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  • Posted on 07 January, 2023
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Foreign, okay, y'all! Let me take these off because this is not helping me. Okay, y'all, so don't mind here right now: it's giving helmet because uh I went to sleep like with it like this, but um. It is currently 4 46 Thursday. What the hell is the date, the fifth of January, happy New Year period, um I'm going to the bowling alley, well, not bowling alley, but I'm going bowling today, um. I don't really do fun stuff like this, so I'm actually very nervous cause for whatever reason I just get nervous going out places, because I don't do anything and I stay in the house so, like my nerves, are toe up from the flow up right now. If you can't tell but um I my best friend was staying over, I'm sorry y'all, I'm looking for a Bonnet, not a bonnet a shower cap um, my best friend was staying over. I just dropped her off at home. Now it again, like I said it's four o'clock - I don't know when we're going per se, but I know it's winding down, so I'm gon na get in the shower. I'M gon na wrap my hair up real quick. First, I'm trying to talk louder in my videos because I feel like I talk, really low and I normally talk really low but, like I feel like y'all need to hear me a little bit more without me having to cut the volume all the way up to. Like two 300, when I be editing so I was like yeah. Let me start speaking a little bit louder if I'm too loud y'all, let me know because I actually can't get loud, sometimes Louder Than This. Okay, we're gon na. Do it like that? Push this up? A little I don't need none of the hair showing and no just the one. That'S broke. Um where's, the winner, that's not broken, because now I'm gon na get mad foreign. Let me find my shower cap and then I'll come back, because this one it's it has no elastic, and I knew I should have got the shower cap. While I was there, something told me to get it, but I didn't get it also don't mind my lips because they're always chapped because they stay chap, no matter how much stuff I put on them. So I'll be back okay. It was actually on my refrigerator because I'm gon na tuck this up in here, because yeah it'll stay all the way. Okay, you got ta, have the elastic, because if you don't have the elastic, It's Not Gon na Keep in will keep out the moisture and I'm going to the beauty. Supply store got some more lashes because I have used all of mine and I don't have any more small ones and I don't like wearing big ones anymore, so I got these in style 14 by inv. If y'all know I do makeup. These are the only ones that I really use to do makeup with besides Amazon lashes, and then I got these ones because they're kind of like wispy looking so yeah 100 human hair lashes - that is actually kind of scary um, but yeah we're gon na go ahead And get in the shower, I don't have much to do. I have waxed like I watch my armpits because you know usually people like okay yeah, I'm gon na get in the shop and shave. I have nothing to shave, except for my arms, but I already shaved those, so I'm really gon na leave them alone. It looks like there's something wrong on my lip and I'm actually kind of confused, because why does it look that color um? Okay, we'll figure that out later um but yeah I'll be back y'all. Give me like well for y'all like a couple seconds for me, like 30 40 minutes. Okay, guys, I just just just just got out: I'm scared to take the stuff off my hair, but I'm gon na just go ahead and start regular prep, which is again I'm not wearing any makeup. But I just always want to make sure that my skin looks right. There'S no need to put on any sunscreen. It is dark outside um huh. Oh my God. First, if you hear my sister in the background, do not mind her um first we're gon na. I already did the moisturizer I didn't get to get my forehead, but I'll get that it really don't matter because my forehead's covered. So I don't think it's okay, I said dirty. I don't think it's dry um, so I already brushed my teeth. Probably why it's just put on Vaseline um, I'm gon na go ahead in with my lotion. Let me make sure this is really tight: yo, okay, actually deodorant. First, this is powder. I like carrying coconut and cucumber, but powder's my favorite, carrying coconut next and cucumber in that order. Nothing nothing different! I put on a lot because I sweat a lot: okay um, I'm gon na be using two lotions of body cream and a body butter. So we have into the night. This is the hyaluronic acid one with shea butter and all that good stuff. It'S in this tube eight ounces period. I don't use too much because you really don't need a lot, but I don't put - I don't be wanting to be grown on here, y'all, because it's really nobody's business, but for the girls that need a tip or whatever. If you ever going out on a day or you got a sneaky link or whatever you got going on, do not put anything on your neck, because if you are getting somebody on your neck, they're gon na taste it because these things have like alcohol and stuff. In them, and then it especially lotions like perfumes lotions, it just tastes like alcohol, so I'm not even going to keep the towel on anymore y'all because it keeps slipping down so we're just gon na keep everything out of the frame