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  • Posted on 05 January, 2023
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Happy New Year! Lets take a look back at some of my favorite maxis match cc hairs from last year! I downloaded so many good custom content hairs I had to share my top 30! OPEN FOR LINKS

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BEST CC OF 2022 -

Venom hair -

Alexa hair -

Cold hair -

Pretty hair -

Cass hair -

Cassie pigtails -

Ivy hair -

Sandy hair -

Yassin hair -

Viola hair -

Stella hair -

Mila hair -

Anara hair -

Kenna hair -

Lily hair -

Becca hair -

Fae hair -

Mehri hair -

Vera hair -

Cassie hair -

Beadie hair -

Hecate hair -

Eva hair -

Kim hair -

Luna hair -

Eva hair -

Dahlia hair -

Avalon hair -

Alexa hair -

Angeline hair -

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Hello, everyone and happy 2023. We are starting the year off with a video that I promised I would make, which is my favorite hairs from last year 2022. I have, I think, 30 hairs in this video that were all created last year. I downloaded them all. Last year and I have loved them, so I really wanted to do a video just focusing on all of my favorite Maxis matte hairs from the last year. I already posted my favorite CCF 2022 video a couple of days ago, so check that out on my channel. In that video I showcased not just hair, but something in like almost every category and there's some great season. Videos, if you haven't seen it I'll, leave that link down below and in the top right corner. I'M also linking all of these 30 hairs in the description box. So if you want to download any of them, just click the links, I'm gon na say the names of every single hair. So hopefully that should be easy for you to find your favorite ones. There'S a couple pairs that have the same name but they're, not right after each other, so I think we'll be good. So, let's get started my first favorite hair. Is this Venom Hair by the way these are not in order? These are all like. Equally, my favorite, it was really hard to pick only 30.. I have so many great hairs from last year, but there's 30 in this video we're starting off with Enrique's hairs just because they're at the top of my catalog, so the first hair is this Venom hair. I don't think I've used this that much yet, but I love it. I'M obsessed with a tiny little space buns that have braids around them as well, and just the quality is always so good on his hairs. I just I think it looks amazing and really shiny. Then we have the Alexa hair, this one's really simple, as you can see, it's just a ponytail, but I have used this so many times and it's just like my go-to, simple ponytail. At the moment, I think it looks really good really Max's match, but the shine again - and I just I love the shine - the hair looks so like healthy and good. Then still from Enrique, we have the cold hair, look at the low side, bangs absolutely stunning. Or what do you call these nowadays? I don't know the bits that frame your face. They look so cute, but then we have a bow in the back. It'S optional. It'S in the hats category, you don't have to use it, but I think it makes it look better and there's a bunch of colors as well for it. I just chose this one to match her dress, I'm obsessed with it and then still from Enrique. We have the pretty hair, which I have been so obsessed with this whole year. I'Ve had this, for I want to say at least six months. I don't know it's been out for a while. The bangs are so cute and this is a hair that looks amazing with Hats like. Let me just throw a beanie on her like excuse me, it's so cute. I love that you can still see the bangs, oh and it's pigtails. Can you tell I couldn't tell originally that it was pigtails the converse see that from the front unless she turns her head, but it's adorable pigtails, it's just it's very cute, oh and it does come with ombre or Balayage or whatever. You would call these swatches honestly. So adorable I am fully obsessed and then the last hair from Enrique is this cast hair. This one also comes with some of these ombre versions. I think they're stunning, like look at that, I love it. It'S very unique. I don't have another hair like this. That'S just like a pony, that's sectioned off in there's more sections, and then I love that it comes over her shoulder to the front and the loose bits of hair. Also, look amazing! Then. Next up we have the Cassie pigtails. I love these another, quite unique hair. Where it's like, the only one of its kind that I've seen, I love the little pigtails, but I love that not all of her hair is up and half of it is down. I like the layers. I like the bits in the front, it's just very cute and it's very Max's match. We also have the Ivy hair coming up next, this one's adorable. We have space ones, we have cute bangs and I like the length of this hair, a lot. It'S like a little bit shorter in the front um. You can add these flowers but they're optional. So that's the hair without them. They'Re really cute come in a bunch of colors as well. I'M obsessed with this hair. Then we have the Sandy hair this one's quite simple. When I downloaded it, I didn't think I was gon na like it and then I absolutely loved it. It'S so cute actually looks really flattering on so many of my Sims. It'S just a really simple, straight hairstyle, where all the hair is like behind her shoulders. I don't know I just I love it really simple, really cute! Then we have this one. This