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  • Posted on 06 January, 2023
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Hi everyone! Watch how I achieve this curly two strand twist look that was perfect for the holidays! Hope you enjoy the video!

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Oh, my gosh, I haven't had this look before. Are these Marley twists, no they're, my hair, you know, and you know, when your hair done your skin clear up, hey y'all. What is up welcome back. It is me Rachel, so in today's video I'm going to be showing you all how I achieved this bomb cute and curly. Look! That'S perfect for the holidays. So before we get into the video make sure you guys are subscribed to my channel and if you like, the video make sure you like comment share with everybody, you know what's up y'all, let's get into this style. This look is basically just two strand twists and then I put perm rods on the ends of them, so they can achieve this curly look and boy. I was on to something because this is so cute like it's giving lock Bob, but like not quite you know, and this look is perfect for the holidays. You have your curl in there and I'm sure this is going to last without further Ado. Let'S go ahead and get into the video today has been so chaotic. I can't even so this morning I was supposed to be going to my loctician to get a regular retwist, but I got hay booed as soon as I woke up and she unfortunately has kept my appointment so sucks, but I will always have a plan B right. So I'm just gon na do my hair myself. This is the week of Christmas and I just want to look put together so um. I decided to shred and twist my hair after um, debating what I was going to do with my hair. I initially was going to flexi rod it because I want some spiral: curls really really bad, but um. I started to do it and then, like I feel, like I don't have enough. Flexi rods, like I kind of need to go to the beauty, supply store to get more, and I don't really have time to do that right now and then I was like okay well, I'm gon na do a braid out and I started like recessing my hair And then I tried putting it in braids and my Reese twists keep coming undone when I'm doing the braids so like. I honestly don't know how to do much with my hair outside of too short and twists, and I don't feel like sitting here. Do my hair all day, so I just decided I'm gon na do a two-strand twist before we start um, I just washed my hair, it's freshly washed. I shampooed it like three or four times um. I use the Maui moisture, Hair Care, shampoo and conditioner, and then I use the Trader Joe's um tea tree tingle shampoo um got my hair really clean and look at it. Let'S give it up for hair growth. Let'S give it up for this length check, because what don't let me find out, my hair is mid back length like what come on now. What like, in three years, my hair, is going to be two more waist. Y'All are gon na be sick of me, like y'all, are gon na be sick of me from me, and although it hurts there's nothing, I wouldn't do with another. Here'S why you always, and although it hurts there's nothing, I wouldn't do I've come to terms and although it hurts, but I know your eyes tell me that you don't wanna leave just yet. No my eyes agree. It'S almost like when we first met. Oh, I don't care it's getting too late. I want you and I can't wait, don't want to spend a minute without you. I know you feel the same. Come on. Give me love, imma, show you how to move. I don't move with my body. Come hit me with your touch and make me wanna say damn and yeah. You know: what's up ain't, nothing I won't do. I won't do for your body. So give me all your God right now. I know I'm yours baby when I'm with you my legs, there's something special about you you're, the one that I want so come on. Give me love imma, show you how to move. I don't move with my body. Come hit me with your touch and make me wan na, say damn and yeah foreign. I never felt nothing quite like this Can't Get Enough babe so come. Give me love all of your love. Won'T you love me in the evening. Won'T you hurt me like I'm. Yours show me that I'm yours right now show me what it's about me in the evening. Your love, I've been trying to forget me foreign, so I finished. I hope that this comes out cute. When I take the rollers out um, I actually just ordered a like hooded, Bonnet um like attachment, so I could dry my hair actually just bought it on Amazon. Oh, I just bought it on Amazon earlier today and I did um. I did one day shipping, not even one day shipping. I did like instant same day shipping, and so it's supposed to be coming in an hour um. Hopefully I can catch the Amazon driver when they get here um, because my leasing office is closed. So um I'm gon na sit under that. Get this really dry. It took me what time is it? Oh, it took me a long time. It took me like near five hours, then I'm Gon na Catch y'all on the flip good morning, party people, it's the next day. I'Ve kept my rollers in for longer than 12 hours. It'S been a little minute and I dried them with this hoodie dryer. I got from Amazon, let me get it for you guys, because I think this Bonnet um attachment for your blow. Dryer is like a game changer this Bonnet, that you put on top of your head um and then it's this long tail attachment, and you attach this to your blow dryer and it kind of acts like it's. A hooded dryer, but it's like mobile, like my back, was literally hurting so bad last night I was just laying down and I had the cap over my head and my hair was drying. I hope these curls come out cute, because this is looking cute right now like, even though it was a lot yesterday. This is looking cute. So let's hope that these spirals are what I anticipated them to be like we're on to something we're up to something. Ah curls for the girls y'all better stop. This is too cute what what like in order to achieve this style, that a dryer is required. Like I don't know, if these results will look the same, if it was just air dried like, I honestly, don't think it would be because it's something about like a dryer and that heat that just sets curls you know, and unless you have a unless you have Your curls in for like five days, I feel like that dryer just achieve a different like level of set. You know we need space yeah. Oh my gosh. This is like a I haven't. Had this look before it's kinda, giving lock Bob but not quite like, and it's kind of giving flexi rod set, but like not quite I like it good, it's cute, I um am a little shocked that it came out. Um short like this, I mean I really like it like this, but I thought that, because I did the two strand twist like it would have had a little bit more length to it, but I don't mind it all, because it's gon na drop in a few Days and it's so cute, okay, I'm like really happy because yesterday was a lot like. I was actually very sad that my hair appointment was canceled and like. I was actually very sad that I had to do this, but, like I'm very happy now - and I got a lot of content out of this style, so I feel like these are gon na fall like quickly, though I feel like locks. Just like you achieve this. Like natural, beautiful look like with rocks - and it's like a look, you can't really describe it's like a natural beauty that you just get when you achieve block like when you do lock Styles, it's like so cute. It'S like. Are these Marley twists, no they're, my hair, you know, let me show you guys the back. Okay and you know when your hair done your skin clear up. I ordered my scalp last night before I went under the dryer, so it's already got some oil in it, but I'm gon na just do it again, um just because just to make it smell good, I'm gon na go in with my flourish: Tawny, okay, we've built Her up, let's make sure my edges, are a little slick just to give me a sleek look gon na use some style Factor just a tad bit on these edges right here and there we go all right. I'M gon na go ahead and close this video out. Thank you all so so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed it make sure to like comment subscribe. Let me know what other videos you all would like to see. I will see you all in the next video foreign

Schwaggy Spice: These stylists still ain’t it in 2023 smh. I definitely get “hey boo’d” more often than I’d like smh. That’s why I think we should all learn how to do it ourselves. LOVE THIS! Absolutely stunning! You did that! I’m definitely going to try this style one day ❤️

YahShai Israel: This is giving me 80s feathered loc do, I love it!

reallymyke: can’t wait for more 2023 content !

raedawn: so cute!

reallymyke: another great video !

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