period. Okay. So now this is by pretty Organics. I have her in one of my videos. I can't remember exactly which one I think it's like a self-care pamper night video, this stuff smells so good. This is the good girl one I just I like to be moisturized, so I always have a lot of this stuff on me. I don't put a lot on my chest because it breaks me out because of how thick it is not because of the product, but just my chest cannot absorb this thick cream like this is something that you like really need for like the winter time. So I put it on my arms instead in my legs and I definitely did shave y'all, I said I wasn't going to, but I did I just like having smooth legs. Let'S move everything I just don't like having excessive body hair unless it is my head and my lashes and my brows okay. So this is me moisturizing my legs. I know y'all can't see, but okay, okay, okay and y'all. I have started getting eczema on my legs. I'M not my legs on my feet. Where did it come from? I think it might be genetic, but I really just don't know so. Hmm I've been trying to get it together, though, with a lot of moisturizing, but the moisturizing just does not help. So I'm probably gon na need to get put on something like a hydrocortisone cream and stuff, but I really don't like taking that stuff because you can go through store, steroid withdrawals if you use the really high dosage ones and my Eczema is actually getting really bad. So I hope they don't put me on nothing crazy, I'm only putting the moisturizer on the top of my feet because I'm still in my carpet - and I don't have no socks on right now and I don't want stuff sticking to my feet. So we gon na do it like that? Also we're gon na go in again with the ends of the night. I don't put it everywhere. I just kind of I choose certain places to use certain products. Um, I'm gon na use the into the night on my back: okay, okay, I'm back and booty okay and then two with the pretty organic stuff. Sometimes it's like again like this is a body cream. I mean not body cream, a body butter. So it's supposed to be thick. I just wipe a little bit of like the sheen off, because it's again very greasy feeling so it's like. If you want a greasy feel, then you will love their products and they're natural. I'M pretty sure. Let me check you know: organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, avocado oil, vegetable, oil, no avocado oil, vegetable, glycerin and fragrance. So the only thing in there - that's not natural, is the fragrance and like the stuff to color it, I'm pretty sure yeah other than that. Everything else is good, all clear. So I don't put perfume on my body just because for one I've Loved this stuff and it's almost gone so you can see - I use a lot of it and I need to stop, but I do put on the roller oil stuff again y'all. I be messing up thinking that, just because this is an actual perfume that you can put it on your neck. Do not put this stuff on your neck. If somebody's gon na be near your neck behind your ears, only here don't put nothing there. Do not trust me, trust me, trust me, Chelsea do not do that. I put it for whatever reason I put it under my knees, I put it under my knees on my wrists and then um my chest area. I do that and y'all every time. I get. Compliments saying how good I smell so, if you want to take, if you want to take somebody's word, take mine, take mine, take mine, take mine, I'll, go ahead and put this bra on. I actually really don't like this bra and if my boobs look too big in it, I'm going to put on another one, but I think this is gon na look. Okay, underneath the shirt, because the shirt that I have on is like a Ivory type of color. So I don't want um, I don't want my bra like showing too much underneath so I picked black because I think that's what you're supposed to do, but I really, I really don't know, don't take my word for it and then my undies don't know where those Are give me a second y'all, okay, y'all, so real quick while I'm over here, I'm gon na show y'all the outfit, so we just got this fashion, Nova top nothing too crazy. These American Eagle jeans, let me get my shoes, real, quick and my CDG Converses, which I need to clean a little bit. So that's the fit nothing too crazy. Little cute throw on type of thing: I'm gon na get dressed, and then I'm gon na move on to my hair and then the makeup that I'm doing hold up now: y'all, okay, so I definitely had to put on the um nude bra that I had as Another selection, because it wasn't it wasn't looking right with the black one, so I'm gon na get some Aquaphor, because I don't like having dry feet and I'ma just moisturize them before I put these socks on, I feel like having nice feet and I did my toes The other day to having nice feet is just really in a really attractive trait in a woman like, I feel like your toes should always be done like that, might just be me, but, like I feel better, when my toes are done all the time, so I Bought a UV um, those LED lights, so I could always, if I don't have like acrylic toast or get a professional pedicure. I can. You know at least paint my toes white or do a little French tip. If I can - because I definitely did a friendship last week - but I didn't have my gel so it um - it did not last long but yeah, just multiple things being soft smelling, good