Curl Your Hair With A Straightener #Shorts

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So the other day i got a straightener, so naturally i straightened my hair, but why don't we curl with her? I had not used a straightener in years because of this guy, but i wan na have some fun all right. Let'S go for it. This is so good. I messed up. I used to do this all the time when i was in middle school in high school, but then i fell in love with the curling wand. Greetings just trying to get the hang of it again. I also don't have hair sprayed okay, so speaking of the good old days, andy biersack popped up on my for you page, i know, and i squealed y'all, i'm so excited right now, i'm just doing touch-ups. I need to find hairspray did not find hairspray um, but look how pretty thanks for watching

justarandomperson: “But look how pretty!” *pterodactyl sounds*

Save the Endangered: I always burn my hair when I straighten or curl my hair. My wavy hair hates both I guess ‍♀️

GracelynFJones: Her: “Andy Biersack” Me: *Emo mode activated*

এMelissuhhh: The mention of Andy Biersack had ME squealing. He was my hero when I was in middle school.

Pattie Woodward: I use my straightener to curl my ponytail extensions and it perfectly curls each piece and keeps the hair bouncy and shiny :)

QBK: it’s been an eternity since ive heard the name Andy Biersack. and i miss it

November Robinson: I used to braid my hair and then run the straightener over the braids, just a touch of hair spray in the morning and tada beachy waves in minutes! Also, sleeping in braids resulted in wavy hair in the mornings! The curls were losely defined but oh well

Meagan Cx: 1000% recommend getting a hair tool that comes with all the attachments for different styles! Straightening, curling, crimping. It'll save on a lot of money and space!

Poppy Seed: I've been trying this method for a couple weeks now, and honestly it's not as good as a curling wand. Because when your hair is wrapped around the iron, it becomes hard to drag the iron down the length of your hair, it'll catch at points and if you stay on a spot for too long you'll get denting. That's not a problem with a wand, so I'd really recommend that. Also my hair would sometimes get caught and ripped out by the flat iron, not a great xp

xxClastaxx: For 3 years I've been curling my hair with a straightener but finally stoped when I got curlers :)

Yourfriend_ET: I used to curl my hair with a straightener ALL THE TIME (plus I didn't own heat protectant) and my hair literally smelled so burnt. But anyway you look so pretty.

thegirlwitheeyes 12: "Andy Biersack popped up on my FYP" SAME I WAS SHOOK

Baylie Williams: Me be like: “how are you not burning your hands” Them:”how many times-“ Her:”yes”

Wren Darling: “Speaking of the good old days Andy biersack popped up on my FYP and I squealed” same sis. Relatable af.

Jazmine: I really hope you guys are doing it everyday!

ella&claire: So pretty!❤️ tutorial please!

ThatHarryPotterFan: i can always do the bottom section but as soon as i finish it all goes to chaos, yours looks beautiful x

anime.addict: i’m glad i don’t have to do this because my hair naturally looks like this

Kim Jones: Love it. Your hair is so healthy and shiny... The snap snap of the straightener at the end LMAO.....

Audrey Creates: Yeah once my parents got me a curling iron but it wouldn’t work on my hair for some reason so I used a straightening iron and honestly I think it works better

Назрин Дадашзаде: Тебе очень идёт) делай так чаще))

Emma Renee: I personally prefer straightener curls over wand curls

GachaDog221: I did this all the time! But then I cut my hair short, but ima grow it back out

Aiza Foxy: Iv been trying to curl my hair with a straightner FOR YEARS but still i cant do it

Ariana LaMey-Colón: I haven’t thought of Andy Six in sooo long. Excuse me while I go listen to Knives and Pens real quick

Flor Perez: Be careful w/ flat irons that have titanium plates I heard they cause damage much faster than the ceramic ones

Micaela Hernandez: I used curl my hair with a straightener in college all the time. 10 years later only wear my natural waves

Darena Chyrngap: Ohhh my gosh it look so beautiful ❤️

Koko Nishihata: watching your videos feels like talking to my bestie and i love it

Smiles with Miles: Ur a queen girl!! Slayyyy queen

Cocoa-Chan: Hey, could you do a tutorial on how to curl with a flat iron, I've tried many times but I can't get the hang of it

Chantal IRL: Ohhh I need to know what hair straightener that is? Can you share your secrets on what you use for doing this whole look?

Alice Carroll: Word. I love making my hair pretty, but I just started remembering to by hairspray again

Skye Jay: Yeah I’ve been trying to curl my hair with a straightener and I literally just can’t

Dakshina Indulkar: Watching this as I sit with my wet hair in a bun which I washed 3hrs ago and just don't have the energy to blowdry it but also don't want it to air dry cause that looks nuts and have somewhere to go

The Account's Name: I was thinking about how fast you did your hair but then remembered I only take an hour+ because of the massive amount of thick and STUBBORN hair that I have

sukixfairy: My biggest flex is that my hair is like this. <3 And no i don't curl it, and yes its neutral.~

Rianne: Wait if i dont have hair spray what can i do to keep my hair curly after i curled it

Katerina: Flashbacks to when I used my hot straighter at my brother and fight him out of the bathroom in the mornings. The good ol days.

