Colorado Custom Billet Wheels - Center Cap Install

  • Posted on 06 January, 2023
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Here I show how I went about installing the center caps on my Colorado Custom wheels. These are the o ring style center caps!

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Steadily, it rises public preference for Lincoln Continental as the symbol for today's luxury Motoring - hey, hey it's ODB in this video. What I'm going to do is show you guys the process that I went through to install the center caps on my 64 Lincoln Continental convertible. It was recently bagged and after I got it back, I set the drive height. I was able to get it aligned by the local place here that I've used uh for many years and uh got the car home and really wanted to put the ice on the cake and put those center caps on there's, not a lot of videos out there. On Facebook or YouTube for how to install the center caps and for some it's easy um for me, I'll kind of uh just walk you through the process here that I took and at first I thought it was going to be way more difficult. I'Ve heard people saying it was really a challenge, but if you kind of follow along in this video you'll see it really wasn't too too bad, so fingers crossed. Let'S get these things installed: hey, hey! It'S ODB, the Lincoln addict my 64 Lincoln Continental. Finally got it. Bagged by my friend Jimmy at Jimmy's running Customs, that was a couple weeks back you guys, if you've been following the channel. I did a four-part series kind of talking about the thought process that I had and the parts that I purchased that were installed, including the devious Customs kit for the 64.. The next thing I got to do is put the center caps on these Colorado custom wheels. If you've been following the podcast, if you've been following this channel, you know I'm a huge fan of Colorado custom. I'Ve ran their wheels in the past and really just a story, and Company they've been around about 30 years, with this um wheel, type that I chose. They basically utilized an O-ring that O-ring I'm going to show you in a second seals against this little Groove in the center cap, and I uh believe it or not. You know a lot of people are probably say: wow an O-ring, the Billet wheel. Companies have been using this for a long time now, so it's kind of a very cool thing and it it causes for you not to have to have like a set screw. So to speak, which I always remember, Centerline Wheels running back in the 90s and I think even way beyond that. So you can see this is a pretty big center cap, forgive the smudges. I was actually trying to install this yesterday and I had to kind of reset and wait till today, because I had other things going on and I had to grab a couple more things and I'll show you in a minute, but basically uh, there's really no videos Or anything I can find on this, so I want to be able to show you in case this will help you on your billet wheels or Colorado custom wheels in general. There'S a groove right here, and this groove is where the O-ring is going to rest. The O-ring right now is on the car itself. Now, if you didn't know what they do, is they machine these two grooves in and those grooves are how you would take the center cap off now, I'm guessing. If you were just trying to pry from one of these it's gon na it wouldn't be enough, so they give you two which allows for you to pry a little bit and then kind of come over to this side to get that center cap off and again That O-ring is going to ride or rest. I should say right here: let's take a look at the wheel itself, so you basically have in my case a 17 inch Colorado custom wheel. So I've been around air suspension, mini trucks, Uh custom cars - since you know the mid to late 90s, and just really did me personally, I really didn't want to run. You know 20 or 22 inch wheel, I've kind of done that in the past. I wanted this look with a nice wide white wall, tire these are from Diamondback and the wheel, of course, is Colorado custom. The cool thing is here: you basically don't have to index at all the center cap itself, you'll see what I'm talking about in a minute. What I'm going to do is I'm going to double check. As my friend reminded me, he said you don't want to have to take them off, I'm going to double check, um all of the lug nuts and then I'm going to pop on the center cap. Okay, hopefully it'll go smooth now what you're going to see? If you look in here, is you see the O-ring itself and that O-ring comes basically installed? If you will just like that from Colorado custom now it does have a little bit of Lube on that which I want to talk about now, um and uh. It'S it's! A little bit now, the other thing I would say is I've been sitting on these wheels for just over three years. I actually bought these believe it or not in September 2019, maybe even before that um they were delivered September 19th. Let'S leave it at that. It might have been a month or two before then based upon their lead time at the