How Not To Ruin Gray Hair | Nikol Johnson

  • Posted on 30 January, 2023
  • Pixie
  • By Anonymous

In my recent video, I am sharing 7 ways not to ruin your gray hair.

➡ I am revealing the truth about how to take care of gray hair.

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I went to my stylist and I said, cut a sheet Bob, but I cut it and I was like this is amazing. Just remember if you are not looking to turn your hair blue when you have silver, gray or white hair, do not use a blue shampoo, and I had a stylist come up to me and he said literally out of nowhere. He came up to me. Goes, oh wow. You really put a lot of heat on your hair. It'S really really frizzy and dry, and I thought oh hi. Yes, that's wonderful! Thank you for noticing.

R Rhines: For someone that deals so closely with the public daily, that rude stylist made assumptions, didn’t ask about your hair care routine, and your classy aloof response made me smile Perhaps an eye exam is overdue for that stylist?! You’re meticulous with your self care! ❤ Let’s not forget articulate, kind and classy!

Lupe G.H.: What product do you use? To keep grays from getting yellow I was told to use blue shampoo not everyday because it’s drying to the hair. My hair hasn’t turned blue but yellowing still an issue. I do use a heat protector before blow drying my hair. I’m mentioning this because it was bought up that it could be the reason for the yellowing.

Becky Lockamy: Oh thank you I was not sure what to use on my white/silver hair and all I had was 'blue' shampoo, you just saved me lol. Please advise as what to use on my fine white/silver hair to keep it beautiful. Thank you for your help

Linda Ball: Your hair is beautiful and ignore stupid people. Some people forget people have feelings!

Sarah Hursey: I have someone in my life like that... always has something mean about my hair...or when it looks good and I've had it restyled says nothing...hahaha .. sad for those meanies !

Renee B: Don’t you love people in salons chiming in with comments ?!! I would have looked at him and said Oh Thank You !!! No I’m sorry I didn’t do that all!! People get on my nerves

X: Your hair is the goal

Sonja Yunk: What color lipstick do u have on?

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