Sehara: bro how does she make it look soo flawless


ALTIDOGS: I have a mini straightener from target and it actually works lol

heather miller: I was only ever taught how to use a straightener to curl my hair


Delicate Disaster: I have never once been able to get my hair to do curls. Doesn't matter what the tool is or how much mega home hairspray I use lol

dovee • 🕊: Love the look sm!!

Made By Jo And Satvika: I love your normal straight hair you look gorgeous in tht..❤️

The JadeCircle: Me: *has a hair straightener to ✨extra✨ straighten my hair after it's straightened because I'm obsessed with the straight hair because I have a rats nest on my head when it's not straightened Box braids: You called?

Bean aka Marvel Rat: Using a hair straightener is more effective than a curler from my experience

Lacy The Aesthetic Avocado: This is the only way I've ever curled my hair, I didn't even know there was another was until like 2 yrs ago

Leticia Malagon: That's it, I'm curling my hair today

Lina's life: Early!!! Love the look!!

Abigail Stonehouse: Do a tutorial on how to do it pleaseee

kuroo tetsurou: I can FEEL the strands of my hair being pulled out by those plates

jebery cheeseington: I'm so glad that I have natural wavy hair. This looks so painful

Skyla and cheerful💗: How!!! I could never use straightener to curl my hair Edit :I pulled out my straightener and tried and it worked tysm

ava vitarella: Tutorial!!! I never know how to curl my hair with a straightener

Mehwish Khantaufeeq: I could never do anything with the straightener other than straightening it lol

Sonu Kumar: Thanks for your beauty ❤️

Ducky Douglas: When you have curly hair: Lol but seriously it looks so good on you!!

hey: Hey I have a question what heat number did you use?

💚Isabella💙: I grew up curling my hair with a straightener ‍♀️

Straykids _STAY: Pretty you look different with curled hair I love it

AmazonRiver 248: “So the other day I got a straightener!” *stands back and grins Maniacally* *SNAP SNAP*

Lune Hikari: Me: goes to do this Also me: chops off all my hair.

Jordan S: Whenever I curl my hair the curls just immediately fall

Brooke DeBruin: It’s so pretty :)

Angie Rodríguez: For some reason I have never been able to curl my hair with a straightener before :( I have tried even watching tutorials but I cannot make it work

Shaina Stevens: We love an emo queen

Katnumn: Snapping the straightener is always a must

Kamiskool04: Omg i love Andy Biersack!

Naima: I do that my hair gets tangled

Irma Medina: It’s perfect

Cute Indian baby In Dubai: Why doesn't MY HAIR EVER GET CURLY WITH A STRAIGHTNER AHHHHHHH Instead I burned my hand and got a blister

Black Dandelion: I normally just wear 2 plats the whole day and take them out when I go out or whatever and it looks like I have natural curry hair

Random._.Rebel: Ah my favorite band, i grew up with black veil brides, i got to see them in concert last year

Kai??: lmao i do this all the time cuz I don’t wanna spend money on a actual curler

Sailer Sun: Ahhh omg I love her personality

yung ash: I cannot curl my hair with a straightener for the life of me

Kennedie Mings: I have a weird question do you use heat protection spray or no if so what one

Fidan Ahmadov: So this is what my classmates are doing to get their hair that pretty?

Alayna Shahban: Omg I have the same straightener as you xx

PeršonWįthHęlłæløtÔfplantś🌱: POV me with naturally curly wavy hair: “what is this sorcery?”

notgood: But you’re actually like gorgeous and I love you and your videos

Hoku:3: I have this flat iron and I love her

Brooke B: Literally just saw BVB on Monday night. Love Andy Also your hair slays

readraws: I have the same brush blowdrier (or whatever you want to call it) but I have naturally curly hair I just blow dry and flat iron my hair

lily👻🎃: Last time I tried this I burnt my hair off… no joke

Luna: OMG I LOVE ANDY, I’m actually going to meet him soon at the steel city con on the 14th and I’m over the moon exited

PetshopPearlTV: your so gorgeous, how can i be like you?? help meeee✨✨✨

D MUSIC: That pat pat sound at the end was everything

Riri: I love her vibe ✨️

jade the scientist: With naturally curly hair I love seeing people curl their hair and all i have to do is wash mine and it dries curly and i hate straight hair for the life of me

luvlyindia: your hair is gorgeous either way


ShadowKnight: When I don’t have hairspray I get a spray bottle mix hair gel with water however thick or watery you want it I add water till I can spray it out the bottle and it acts like a hair spray it’s pretty handy tbh

Random stuff - by Squirtles edits: So pretty

수진Sujin~: I honestly though everyone used straighteners (I call them flat irons) to curl their hair. I have curling irons but like I don't use em.

Life is Weird: I still can’t believe people with straight hair don’t deal with frizz

zodiac: Everyone talking about being in middle school and loving Andy Me: just finished middle school and listens to black veil brides

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