Favorite Ways To Curl Short Hair | 2022

My favorite ways to curl short hair right here. Using three different hair tools. Absolutely love these different hair tools. My favorite hair tool number one, the Le Duo, followed by the tapered wand from the LeCinq collection, and lastly the Le Vapour flat iron. Absolutely fun ways to get my favorite short hair curls. Whether you're trying to create a soft bend wave or a tighter curl you can with these tools.

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Freaking love the fact that spring is here supposed to be 80 degrees here today, it's a good day for a good day spring is here. It makes my heart so happy. Oh, my gosh. Sometimes i think one of the hardest things for me with tutorials is like. I have a hard time just sitting sitting here doing the tutorial like i feel like i want to go, do it somewhere else, so i think we might try something something fun one time of like changing it up and doing the tutorial somewhere else does not sound Great, i think it'd be fun all right because i really truly am like no. I just want to like come to me like you're, my sister you're, my friend. Let'S do this tutorials um this one is fun so a lot of times i'll just teach you how to do stuff, but this is like my favorite ways to curl your hair, so i have three hair tools right here i have a flat iron. I have a tapered wand and i have this thing that launch has it's called the le duo and it's like to mimic um a curling iron, slash flat iron straightener, whatever you want to call it, and i really think it's such a cool cool tool. So i personally love having less is more kind of waves, but this one can give me a lot more vibrant waves. So i'm just going to show you the difference between these three curls, we'll kind of have to do them, because i can't plug all of them. In at the time so right now this is the la duo and how i like the barely there wave and with the le duo you can do it. You do have to always start with your heat down low and then um get it a little higher. But i have mine on 360 and you'll know when it's on so you'll see how it's flashing, because it's gon na make a sound here soon and it's gon na you'll hear this like fan on and the fan is what is helping it like heat, slash, cool It down so your your curl sets, it's really really cool, but since it is so different, sometimes people like mine doesn't work or mine doesn't turn on it. It has the flashing light, always even when it fits off and it's plugged in. But the you see this like, like all the way through it um, but i really do like this hair tool. So let me get a scrunchie or something ow. That'S my finger hear that that is now it's ready to go. So i'm gon na show you how you can use a tool like this, but i'm gon na show you two how you can make a a quick curl and it's just gon na have um that barely their wave um or you can do a tighter curl. So it's more of a it's more of like a stronger beach wave, not a super super loose beach wave um, but so what you'll want to do is you are going to um here's one where you're paying more attention to getting a tighter wave, so you're just Going to come in slower and you're just going to do what i call this ballerina kind of wave and see how it makes it so tight. So that's gon na completely change the look. So these are more of the look that a curling iron can give you. Where it's nice and flat um, that's a curling iron! Look, whereas a wand, you're gon na get this rope wrap it's a whole different wrap which gives you a hold of a curl but to get a a barely there wave we're gon na come through here. So fast see the difference like it's night and day difference for which it's gon na, be so depending on. What i want my hair to be for that day depends on what i'm gon na do or i'll kind of go in between um them both and get like a good in between and then one time i will do a little less and then a little more And so i'm bringing dimension of the hair having tighter, curls and looser curls all at the same time. So i'm going to go around and just do these random curls with this one on this top layer and then we'll we'll bring in another hair tool right after that that one's nice and slow, then this one will do a little faster see. So it just it completely changes the curl and then this one will do even quicker because it's in the front, so i want to show you that one's even faster, so it's just super loose right tada like so. Let me get a couple more in the back and if i miss one it'll be okay, because this one's just more for demonstration of the curls than like a full hairdo, okay, so that is with the leduo. I love this hair tool. It makes i just it just makes fun curls, but it is closer to mimicking what a curling iron could do, but for a lot of people this is easier than a current curly iron. So it gives you the strainer or - and you just follow it through just like if it was a curling iron and just follow it on through without having that clamp and then clamping down too hard and then all the jazz that comes with it all right. Let'S turn this one off and we will plug in the next one: okay, now we're going to roll. Let'S do the tapered wand, so this one, this actual wand and i'm sure you can find any kind of tapered wand. So, just looking for the smaller and the bigger one, i actually like the bigger end down towards the base. Oh sorry, the smaller end down towards the base and the bigger end up here, uh, because i'm gon na hold it like so, and it allows me to get that bigger ends at the bottom of the curl. So this one, though from launch it comes with five different hair wands, and so it covers all your bases. There'S a 19 inch there's a bubble wand, there's a 25 millimeter. Sorry, not 19 inch, millimeter, 19, 25, 32 millimeter bubble, wand, tapered wand. All in the same thing, if this turns on and off or sorry this clicks on clicks, you pull it out, you put on a new one, that's how this one works um, but i love the tapered wand, because i love the curl that it gives so again With this one i can go around and be nice and slow, and so you get less of a curl still that funky fun uh curl. That'S why i like this one so much it's just a funky fun curl. So i will come in here with smaller pieces and we're at three i'm gon na turn this to i'm gon na do 370. and wrap, and i get it close to that root and then, depending on the curl with the tapered wand, some of them will make Them be closer down