How To Wave Your Hair With A Straightener Tutorial

  • Posted on 07 September, 2021
  • Short Hair
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Hi guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to a new video. This is a video that honestly has been so highly requested on my instagram for so long now, um i had filmed one like, i think, just over a year ago, honestly, i look back at that footage and i cringe just the way it was film. The whole vibe of the video it actually gives me the it. So i thought you know what i need to film an up-to-date one. So this is my tutorial on how you wave your hair with a straightener, and these are just kind of like my tips and tricks for particularly short, hair or kind of like mid-length hair like mine, so yeah. I really hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you do pick up some tips. If you do try out this technique, be sure to let me know: yeah, it's dead, simple, dead, easy! It'S my favorite way of waving. My hair. I'Ve been doing my hair like this now with straighteners for years. So, let's just jump right into the tutorial okay, so this is my hair this morning, freshly washed freshly dried and, as you can see, my hair is pretty naturally straight yeah. This is generally what my hair looks like after it's been blow-dried, so if you do tend to have more like wavy or like hair, that kind of kinks out a bit. If i were you, i would either try and blow dry it. So it's a bit more straight or run the straighteners over really quick, because this hairstyle kind of works better. If you start with pretty straightish hair, if you're working with big frizzy hair to begin with, it's not going to quite look the same, so yeah just make sure you're starting off with kind of fairly straightish hair. So first thing i'm gon na do! Oh my god! It'S so hot today what i thought we were in september. What is this weather first thing, i'm gon na do i'm just gon na quickly find my parting. I'Ve got the mirror just behind the camera by the way. So if i'm kind of looking pasture not being rude, i'm just looking in the mirror that'll do that's about right, give my hair a quick brush. So first thing i'm going to do is section my hair, so i like to work in layers, so i'm gon na wave the bottom part of my hair, then the middle part, then the top. So i'm just gon na take my thumbs about where my cheekbones are and bring them around, so they meet each other at the back and then just bring down that bottom layer of hair. I have got extensions in i've got bonds in so if you can see them, that's just what they are perfect and then i'm just gon na sort of tie up the rest of my hair out the way on top of my head. So this bottom bit we're ready to start so first things. First, i'm gon na put my heat defense spray on. So this is um from y and it's just the memory mist. So what this essentially does is it helps your hair to remember a style. It'S a heat defense which is great, and it just helps your curls last longer. Now, when i tell you when i've done my hair, for i can use that style for three days, that's how long they're, holding i'll literally get up the next day bit of dry. Shampoo bit of hairspray give it a little bit of a judge and i'm good to go, and i genuinely think that this memory mist really really helps. So i'm just gon na give my hair a bit of a light spray and then we're good to go. So i use my straighteners to wave my hair straighteners. I use cloud9 used these for absolutely years now, really really like them, so i'm gon na grab a little piece of hair, even though i've got this layer i'll still split it down the back into two halves. So that i'll sort of i'll wave, one half and then i'll wave the other - and i always work from back to front so i'm going to start with this side first. This is about how thick my sections are a couple of inches thick and then i'm going to have my straighteners, pointing up lock them in the hair twist backwards and then just bring it down like that. So, as you will be able to see, hopefully you can see - we've got a little wave there at the back. Now, when i did that wave you'll see that i clamp my hair in the straighteners and i twisted the straighteners back like away from my face. So this time, when i do my next piece of hair, i'm going to put them in and twist them towards the front and then slowly bring them down my hair. I always kind of grab the hair after and give it a little twirl. My fingers like that. So you can see this wave here just like that and then flip it out the wire we've done with that one and then same again, next piece of hair between the straighteners and then away bring it down. Just like that, you will get used to doing this technique. I find it so easy now see my little wave. So when you're twisting your hair away from your face, your hand will be facing forward. But when you're twisting your hair towards your face start with your thumb facing forward so to twist the hair towards my face start by keeping your thumb forward, hair in the straighteners twist towards your face and then we'll slowly do that grab the hair twist twist twist And we've got a little dinky wave and then one thing i always try and do is make sure that the wave closest to your face is always facing away like that, and then