is the Yasin hair. I want to say this is what it looks like in the blonde, but we'll look at it in a darker color to see some of the details better. Absolutely stunning, like hello, I'm obsessed, it looks really really good. Super Max's match could have definitely come from a pack. Then we have the viola hair, which honestly so cute, there's so much hair. This is the kind of hair that I always love. I just love really long voluminous like kind of wavy hair. Honestly, it's so pretty. This is what I wish my hair looked like, but yeah stunning. We have little bits of loose hair like here and here it's so cute honestly, one of my favorites then moving on, we have the Stella hair, also from clumsy alien look at this one very unique, even though it's quite a simple hair. But I don't know something about it. I think the way the bangs go and then it being behind one ear, but not the other one, and it has kind of like a messy vibe to it that I really really like then. The next hair is this mua hair from Twisted cat. This was like the first hair that I ever downloaded from this Creator. I think it might have been one of the first hairs they ever made, but it's so good. I love it. I love this kind of Pony and the hair kind of like is more spread out than just a simple ponytail. It just looks really really good. It has like this loose strand in the front as well. Like I love it, it looks amazing. Then we have the inara hair, which I showed in the best CC of 2022 video as well, because I saw my favorites. I have wanted to put this on every single Sim. Ever since I downloaded it, I love the braids in the front they're, so cute unique. It'S half up half down it's just like a very like teenager young, adult type of hair that I just love, it's so fun. Next up we have the Kenna hair, which looks like this. This is more of a reason I want to say, but absolutely stunning. Like look at the waves, look at the braids combining into one larger braid and yeah. We have butterflies that you can add on from the Hat category. If you want to completely optional, the hair is stunning without them as well, but here are all the colors that they come in. It'S just very cute. This Creator never disappoints. We have another hair from the same Creator. This one is the Lily hair, and this one has these like stunning, like ribbons, I don't know, what would you call this and it's braided into her hair, and then we have the bowies at the top, and again we have a load of different colors choose from. I just think it's very, very cute and unique and fun then moving on this is still from the same Creator. This is the Becca hair and the Creator is Austin aka a Harris. Oh, oh, Brittany. This hair was definitely inspired by one of the University hairs, but this one's a little bit different. I love the hair from the pack as well, so obviously, I'm gon na love this hair too. This one's just better. In my opinion, it's so nice, then moving on. We have the FAE hair from Green Llama. So let's do this in a darker color like look at this absolutely stunning such good quality. I just love it, it's quite simple, but really really stunning, and then we do have the headband. Oh, is this in accessories yeah? It'S an accessories it's in like piercings. If you go really high up and there's a bunch of plain colors and then we do have some like more subtle patterns. I think it's so so nice. The original color is Brown at least for this hair Swatch, but yeah. I'M obsessed with this hair. Next up, we have the Mary hair. I think that's how you would pronounce it. I love this one, look, how much hair she has and then the braids in the front again like so cute, really long, let's see the blonde, so you can see the texture as well. So stunning, then for something different. We have the Vera hair, so this one has straight bangs I feel like we haven't seen many straight bangs in this video and then we have a headband again and these longer bits framing her face. They look so good. The hair is straight and pretty long. We have all the usual colors the headband. I have changed the color of that separately in the house category. So originally it's just white, but we do have all of these colors to choose from to make you match your outfit. If you want to next up, is the Cassie hair one one of my all-time favorites? It'S stunning there's a couple of versions. You can download them all from the same post because they're all the same hair, but I have this version and this version as well as you can see, this one has like little braids in the front, and this one just has your. I don't know basic hair and then this one is behind her shoulders where this one is behind and in front of your shoulders. It'S so cute. I'M obsessed with the braids like. I need more hairs that have braids like this in the front they're, so adorable and Max's match, and you can change the color of the little hair clips. If you want to they're originally white, we have a lot of colors to choose from which is always so nice, so this is the first hair from struggle. We'Re gon na go into more hairs from the time Creator, because they're always so good. This is the Beady hair. I think I'm lost on my list, but I think that's where we are look at it. Stunning. I'Ve already used this a bunch of times. The little bits on the side are so cute and it's Unique. I don't have any other hair that has this like same hairstyle, but again it's long and flowy. You know I like that, then the next hair is this hey Kate? Here I don't