here so again, you're always working towards dimension and changing up the size of the curl which is gon na just make it look like a completely different curl and then see that's like a huge difference right from what we just saw right. So it's just gon na give you a way different. Look. Let me do one of these again, so we're going to wrap set. I count to like 12. and then release see just super fun curls and then, if i want to be quicker with it, then i'm going to get it on that bottom because we're at the front. So i want it to be all the way down there with it being at the front and then not hold it on as long. So it's more of a looser curl see you can use the same hair tool and get completely different. Look looks it's awesome. You never have to be bored with your hair tools. You just change up what it is you're doing, just have more fun with it. The timing makes a difference. The way you wrap it makes a difference. The tool, of course, makes a difference so short hair. With these is so dang fun, you can take smaller pieces, bigger pieces, wrap them clean, wrap them not clean, like you're, going to get a whole different look with your short hair curls, and it just makes it fun and that's why they're my very favorite way to Do short, hair curls is just with having fun with my hair tools, see that one was looser, because i took a bigger piece see all right, i'm going to continue to wrap this around on this side and everything i'm rolling back. So this one i'll make it set a little longer do that and then this one three four five six, so it's a little looser and then this one i seriously just wanna at the end for just a couple seconds. I don't like my front to get too curly as long as every piece has screw. If i miss a piece, please forgive me. Okay, now we're gon na roll in to using i'm gon na turn on this one and we're going to use the flat iron. I'M gon na part this in two separate sections, all right, so we're going to 375 on this one we're at 375.. So these ones are my very favorite ways to get the barely their wave. So um, i'm gon na, come in here slower, okay. So it's got a little bit more of that look and then i'm gon na come in here. How i like to do my barely there's and be fast, and i pull it down after so let me show you slower, don't like that end and faster see, and it just gives that little wave, so these two are the slower, and this is the faster. This is the faster and then see how that looks after these ones. Everything comes in tighter and i love love. Love, love, love using these two together on the same exact hair day, to add more dimension as well. All right, i'm gon na do another set, but this time i'm gon na keep everything looser for barely their wave. So this is like what everybody asked me for all the time for that barely their voice, and i actually have so see how it curled, even more than i wanted to so i'm pulling that down um. I actually have tutorials that you can look up the barely there wave. I have some on instagram, where you can follow me at jocelyn.mclellan on instagram um, or i have one here on youtube that i will make sure that i put in the note cards above if you're wondering what a note card is it's just it's these little words That come to the top of the of the video, and it can take you to another video with that topic that it is addressing so they're, actually really really cool um. That takes you to that to help you out with what it is. That'S there so there's my barely their way and you can also get more volume with doing this. If you come up and you over and then you come in here and create, and then you get that volume okay, so i'm gon na do okay. So i start mid, and this is my harder side, so i hold that in place and come on through and it helps a ton. So let me show you that one more time so on the side that is harder for you to do. I set it in there more loosely and then i adjust adjust and then i come in here and kind of hold it in place and it makes it so that that was supposed to be more of a barely there. I thought it colored a little too long. Um, it just makes it uh wayne. I just like it a lot better. I really i feel like it makes such a huge difference. Okay, so keep it looser, hold it and then come on through keep it looser hold it come on through, and then i get those different waves, the chairs making noises all right make sure i got everything here. So i've showed you three different curls. They are my very favorite tools to use when i do my hair, my favorite favorite favorite, depending on my mood, but i even like mixing and matching things, but the tapered wand, the le duo down here on the ground, all the way, oh shoot the le duo. I love this one too and then the flat iron. Those are my very three favorite tools to use, and you, if you ask yourself, why aren't you why don't you use a curling iron? I don't curling irons, aren't my favorite, even when i was growing up because sometimes you'd curl and i'm like i'm doing such a good job and then i'd get the crease the line in it from yeah. So i would rather use this um or my other two favorite things, but those are my very favorite ways that you can curl your short hair. I feel good getting this one out there. I do have to say so myself. Sometimes i just i i'm just always teaching all these different ways to do things, and i love it. Don'T get me wrong. I love it, but i like to this is just yeah, so i hope you learned a thing or two one change. Okay, we're gon. Na recap: this really quickly one change your temperature. Also, if you find yourself over curling, just turn down your temperature, because you're used to maybe holding it in that long or two hold it in a lot quicker, don't hold it in as long so you can take from like 12 seconds to 5 seconds to 3 Seconds, however, you can fidget around with that change. Your hair tool. Add dimension, don't make every curl in, at the same exact amount of time that you're holding it into it, have some more fun. If you want to make some a little more curly underneath to help hold a little more volume, you can do something like that, but have fun with your short hair short hair is awesome. Short hair can be sassy too, but i keep saying but have a good day, don't forget to find me over on uh on instagram jocelyn.mclellan and facebook fit mission makeup with jocelyn mclellan, where i will do hair tutorials and makeup tutorials with you there with me. Take care have a good one. You