um, definitely heavy on the smelling good. Like definitely with that. Are these the right way? Are these two different things of sauce? They definitely are um anywho, it don't really matter, but um yeah and nails done toes done. I need to get my nails done. I have not been keeping up with that. I used to get my nails done every two weeks now it's looking like every month, but that's okay. So I'm going! Oh, my goodness, I'm gon na go ahead and start on this because that's actually crazy. Let me put up all my hygiene things. I got ta kick out my perfume okay, I'm keeping on my roller oil, because I'm gon na need that anymore. So the only two things that I got out are heat wise are my um hot comb to make my soup extra flat and then my um pencil flat iron. So I can have some really nice and fluffy and curly cute, because these ones there they are laid down now, since I just put a scarf on so yeah, I'm gon na turn the heat up to high on both okay. I honestly don't even know where to start with this. The first first thing I'm gon na start with, is putting my contacts in because I need to so. I'M gon na go wash my hands, so I won't contaminate stuff and then I'll be right back. I don't even think I was recording y'all. I really don't know what to do because, like it would be cute. If I could just like, do it like this and then have a nice little, you know a little thing going on, but it just wasn't doing it before it might now that I have my curling wand, so I'm gon na go ahead and try that instead, let Me get it up because I was using a flat iron yesterday to do it, and I don't think I want to do that this time. So we're probably just gon na go with the cute little curly Bang go ahead and plug this up somewhere, um I'll unplug. I'M gon na be redo itself, which one is which okay, okay, okay and then the attachment. I don't know what any of this is looking like, and I don't even want to try to see what it's looking like until I get done with this. This is cute. It'S still intact, I got ta, you know, get it together, a little bit more, but yeah. This is just so crazy. I hate my hair sometimes, and it's not even really doing nothing bad like I just want it straighter. I guess I didn't even record it I'ma. Just do it over because I have two anyways um yeah, I'm definitely gon na curl it one more time. He seems really stressed out, though I feel really bad cooking. The way my contact keeps like swishing around, as if I don't have. Speaking of that actually did. I put my contact solution in okay. I did I'm about to say not my solution, but my um blank [ __, ], okay, it still feels weird like all right. All right, John. Should I move on to I'm gon na keep this but okay, I'm gon na turn off the the high school um. Is this still on? Let'S turn this off control out: okay, waiting for the lighting to get back good again, okay! So before I do anything, I'm gon na brush them out because yeah okay, gon na get gon na be on the way, wait, finna get what didn't be on the way. First, I have started um, starting with the bottom Edge first, because if you start at the top it'd be trying to connect with the bottom Edge, and it just don't be doing right. So then I do the bottom first and the top and they don't be like trying to intertwine with each other. This is so difficult because I can't see with all this damn light. We love to hear a snap crackle and a pop okay. It'S curled. This is the only edge control I use it's only when it worked for me Edge booster, don't work, nothing else works, but this is I'm trying to get this camera. I mean it's light out the way all righty so starting with the one on the bottom. I'M gon na put this up like that. Go like this. I like big, baby hairs. I don't like small ones for whatever reason they just don't give the same. This makes it look like. I got a lot of hair and I do, but I want it to look like it without you having to actually see the inches. I want you to be like oh wow, like is that her real hair and you look at my baby hairs and be like yeah that got ta, be her real hair? You know what you could tell when a [ __ ] got a lot of hair who calling me oh okay, Russian. They call me give me a second hey girl. I was like who the [ __ ], calling me I was like. Oh, this is her. You got a little Cuts here, yeah, as you said before, because you know the dead Angel was there definitely loved everyone to me. Mine are too it's heat, okay, okay in chest, but [ __ ] the world. I don't know baby crazy once these drop some more. I feel like we'll be good boom. Okay, on to the lashes [ __ ] up, don't change! You know, foreign! The curls are falling. Thank God! Oh! I need to put a belly piercing into. I just don't know which one I don't even have a date. I'M running out of this really badly: actually: okay, okay, y'all, so I'm actually all done getting ready. I like soups cute. I was gon na try and put in some um some hoops. I just really do not like Hoops like. I don't know what it is about. Hoops that I don't like, but I just can't get into them like I keep trying and trying and trying - and it's just it - they just never give the way. I think they're gon na give. So I'm gon na give y'all a close-up of the face. I really didn't do too much. I didn't do anything. Actually, these are the lashes. The lashes are super cute