time. So, even if you just got a set of these and you tried to put the center caps on you're, probably gon na find what what I've heard. What I've read is they're kind of a right to put on, so that's what people will tell you not just for these wheels for other Wheels as well again, the wheel companies have been utilizing this setup with an O-ring for a very long time. So I haven't used the rubber mallet in a long time, and I dug this out yesterday and I mentioned I started to do this and I knew I wasn't going to use that and and I kind of started looking at this end and I was like man, It'S a little ratty and I had a cloth over the one end and I was trying to kind of and it really wasn't working um I talked to my buddy today. That'S had a couple sets of these wheels. The set that I have on my S10, the lugs, are exposed, so I haven't had to deal with these O-rings in a very long time. I think the last time it was probably 15 20 years ago helping a friend what I ended up doing is. I went to Harbor Freight and I picked up a new rubber, mallet and there's a couple things I could do. I can even try to use the end of this to kind of push up on it a little bit and believe it or not. I'Ve heard people in the past say that you basically have to take a rubber mallet and you kind of have to pound to a certain extent, which sounds crazy on your brand new Wheels. You really have to use a little bit of force is the best way. I can explain it to get these center caps on and again. This is not specific to Colorado custom. This would be uh. This would apply to other billet wheels that utilize the O-ring for the center cap. Now, in addition to that, when I was talking to my buddy Josh, he goes hey um. I would put a little bit more of the white lithium grease on there. Of course, he sent me a photo and he had this exact kind. The Lucas um, the ironic thing was this - is all that they had at Home Depot. So I ran up there a few minutes ago and I grabbed this and I needed some anyways because I've been meaning to grease um the latches. I did a video one time showing how the top latches down, because I have the header panel - that usually is inside here. I have it removed right now, because I needed to grease and Cashman used to even talk about putting a little bit of grease in here were the two latches there's one on each side where they latch in, as well as within those uh components that are moving Um in you know, inside the header panel again the top is down right now, so you can't see that so uh picking up some new white lithium grease wasn't a bad thing for me. You know spending you know. Five ten dollars on this was definitely necessary and again what I'm going to try to do. This is an old rubber mallet. I wasn't liking the um. The experience that I was having yesterday with this and my buddy said: hey I utilized this on. My other sets. Not just one but a couple of different sets of Colorado custom wheels and he said he experienced uh good things and again I can kind of try to wedge this really. The name of the game is, and I was outside yesterday doing it, so it wasn't as easy. You know I was trying to you, know, stay clean because we were getting ready to go somewhere, but really what the name of the game is. Is you want to get this up there and you want to put a little bit of force to try to get maybe one side of that O-ring seated and then you know you can imagine really really pushing or having to tap pretty hard to pop this, in Which would then seat the O-ring on this side? That'S really what you're trying to do that way. It'S seated perfectly and then you'll have worry-free issues for a very long time until you have to possibly ever take off the wheel. Obviously, you're gon na have to then pry the center cap off uh to get to the lug nuts. So I don't know how this is gon na work out. I'M thankful, my wife, always every couple years or whenever she'll buy new towels for the bathrooms, and I get the old ones for perfect situations like this she's like. Why do you need all those towels, I'm like hey? You can never have too many towels in the shop, so what I'm gon na do now is. I just checked all the lug nuts. I think it was 13 16 socket. I have to use um for the Colorado custom, so the bore there to be able to get to the lug nuts. Of course I have an impact uh, but I didn't use it to Snug up what I did is. I took my torque wrench and um. Just basically got him got him snug uh. They were pretty much good to go now. What I'm gon na do, after talking to my buddy, is this white lithium grease. I'M just gon na put an ample amount around and again everybody most people are probably going to have a different opinion on this. Do you have to even do it um? It can't hurt anything, and the other thing I think about is again. I did searching on YouTube and Facebook just to kind of see what other people have said about. You know getting hubcaps off uh or center caps, rather on billet wheels, and I could only find one video and it was. It was a different center cap, color custom