we've got the bottom half of our hair wavy. So now what i'm going to do is i'm not going to brush it? I'M not going to touch it. I'M just going to put a tiny bit of hairspray in there. This is the color wow hairspray just going to give them a little spray. Leave them. Don'T touch them and then i'm gon na do the other side. So exactly the same with the other side, i'm gon na start from the back and work my way to the front. I'M gon na start with my hand facing the front so that i can twist the straighteners away from my face and then do my wave and then next piece of hair make sure your thumb is facing the front. So you can twist the straighteners towards your face and then i'm just literally going to keep on repeating that technique. Throughout my entire head of hair and another tip, i will give you for really nice waves is when you come to the end of your hair. Leave out the last couple of inches like that, so don't bring the straighteners all the way down to the ends of your hair. Just leave out the last couple of inches so just find that particular. This is more particularly on short hair. To be honest, i just find that the waves all sit a lot more uniform a lot nicer, because one thing about short hair is that sometimes i feel like if the curls are all too perfect and uniform. You kind of look a bit like a doll with ringlets. Do you know what i mean just like them to be a little bit more haphazard but yeah? I can usually wave my whole head of hair in like 15 minutes bit of hairspray and then, as i said, just leave them we're going to come back to like the waves to sort them out at the very end. So now i'm going to get down my next layer of hair and then basically repeat the entire process all over again. So all of this that's left here will be the very last section that we wave and then same again split it in half start from the back and then work your way to the front. I'M probably gon na put you on a little bit of a time lapse for this. Until we get to the top okay, then last layer we're nearly done and then the only thing i'll do differently about this top layer is that i do all the curls facing the same way. I do them all facing away from my face. I don't know why. I just prefer how how everything sits and looks doing it that way, so with this one. What i'll do is, as i said, i'll split it down the middle. So let me tie this up into a little ponytail cute, so i'm going to do this side first and, as i said i like to do all of these ones facing the same direction. So i'm going to make sure with all of these curls my hand starts facing the front and all the curls are going to be facing the same way and honestly, when i say these curls will last for days, i will just get up tomorrow bit of hairspray Bit of finessing there we go, and that is pretty much what they should be looking like and then, as you can see, it looks a little bit like a bush at the minute. It won't when we're finished. I'M gon na quickly finish this side. Then i'll come back and show you what we do at the end, the main work is done. We have curled all of the herbs, but yeah. This just looks a little bit too uniform for me. So it's time to make it look more wavy. So first thing i'm going to do is take a brush. This is usually better if you do with like a wide tooth comb, but classic couldn't find mine this morning, so we're using a tangle teaser - and i know this probably looks really strange, but we are going to go through and brush out the curls. That'S why we put the hairspray in as we go in, so we don't lose them all. As you can see it kind of just flattens, it all makes it look less curly and a bit more wavy. We want this to look a bit more natural bit more wavy. Has she used a curler? Has she even done anything that kind of vibe, so now i've brushed them out, i'm going to add in a little bit of texture spray. So this is the amica undone volume and matte texture spray. I just love that packaging, i'm looking for these bright colors, then what i'm going to do is i'm going to grab most of my hair and, as i'm spraying this product in i'm gon na kind of do almost like a butterfly effect with my hair and slowly Drop pieces down, as i'm spraying so like this, and as you can see, it adds a lot of volume and a lot of texture. I'M gon na make sure i've got some in at the back so that we have got the texture there. We go like so and then i'm gon na add in hairspray, so back to my color wow and then one thing i do like to do for the piece of the front i like to pinch them together, a bit of hairspray and kind of rub them together. This is just something else in my hairdresser do and can you see how all of a sudden it just sits a lot nicer and then i do kind of grab them and almost rub pieces together just to get that extra bit of texture and then there you Have it voluminous wavy hair with a straightener? I love using this technique. I just really like how sort of messy and undone the waves look. It doesn't look like you've tried too hard. They don't look too structured. I absolutely love them. So yeah really hope you enjoyed that tutorial guys. Please do remember to like comment and subscribe. That would mean the world, but anyway, as always guys, i will see you in the next one bye,

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