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Hi everybody welcome back to my channel, so today's video is going to be about my hair, so it looks kind of crazy right now because it is morning - and I woke up like this - I usually like to shower at night. So my hair in the morning is kind of crazy because, as I sleep it molds into the shape of my pillow, as you can see here, sometimes I would lift on my hair up or sometimes I would leave it all down and sleep like this. I actually have no problem sleeping with wet hair. I know that's pretty bad for some people, because you can get sick that way, but because I'm so used to it. That'S just how I sleep so for today I wanted to show you guys, my hair and what I have to do in the morning to tame it. Instead of curling it I'm gon na, show you how I straighten it. So I'm gon na go ahead and apply this organic argan oil. To my hair. Before I start, I use an oil to smooth out my hair and also help with heat protectant. I usually like to piece it out like this. I take the oil rub it onto my hand, so, instead of just slapping it onto my hair, sometimes that gets stuck in like chunks of hair. So you want to be able to distribute it evenly. Make sure you focus on the ends because that's where all the split ends are and that's where it's most sensitive, if you're gon na use the oil like, I do try to avoid the roots of your hair, because that can make your hair look oily. So you don't want that. You want fresh, looking hair, just make sure you get it to the dry parts of the hair, alright. So for the straightener I'm using today, this is from the croc brand and this is their classic strainer. It is about an inch and a half, it's not the smallest straightener, but it's also not the biggest straightener. I don't like to use anything past this size because I feel like when you go to the root part of the hair, but a bigger strainer. It tends to be a little bit more difficult. I do use a little tiny straightener by baby bliss. It'S like the size of my two fingers and I typically use that one to straighten my bangs or like little tiny hairs right here that are so tiny. It'S really hard to go in with a bigger straightener, so I used that for these little hair, but that one isn't as strong. So I've been on the search for a real. You know straightener for the rest of my head. So this is what I came up with when I was working a job. I was doing makeup for a bride, a hair stylist I met on site recommended a crock straightener, and I also get recommendations from my followers on social media. Every time I post something about looking for a strainer, someone would recommend the crock grant. So I was fortunate enough to be able to work with crock and they did send me this straightener, so I'm actually really excited because even if they didn't send it to me, I would have bought it just because so many people were recommending this product all right. So, let's get into the review when you look at this straightener, it literally reminds me of a crocodile, as you guys can see, with a mouth opening like this, and also it has the designs of a crocodile like this is their teeth, so you can see there And then this is the skin with all the polka dots okay, so I'm gon na flip this up, for you guys, so you guys can see literally looks like a crocodile. This is probably the only reptile I'll be touching major major secret. I actually have a phobia for lizards and anything reptile. Like it's bizarre. I like, I would start crying if you put it next to me, so this is my pet crocodile alright, so I'm gon na go ahead and press the on button. This is already plugged in so I press the on button. So yes can see here the on button, just right there. So right, when you press it, the heat is going up in numbers, and I love that it tells you that it's going up and it tells you exactly how hot the straightener is alright. So let me see how much it goes up to it's actually pretty fast. You just can see it's already at the three hundreds and it stopped at 410. Typically, I know some of those the pasture nurse that I have it stops at 400. This one is ten degrees over, so it is pretty hot okay, so I'm gon na start. I always start with my bangs and I do a very light sweep with my bangs, because this area of hair is very sensitive, so you do not want to use so much heat in this area. If you want, you can lower the heat, because it allows you to lower keep right here up and down button, and I've been loving products that has this digital feature, so you can really see how hot and how much heat to use on your hair. Okay, so mine, it's okay, I'm just gon na keep it 400 because I like it with a little power. You know - and I don't like to spend so much time on my hair, so I feel like I really need the top heat, so I can just go. Boom boom boom done out the door, not bad, okay, alright, so I'm gon na go ahead and do my bangs on this side, nice, very, very nice. You guys can see there. My bangs are straightened, and that was super quick, alright, so I'm gon na go ahead and take the top part here. Alright, this is where the problem is. I'M gon na see how fast the straightener would straighten this part pretty good. The time that you should be spending on each strand isn't a lot at all and because the heat is on high for me, I don't like to sit for too long on that strand, even though I go kind of slow, I don't go super slow and I Don'T go fast at all. I'M gon na try to do fast on this side, but this side, I'm gon na, take it kind of slow. So I get that piece of hair and I kind of just go slow down and I feel like when you do take your time like that on a piece you don't have to go back and straighten it later. So that's just less heat for your hair. You guys that literally took like ten seconds to straighten look. How straight my hair is Bob look back. This is what I've been looking for, because I really want something. That'S affected, that's fast, that heats up super quick and has one feature to straighten. You know what I mean like. Sometimes you just don't want to have something: that's multiple use because you get confused. You know all right, so this is the result from just going super fast. Now it's definitely a step up to what I had earlier, but look at this side and look at this side. Okay, so this side, I basically took like just a tiny little bit longer and I get better results. So my recommendation to you is I get it if you're on