exact same, as I just showed you taking out the rubber band until stand the Twist and then just taking it down. You can decide if you want to cut the end, or you can just begin at the bottom and unravel it's going to look a little different once we get to the very top of the twist, as you will see very, very soon, foreign okay. So now you have two sides to work with with taking down so you're gon na unravel and twist the opposite direction that you originally twisted and separate that top portion of your natural hair away from the bottom, where you crochet the springy twist hair you're gon na. Do the same thing so you're gon na repeat that same thing on with the other section, and then we're going to clip that away to get it out of our way. Now, here's what I'm going to give y'all options again: okay, so we're gon na put our eyes on the right side of the screen. First again now you're going to find your natural hair within that piece, pull it out and then y'all watch that springy twist hair is just going to slip right out. You can just pull it through okay, so I think this is the easier option, but you know it's your choice. That'S why I'm giving y'all options now you can take out that braid um, if you braided it like me, because I braided my natural hair into that. Smaller piece where I crocheted the spring into his hair, you can un twist it either with your fingers or with a comb but definitely use some type of moisturizer to help you take that down to make the process a lot easier. Now, next, I'm going to show you the other option that you have. I do think this is the harder way, or at least it takes a little longer. In my opinion, now I separated my natural hair, and the first thing I'm going to do is take out my braid first with a comb or with your fingers, but definitely use a moisturizer to make this process a lot easier. So taking out that braid first and then after that, braid is all the way out, then that spring into his hair is just going to slide right out of there yeah. So I was using a mixture that I had I had already created with water conditioner and a little bit of oil in there. So that's what I use but y'all are welcome to use whatever you like any type of wash moisturizer water y'all. But you see, I have this sad look on my face like I was. I was having a hard time taking this style down because it was just it was just so cute and convenient, and people really thought I locked my hair. So I'm telling y'all y'all need to go watch my tutorial video, but here I go with the tips that I'm here to give okay. This is how I was able to keep my style in for so long. At the beginning of this video, you saw that I kept it in for seven and a half weeks. That was the exact time, so it definitely lasted for a while all right number one. Here we go the first important thing to do to help yourself. Keep this style in and help it last longer is how you sleep with it: okay, every single night, I slept with a scarf and a bonnet now sometimes I would just use the Bonnie if I was being lazy, but I would either wrap the scarf or I Will I would wrap the scarf scarf around my head first and then just stick the Bonnet on top, and I would do this either with my hair pulled back in a ponytail or I would do it with it down. It just depended on how I was feeling at that time. If I did it with it down, I would just wrap the scarf around my edges and then put the bun around it or um same thing. If I put it up in a ponytail, so it's just important to wrap your hair at night with that's with any style protective style. It definitely is going to help it last a lot longer in your hair. Okay. So here we go for number two number. Two y'all so keeping your scalp scalp clean. So what I did was in that bottle. I put water oil in a moisturizer, literally a drop of oil, mostly the water in the moisturizer. I'Ve been loving, the either mile or Mio. However, you say it: they're, hair milk. So that's what I've been using, but I just put that on my hair either every two nights or every other night, and I would just rub it on it and as y'all can see. Look at my hair. I still got all my hair. Y'All looks good nice thick, so basically, however, you keep a clean scalp. Do that, but thank you all for watching make sure you subscribe like this video yeah, which is which is about uh. Okay, we're going to try this again all right, so how you gon na get that going to get that out, don't mind me looking down, I'm looking at my nuke

Justin Maclin: Will definitely use next time on my locks. FYI: I use Carols Daughters Hair Milk. ‍♂️

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