used to use more of a it. Looked like a hexagon on the outside there's a little tool that you have to use, and I was looking at that video going man. I would not want to do that. It'S a pain and you have to be able to pry and get the center cap off. This that way - and I thought to myself the one good thing I got out of that was thinking to myself man. I don't have to do that. That'S a good thing, so what I'm going to do this doesn't have to be indexed any particular way um. So I'm not worried about that. You can see, there's a nice clean surface right there and you have your nice clean surface here. Essentially, what you're going to do in theory is, if I hold this up there, you kind of get an idea for how it's going to look in theory. What you could do is you could put a lot of force on this if you had something to do to do that and pop it on um. What my theory was to do talking to my buddy he's like really the only thing he remember doing, is kind of putting his knee up here and you would think hypothetically take off my Apple watch, so it doesn't get hypothetically if you could just push just like That that's all you got to do believe it or not. Um. I thought it was going to be a lot worse and um. I really do think the lithium grease, even though it's greased a little bit, it's possible that if these wheels had just been delivered the other day um, you know maybe with a little bit of Grease they put on there. Maybe they would have went on, but I think the thing was when I was outside and again I want to show the other side of this too. The frustrating part is when I was outside yesterday. I had just gotten back from doing the wheel or the alignment and it was kind of cold and nasty out, and you know I didn't have a towel and I was kind of I was nailed down and I was trying to push on it and it just Wasn'T really coming together and I was trying to hold it with one hand. I was actually working on the back too, which the back wasn't lifted up and I was trying to hit on it and you could see right there. I didn't even need this thing, so the point is talk to other people that have done it, of course, you're watching this video trying to maybe figure out how to do it or looking for tips. You just saw what I did. I put a little bit of this on there. I put my knee up against it and hypothetically you're just trying to push it on there and with this little bit of Grease, you saw how easy it went on. So thanks to my buddy Josh Ellis for the tips, let's do the rest of them now all right! So since I showed you the center cap with damn fingerprints all over it, which was due to my manhandling it yesterday, I'm going to show you this one, the other three are still in the package and believe it or not. My friends can't some of my friends can't believe I could have something like this and let them sit in a package for three years in three months, but it's just how I do uh you can see again they come um in this bubble, wrap. I believe there was one per wheel box which would make sense um. I never did an unboxing because I never unboxed them until Jimmy got them. So if you could believe that I didn't even open the boxes, they could have been empty boxes for three years and I wouldn't have known that wouldn't have been good. So what I'm gon na do is open this real quick. So would this be an unbagging or an unboxing? So I rip this back to here. You got basically tissue paper around a lot of care put into this stuff and you can see right there now originally. I wasn't sure how I was gon na like these, because when Mike Wood sent me the photos, I really had thought I kind of wanted to do the Smugglers, bigger and some sort of miscommunication on my side um. But in hindsight the car's so low and seeing them on there, they actually look good. What do you guys think, should I buy another set of caps and make the Smugglers bigger, or is it good to go? Most guys, of course, only have this. Is the Lincoln logo from 64. 64.65 mid 60s? Whatever you want to call it um Smuggler's Blues? Some of this will be pinstriped at some point. I would have loved to do it before they went on, but I didn't um. Let me know what you guys think, but man these things like I said I wish I had my scale. You can see how clean they are. The scale that we have for our podcast is at my buddy's place, where he ships everything all right to show you guys. This isn't well, maybe to show you it was a fluke, maybe to show you that it wasn't a fluke. I am gon na record this last one going on well the next one. This will be the last one I record, but I figured all I did is move to the back. I'M gon na put a little bit more of the Lube on and in between this. I text my buddy Josh and thanked him. Josh Ellis again he's had a couple sets of Colorado custom wheels on his custom trucks. Now this one's a little different, I I could have raised the car up um. I think this is the drive height setting um, and the car knock on wood right now doesn't have any leaks at all um. That was part of my issue