know if I'm saying that right again long wavy stunning, but this one has ombre. If you want to do that, so it's actually in the face paint category which is cool because in here you have the sliders. As you can see, I've made my own color, but we could change the color by just changing the sliders. It'S so cute. I love the Ombre, but obviously here's the hair without it just really nice and simple and amazing. Next up is the Ava hair. This is from a different Creator. This is from Aretha. This is from like January last year, but I'm happy. It'S still made it into this video, this one's, a shorter hairstyle middle parted, and I love it. It has a half and half dye situation going on. I think that was also in face paint DIYs. So again, I've made my own custom color. You can do whatever you want with this literally find any color that you want to do. Here'S the hair, without it very cute, very Maxis, match, and we have little hair clips if you want them to add to the hair, there's a bunch of colors and some of these two toned ones as well, adorable also from Aretha. We have this Kim hair, which is more recent, but I love it. I think it's so flattering. It suits every single one of my Sims. It'S just like a messy bun, but then these bits in the fronts they just they do something. For me. They look so good and you can change the color of them as usual. This is in the piercings category, so we just have all of the EA colors. I love this hair super obsessed. Next up we have the Luna hair, which is this one one of my all-time favorites again, this is from Miko. We have like double space buns on both sides. The bangs are so pretty like hello, adorable and then it's long and wavy surprise surprise and we have three extra colors, the pink and the purple purple. Obviously stunning. Next up we have another Ava hair. Actually, this is also from Miko, but it comes with this stunning flower crown that I'm definitely going to use with other hairs as well, and it comes with a bunch of colors. I just matched it to her dress, but look at it. So nice works perfectly with the tear, but I'm sure I'll find some other hairs that I worked with as well. This is a pony. It has Fringe braids going into it really pretty simple Maxis match. Then we have the Dahlia hair. This hair does come. Maybe you can see like with some hair clips that you can add here, but I cannot find them in my game. Maybe I've deleted them somehow, but it's stunning either way. Oh my God! I forgot it comes with extra Colors. Oh so beautiful, let's see the purple! Okay, wow another long and wavy hair. I hope this whole video isn't just long. I'M going to be hers. I don't think it is, but they are my favorites. I can lose bits of hair in this are so beautiful. Then we have the last three hairs. This is the Avalon hair, which is from a crater. I only discovered this year we have some extra Colors. Let'S Take a look at those the purple, it's so cool and unique. Honestly, there's a couple of hairs from this creator that I love definitely recommend you check out camiri the Creator, just click the link down below next up. We have the Alexa hair, which is from like the this Pearl's collection, because, as you can see, it has little pearls that you can add on from the hats category. Here'S the white sponge really cute perfect for like a formal, wear outfit, but I think it's a really cute hair without them as well. More casual. I love the updo, it's like a pony, but then it's spread out and it's like a little bit curled in the ends so pretty and then the last hair that we have is this Angeline hair. This is from earlier in the year. I think I think I've had this for a while it might might have been from January, but when I first got it, I was so obsessed with it. It'S so cool. I love the texture, maybe we'll see in the blonde. It'S Unique. I think it looks really really good. I think it's a really cool hair, definitely recommend so there we go. Those were my favorite hairs of 2022. I linked you guys, 30 in the description box. I hope that's enough, but obviously I have posted a cc haul. Almost every single month of last year so go check out those hauls, if you want even more CC for your game, give this video a thumbs up. If you enjoy my CC hauls, make sure you are subscribed, because I do Post easy videos every single month. I'Ll be doing another CC haul later in January, with all brand new custom content. I'M excited to get into this year and I think we have two expansion packs coming out this year, which also means a lot of new content for cc creators, which means a bunch of new CC. So I'm really excited. Thank you for watching this video. I hope you guys had a great year and I hope you guys are having a great start of the year to 2023. I will see you guys in my next video and bye foreign

Enriques4: Thank you so much sweetie! Glad that you like my hairstyle! I always love these type of videos and I’m so glad to be in this video! Ty ❤❤

Iceria Hikari: Thank you so much for this! You made my sims 4 gameplay with cc life so much better

Lizzie The Royal: Got almost every hair in this video! Thank you so much for sharing!

Pixie Gerbil: Please could you do another kids/toddler CC showcase? Love your vids, keep up the great work ❤

Cassi: Hey, can you show how you sorted your CC folder? I have no idea how to sort mine, so I'm open to tips and tricks ❤

Adam yes: i love them!!!

Mercedes Gleeson: Yayyy been waiting for this

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