y'all actually just reminded me that I need to clean up underneath my eyes because yeah um, I lick my thing. I don't know how y'all get down. That'S how my mama used to do with me when I was younger and there was something that she needed to get off my face. So that's what I do. Um yeah a Q-tip is going to take you the longest way in life like with any and everything. Whoever invented Q-tips, they really was looking out for literally each and everybody okay, um yeah, so we got our little well. We did it for a second. We got our little curly bang going on in the front and we got the curls in the back. The cute little pony the big baby hairs, I'm giving and I used okay. So let me break down the lip combo for y'all. We use some creme brulee because I love a good pink lip um. You can never go wrong with pink gloss ever in your life and then um. I also used some of candy baby candy baby again y'all. I really I'm really so sorry because I be feeling like I have to apologize when I be saying certain stuff but hey baby, it's for the smell and The Taste tastes good. If you ever kissing anybody doing anything, candy baby is what's gon na get it done because it tastes so good, like I didn't even know it. Tasted good on purpose. I kind of accidentally figured out when I went to rub my lips together and then I licked them. Last but not least, is lip oil y'all, Ruby, kisses, y'all, know this so yeah, that's my little combo and then y'all saw me put on the Vaseline in the beginning. So it's really about four things on my lips and I use all those softness gloss color like let's focus on on the lips hold up, because it's definitely not focusing on the lips: okay, because yeah and the lift accentuate the teeth period. Looking good feeling good smelling. Good yeah, I'm actually in such a good mood. So I don't know if y'all heard, I don't know how I'm gon na edit this, but we're not going bowling we're going to the movies, which is even better because I like chilling. So that's not even a problem thing with me is as long if we're switching up plans and it's something that's more chill than what we were going to do. The first time there's never going to be an issue with me ever in your life, because I love doing chill stuff and then we have my necklace. I love you want to see it's probably not though, but if I can get it like fixed a little bit, so it's more tight around my neck because I like like them to sit right here like right in between my collarbone. But I don't know if that's possible yeah, so right now, all I'm doing is cleaning um everything's together, like hair, is done. All this stuff is done. My purse is packed. I'M gon na give you a little purse tour um. I always bring my Polaroid camera with me anywhere. I go because I like Memories um. We have these glasses that I always bring with me. 24 7, because they're cute um. These are my real glasses in here I have my Taser and I also have my pepper Joe on the side and some hand. Sanitizer um rose quartz. I keep crystals in my purse. It does. It depends on the day which one I have with me, but I keep them in my purse um then I have you know all of my um lip glosses that y'all just saw. I have this Sephora gift card. Thingy came with a gift, it came with a gift card that I gave somebody else, but I didn't want didn't have it so I kept this for myself. This is where I keep my card and then um my SD cards. I also take with me just in case I run out of storage, while I'm recording um. We got an EpiPen because I have allergies, a comb, a satin scrunchie and a um hair clip and that's pretty much it. You know Chargers and all that stuff and then some of the stuff that I had already out, which is this my blink. I take with me because my eyes get dry, quick as hell and um my body oil, because I always have to re-up on that. I don't always have to I just really like smelling good like for me too. I like, smelling good, like I. I will use that stuff. 24. 7, if I could, just because the way that it smells okay but yeah, that's about it, got ta zip. This person up um, I was gon na - do some bottom lashes, but I think I'm gon na leave those B for now, because I really don't feel like dealing with that and then I'll record some while I'm out so peace for now. I did not have any time to record because I don't know if I told y'all I probably did, but we ended up going to movies instead of bowling alley, so foreign alley and we're late for the movies. So I'm literally as soon as I got in the car, that's where we had it had it right back home, because my motherfucker's car was tweaking a little bit so yeah really not much to show. I really just the main portion of the video. I look so crusty right now, I'm so sorry. I just woke up a couple minutes ago. My books of the video was to get ready with me. So if y'all want to see more videos like that, then let me know and yeah. I will see you guys in the next video peace

Larry Richardson: Do vlogs like when you running errands and stuff

cierradior: you're so pretty

Larry Richardson: Sooooo pretty

Héva 🦢: These lashes are so cute where you got them from ?

Pretty Sya: Feels like we’re on FaceTime

Savanna: Lovedd the videoo

Bri'mara lee: What’s the lip combo u used ?

MIADATGIRLL: Hi I just subscribed


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