yesterday, because I had the car. I was working on that backside and you know I was just kneeling down. I was trying to push here whatever I put a wheel on, you know, even if it's a daily driver or something that's lower, you know. Typically, I like to sit on the ground. Push the tire up to it and kind of get it. You know if it's low and it's just enough, you know, get the lug nuts on there and kind of push with my with my knee and that's kind of what I did. What you guys saw, um, you know push it on the wheel, typically, is what I would do to get it to that flat surface back there or up there. Rather, you saw I put my D kind of on the center cap and was able to push and with that lube it was able to go right on so. Let'S see fingers crossed that we can replicate the success, so I got my knee up to it and what I can do is grab the side of this wheel, I'm going to put a little bit more Lube. I think I did a little bit more on that. Other one now you could say well, hey, isn't the loop going to cause it to come off? No, because once it's Seated on there, it's not going to just pop off in theory right now. You could, I guess, hypothetically, come around here and put a little bit, but that O-ring in my opinion, if it has enough Lube on it, it should go on and again, if you had some sort of way to put force on this, the front with it being Higher or you know with me being able to grab more wheel, I'm grabbing on the treads on the left side. I just don't have the same amount of force I can put on this, and this is baby where the hammer is going to come in the mallet. Okay, what I did there with the car being low again, I could have started it or turned it on and raised it up a little bit. You saw basically, I put my legs on each side because I'm not I'm not able to get around due to how low the car is, I'm not able to get the same grip up there as I had with my one arm. So what I did was I put my legs here, so I had more pull. I pushed on it and you saw I kind of was able to without using a mallet. I was able to use my hand and it's squared away, so not as easy as the front. If I lifted the car up a little bit more, I could get a little bit more pull on this tire. I think I could have wedged it on easier yo. So what do you think I tell you they look so good. Now I know you're thinking, Hey where's, the reveal I am going to reveal some video and photo of the car soon laid out with the wheels. I think it just looks, awesome and uh. So stay tuned for that video slash photos through social media, but let me know what you guys think you know it's been bugging me about the Smugglers being smaller, but really when I'm standing up and I'm looking down at the wheel itself, it really doesn't look that Bad um, you really can't be honest in the back. You can't even see anything because it's tucking, so I don't know. I talked to Michael at Colorado custom and he said yo. Let us know what you want to do and I don't know so. I'M thinking what should I do. Uh, though, tires I'm super happy with how they came out I'll, put a link um in the description as well, for what tire size, because I know some people will probably eventually hit this video and be like yo. What'S the tire size, so that's key. I also want to note on those Wheels they do have the valve stems on the inside. So one of the cool things about the customer service that you get with Colorado custom, Michael, if you were ordering these wheels, would ask you hey: are you looking to upgrade to bigger brakes and things like that because it might change the offset just a hair um? Even just running the shorty valve stem sometimes would be key if you've got some of those CPP front brakes and things like that, the valve stem you know could potentially hit the brake caliper. But again they usually will ask all those questions, so they know you're set up and then that will ensure that you know you have the right setup for your car. But again the valve stems being on the inside. If you've never had a custom wheel like that makes it a little bit more difficult to put air in it um. But you definitely wouldn't want the valve stamp on the uh. The outer side, because it just would make an awesome custom wheel, look kind of weird. To be honest, so I wanted to call that out, but at the bottom line is, although people said they had to beat those things on. I knew I wasn't going to have to do that, so I did mention that earlier, but you saw I did it all by hand and it worked out. I thought fantastic, so if this helped you on Colorado, custom wheels or any other billet wheels. Please leave a comment and I really appreciate all the support so stay on the rise and we'll hit you guys soon with another video ODB we out of here foreign

Robert DeFrang: They look great. No changes necessary in my opinion. Good balance between tire size and wheel size in the context of the cars history.

Richard Morris: They look great,are those 18"? Yea Smugglers could be bigger but I'd leave it alone.

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