Fit Mission Makeup Jocelyn McClellan: Out of the 3 hair tools, which one do you think you'd like best?

Roberta Griffin: Thanks for the tutorial. I’m new to short hair. Looking forward to giving your styles a go.

Carolyn Belamide: I love the Le Duo and love your videos. Thanks for this one!

AC Haley: I honestly love your video setting. You may feel bored with it, but I think it is a lovely spot to film.

Teresa Maria: Just found your channel, loved this tutorial! May I ask what styling products you used in your hair before waving?

Debby Ritchie: I have the Le Duo and like it best. It's just easier than anything else I've used.

Mary Wallbridge: Hi Jocelyn thanks for these tips very helpful thanks for sharing all the best Mary in Australia

Amy Welde: Which flat iron do you use? L'ange has a few different ones. Thanks!

D: Also, if I’m active or out in the wind the shorter section that used to be bangs separates and falls into my eyes. The front section of yours looks to have a slight curve that stays back. How do you do that?

Elly Hartman: Always such a great job with your tutorials. Where did you get that top? Is it going to be in your shop?

Sandra Miller: Love your vids.

Infinity Health Pilates: I think you should try taking one of your subscribers and do a tutorial with them on how to curl their hair with a split screen. I do your advice and it never looks as great as yours.

Christina Garcia: I have the Le Duo, still need to practice with it.

Leighanne Halliburton: I’m really struggling with the L’duo Curls or waves turn out terrible Maybe I have it on tooooo hot I’ll try it cooler this week I❤️ your videos Film outside☀️

Debbie Lensmeyer: Have both tools. Love your top. Are you able to share where from?

Sheri Serrano: Unfortunately I bought the flat iron from L’ange.. I don’t want to invest in the other one… maybe the wand?? I also bought the hair dryer brush from them…

Jen Lynn: I love my Le Duo!! BUT, Do y'all ever have frizz from using it? Especially on 2nd, 3rd day hair? I use my heat protector and an oil or serum, (lightly) Any advice! I have fine but course shoulder length hair, With LAYERS!! UGH... I can't ever seem to get a good style! ANY advice greatly appreciated!! Jocelyn, you look BEAUTIFUL as Always!!

anne mueller: LOVE your shirt!

Tami Smith: Love your videos Also love your shirt! Where is it from?

Faith Diaz: Now that I've cut my hair a little shorter than your my curler doesn't do anything. Looking for new ideas thanks.

Yosra Ryan: Is the pink tool dual voltage??

Sonja Forrester: So is your hair one length? It looks like layers when you are curling but before you started it just looked like a long layer on the bottom?

D: How is your hair cut in back? Mine is similar but hasn’t been trimmed in 9 mos. Is yours all one length blunt cut?

Ken Leung: I miss your longer hair,longer hair fit on your face shape.

kim bobber: Where is the shirt from?

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