the go, it's fine, you! You still get better results than what you started with, but I would definitely take like five more seconds to get this, because this side is fun because if you're gon na put heat on each strand and you're gon na goes fast, and then you have to go. Reheat that strand again, because it's not as straight as you want it, you're, basically damaging your hair even more. By going this fast and this many times of straightening the same strand, so my recommendation is just go. It'S kind of slower. You saw how slow I was going and it wasn't even slow. Okay, just take your time kind of, and you get better results in your hair is much healthier and it's much happier. Okay, I'm gon na go back again on this side to make it look like this side when I would use my little tiny straightener for this part right here. It can never ever straighten that little like curl. I have at the end, but this one really definitely does the trick alright. So for the but the back part. Obviously I can't see it. I'M gon na try to straighten the bottom part first, so I don't see that curl out just take your time a little bit and just kind of hold the straightener at the coral part. That way it will definitely straighten it. Even if it's stubborn, the heat will get to it there you go alright. So for the back part here I just take this hair and I straighten it. This way, all right looks pretty good okay, so there, when you have short hair like this, I feel like this is the in-between stage for my hair. When I cut it, it was a little bit shorter, maybe by like two inches, so it was a lot trendier. I think when it was shorter, so now I'm at like the regrowth stage, because I don't know if I want short hair from my wedding coming up next year. So I don't know about saving my hair or anybody want to cut it yet. So I'm still kind of deciding - and I don't know if I want like blonde hair for my pictures or go back to dark, so I'm very broody. I just don't know what to do yet. So I'm just leaving it as is so there's two ways that you can straighten. Okay, you can strain your hair like straight or you can give it a little like curve with the straightener by bending it inwards. So I feel like, if you bend it inwards, you get like a little bob in that kind of that kind of gives you an older, more mature, look, okay, I almost said mom here it gives you a more mature look. Definitely so if you want like a trendy or youth more youthful look, I would go to straight down, so this side has a little curve to it, as units can see, and this side is a little bit more straight - I'm going to go ahead and match the Sides of this side, and when you want to redo that curve, just pull it out words, not too much, because you don't want your hair to flare out. You just want to pull it upwards. A little. The straightener is pretty long. What okay you see, how different this whole complete look is when you just flare out and straighten your hair, this side look longer to you or, as my shoulders crooked. This side looks a little longer. Alright, you guys! This is my trick. Tips for straightening hair, pretty simple, pretty easy, but you know a lot of people straighten it differently. Sometimes they straighten it in sometimes they go outwards. This is how I like my straight hair for now at this length I feel like. I need to cut it. Two inches shorter or grow it out a little longer, because this hair is, I just don't know what to do with it. Sometimes, okay, you guys that's it for this video. Let me know what you guys think of this straightener. I really love it and it's really hot so make sure you turn it off when, after you use it duh - and let me know what you guys think of this straightener, if you guys have a chance to try it and I believe the plates are titanium. Let me check it comes in a box like this and it's it says: Ulta exclusive five year limited warranty looks like that. So you get it so you can get it at Ulta. It is titanium plated and you know what it actually goes up to 450 degrees. Fahrenheit, so I guess it stops you at 410, just because that's probably the the normal usage, but if you wanted to be hotter, you go up to 450 wow. That is awesome. Number one: professional choice for all keratin treatments, smooth, titanium plates along effortless glide. It was pretty easy to collide with this straightener and ceramic heaters provide instant heat recovery fully digital 18 custom temperature setting creates balanced and humidity freestyles 30 minutes, auto shutoff safety feature. That is nice, because if you leave your strainer on it will turn off for you and that's why I love the digital features on all of these hair products. All right, you guys, that's it for my video hope. You guys enjoyed that and let me know what you guys think in the comment below, if you guys have a crock or any other crock products, make sure you comment below and recommend it for me, so I can try them all, because I really love this first Crock product, I have alright thanks for watching. I will catch you guys later. Hi

Apollo Knight: My wife has had this straightener for 9 years its an unbelievable product its designed for professional use but man the results are awsome !! great video!!

Paula Stacey: Very informative for me as I've never done it myself before

Summer Powell: Finally someone with the same cut AND texture as me!

MimiDidi: I got the infrared one. They were $240, but on sale for $120, so with afterpay I got it home for $30! I am in love. Mine will go up to 200 in 5 seconds. I have been using mine on 340 and it works way better than my Chi iron. I bought a cheap Remington one that also worked better than my Chi, unfortunately. It could be that my Chi iron is 20 years old! Hehe my stylist ordered if for me because at the time they weren't available to the public and they were $200! That was unheard of for a hair tool 20 years ago, but it's a testament to the longevity of the OG Chi irons!

star`•°: Thankyouuuuu I litterally am dora without this tutorial

Thajaray: Sameeeee with the phobia ppl think it’s ridiculous because they’re so small but uh uh they make my skin crawl

fkuropinion: very helpful and OMG you're so pretty

Valeria Vargas: Best I have ever used is the Karmin .

uh idk !: You should get smaller pieces for straighter hair

Sayeed Zara: You're left side of your hair is actually kinda long just a teeny bit

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