How To Do Box Braids On Short Hair|Protective Hairstyle

  • Posted on 07 August, 2017
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Knotless braids tutorial

I used 9 packs of expression hair in the colour 1b

You hey guys, live levels good, and today I wan na be showing you guys how I achieved this braid and I kind of did try to record as much as I could, because I wasn't meant to be doing this video and I wasn't. I wasn't meant to record how I was doing my braids, but so many people have been asking me so I thought I should record how long I grip and partner hair. So so I hope you guys learned something from this video and if you want to know how I achieved these braids then make sure you guys keep watching, make sure you subscribe to my channel and give me a thumbs up and I'll see you guys in a Bit so I always start with my hair straightened and you don't have to start with your hair straight and luck is optional. Most people prefer not to start with a history, and but I always thought with my hair straight because is really realistic and it's easier for me to maintain and braid when it's straightened. So depending on how big or small you want your braids to be you're. Going to part your hair that size and I'll kind of one of my braids to be medium sized, so my boxes are going to be medium sized. So you can see me trying to get as straight as possible with the pot in because it just makes it look so much neater, oh yeah, sorry, brother, so I'm just going to pop my book and you want your box to be like the same size as Your break, if you kind of know NSA, you don't want your box to be a bit too big and your braid, the braiding ku's, is going to be, let really thin because it won't look good. I'M telling you guys right now and I apply gel. So it's like easier for me to grip on, because my hair is short. Also a playing gel is going to make it like when you braid your hair you're not going to get late unnecessary flyaways, because my hair is short. I did shave it off and it is growing back slowly but yeah. So after I've got my three legs, I've been sectioned out my natural hair into three sections so that it's easier easier for me to grip each extension to my natural hair. So I can start braiding it in and blending it into the wall. I know if that made sense, but I will repeat the process again and again, so you guys can get it and I will try to explain it differently because I'm real addict explaining what I will try my hardest. So I'm going to part my hair into three sections, I'm going to part my extensions into three sections that I can grip each leg of the extension to my natural hair and just start twisting and when I do braids, I do tend to like twist it at The on the spot for like two braids and then I start braiding downwards, if that makes sense yeah when it comes to edges, guys, don't grip into sight, because you're going to lose and by the time this hairstyles off, I'm not a professional grader. So I can't like tighten it as much as them. Professional graders do so. I'M not really concerned about my edges because they're always there whenever I take my braids out, but I did braid it backwards. I just want me do because it gives me more flexibility. For me to move the braid, as you can see me like in a bit you'll see me like move it. I come forward. I hope you guys learned something on how to grip your hair and how to part your hair or whatever, and I hope you guys enjoyed this video, make sure you like share and subscribe and I'll see you guys in my next one. Oh

Tooaliyah: KNOTLESS BRAIDS TUTORIAL (they’re not painful or heavy for my tender headed babies)

Jasmine Bullard: Box braids are LITERALLY everything!! I can't do hair worth a damn, but my mom did some for me and I couldn't be happier with them. Mine are more of a smaller size . I haven't had any in so long and I've been rocking them in soooo many styles. You look great with them

Phil's Wife: You're so pretty!! I was on another box braiding tutorial and your photo came up and I HAD to see your video!!!!! You are amazingly gorgeous! BTW, love your braids too! lol

Nerdy Punkin: I love yours because they are close together infront and not spaced out

Charlotte N: Litteraly going to send this video to my hairdresser . So she can learn to do them like you did yours ! I can’t to braids at all so thx for this ❤️

nizhoni tom: This is gorgeous. I’m in love with this

Katia Lirio: Perfeito adotei

Dee Tee: these braids are so pretty xx

violetta: Love how they sit around your hairline, they really frame your face

Jessica santos: adoreiiii

Rika xx Love: Love the make up and braids

Loc’d and Laced By Val: I definitely learned a lot!!!!

Its_dayday: You're so pretty! You're like a living Bratz doll

Gabi Yapi: How long did this take ?

EveV Yay: So talented!

Marquis De Lafayette: How long did this take?

Mia: I wish I could braid ! ‍♀️

Queen Niyah: Ur accent is everything and ur hair is beautiful girl

Anais Thomas: When you braid it do you braid the regular way or opposite

Aylin Tsarska: Omg you definitely slay! I you look amazing, and your braids as well. How long you are wearing them?

Hannah Walker: I love the way yours look, I want them now

Kiwi: Beautiful

Adna Kenile: would u recommend the rubber band method or the method ur doing ( not rubber bands ) & how long did ur braids last ?

Shellbs: Beautiful

Lilly Oliveer: Muito linda foi te vendo do Brasil

Precious 1 love: Hey hun love it it's gorg. ❤ but how much hair was used in each plait

Logan Gab-: C'est hyper beau

Kiwi: What is the length of your braids?

G. Desir: Did you cut the expression hair in half ?? Please Reply .

TheeSassyVirgo: I looooooove your hair! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

chocolate hersheykiss: U did a good job..the braids are very full.

The Elvira Collection: She said medium I’m like girl this is definitely large size braids lol

Najut Ali: Hey gurll love your videos and where did you get ur contact lenses from ❤️❤️❤️

Karla Taylor: what size are the braids?

Carol Marinho: Beatiful

CeCe: Where did you get your contacts ?

Dee vids: I knew you were east african even before i saw thé tanzanian colours on your wrist.east africans are so gorgeous

Nega Bruh: que negras lindas perfeitas

Banan Ali: most waited video!

Gianni Washington: How many jumbo box braids total?

Angle Loves cats: How many packs did you use, please reply...

EverythingNarcAbuse: But how did you do the back of your head?

Naigh-naigh Why: Can i use water4instead of gel?

Tiana George: Hey girl when you wear foundation with your glasses, do your glasses ever smudge ya makeup? If so how do you fix it? I just started wearing glasses and I'm suffering... Please help a girl out ❤️

Olubimpe Akeredolu: How many times did you cut the braiding hair

Ana Rbk: Damn girl you are gorgeous

Myra Wright: I have shaved sides and back how many packs of hair so you think I'll need?

Eat my ass: But how do u do the t. Btw ty and ur gorgeous

Albertia Ross: Love your accent are u British or from the U.K ?

Denise Caetano: Brasileira aqui , hahahh

Mayara RSantos: Linda

ThatBihhSalma: Btw them specs on you

ChoCoLate TeleVision: New subscriber❤

Sandra Mabaleka: You are soooooooooooooooo beautiful

NEISHATV: How many sections did you cut the xpression hair

Beyonce Taylor: Tell me how on the thumbnail she looked like keke palmer btw u are so pretty

Jamgirl Tings: Nice

Iddirisu Khadijah: You are so beautiful

leah joy: ur so pretty

Thelma Donaldson: Did you cut the hair at all. Like in half or did you just leave it at the length it came as

Francine Quick: How many packs of hair ?

alexcia bell: me I just washed my hair last night so I'm do . my I did the small one

Dieumerci Dasilva: how many suits did you us fake hair?

Danie G: I'd have such a headache

NaeNae: U pretty

Marian Addison: Nahh

Abigail NC: where are you - i need this in my like

Nola Ngasa: you are tanzanian ?

Cockroachbuddy: sell me your YT account i wanna make some really cool mine craft videos

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