Flat Iron Pixie Cut Style

  • Posted on 25 September, 2021
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Thanks for watching me style my pixie cut with a flat iron!

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NatureLab. Tokyo - Perfect Volume Shampoo


NatureLab. Tokyo - Perfect Volume Conditioner


John Frieda- Frizz Ease Dream Curls Air Dry Waves Styling Foam


CHI Titanium 1 in Hairstyling Iron – Pure Pink


Kenra Professional Volume Spray 25


American Crew Pomade


Hey friends, i hope you're having a good day so today i'm going to do another pixie cut style and i am going to use a flat iron today and try to get some kind of very gentle beachy waves. So we're gon na see how that works, and i just got out of the shower, so my hair is just freshly washed. By the way i have to tell you about a new, shampoo and conditioner. I just recently bought it ulta about two weeks ago and i am in love with it. This is called nature, lab tokyo and the bottles are so cute. Aren'T they cute? I got the perfect volume shampoo in the perfect volume conditioner and the smell is just wonderful. It'S a rice, protein enhanced shampoo, builds full body, rebellious volume and the conditioner is the perfect balance of a major moisture conditioner and a blowout volume enhancer. So this is a really cool brand and i love the packaging and i love the product. My hair feels absolutely luscious the last few weeks been washing with it. Every time i wash my hair and i love it. So i wanted to share that with you. Anyways, let's get started since i'm gon na do a heat style. Today, anytime, i do flat iron or curling. I like to do hairspray before i do that it's also good to put some kind of styling foam in your hair. So i'm going to use this john frieda frizz ease styling foam, and this is air dried waves, even though i'm not air drying. My hair. This is a great product for getting a little bit of product on your hair so that it makes it easier to style with heat. So i'm going to get a little bit of this, get it all through my hair, all the way to my tips, what you don't want is all the product just in one spot, so it's got got ta, be really dispersed through the hair here. Okay, now i'm not going for anything in particular like i'm, not gon na blow dry, my hair with a brush, i'm gon na just use my fingers, so i'm gon na blow dry. My hair now use my fingers not a brush and try to make sure that the volume kind of sticks in my hair so i'll be doing a lot of scrunching moving my hair around while it dries all right here goes so it's nicely dried. I have some pieces that seem to be sticking up right now, but that's okay. I am going to comb my hair out real good comb out. My hair always just wants to go this way. My hair feels like it's getting long again and it's been four weeks since i got my hair cut, so, as always with the pixie cut, i'm always looking forward to the next cut. Are you guys like that? I am so addicted to getting haircuts at the salon. It'S just like one of my absolute favorite things to do, and i know it's been a little rough during this whole last year and a half two years of the pandemic, but thankfully i've been able to go back. Hopefully many of you have too for the last three haircuts. I'Ve been able to go back to the salon and it is nice. I was actually looking at pictures online to see like what should my next haircut be, and i found a really cute haircut. That is over the ears, so it's like short on the sides and it's a lot shorter on top i'm considering kind of getting a shorter pixie on this next cut. So what do you think if you have any opinions about how i should get my hair cut? Next comment down below, i would love to hear from you. I take a lot of tips for my subscribers and folks that comment on my videos, so i'm always interested in the products you guys are interested in interested in the hairstyles you're interested in so yeah. Let me know what you think: okay, so my hair feels really good right now, it's nicely dried, but i'm gon na do a really quick spray all around with some hairspray, and today i am going to use this kenra volume spray. This is a super hold finishing spray, and this is number 25.. I, like camera products, a lot. I'Ve used several different kinds, some of their taffys and their hairspray is pretty good. It'S not as big of a mist as some of the other hairsprays i've used. It has a thicker mist, but it's really really good for volume. So i'm going to give this a really good spray all around and i'm going to do something a little bit different, going to lift my hair up and spray into the roots a little bit. So we'll see how that goes just kind of work it in there. I feel, like i just rediscovered hairspray, i mean i've been using hairspray since the 80s and my goodness, if you get some good hairspray, it's really magical for your style. It'S pretty amazing. Lately, i'm on a kick about hairsprays, so i've tried three different kinds. Recently, my personal favorite so far is actually not the camera. It actually is the redken triple take 32 love this hairspray, but i feel, like i've been ignoring this hairspray. That'S why i'm like trying to start using it to see how i really like it? I really noticed the difference between these two. As far as like the droplets, this is such a fine spray, but you know every brand is different, so you got ta kind of see what you like and what works for your hair all right. So i feel pretty good about this. I'M gon na actually do another very loose comb through, which is fine, because it's not getting rid of the product. I just don't want it to be chunky. I find that combs like this work really well after you've sprayed your hair and you want to comb through it. Okay, so i'm taking out my old, faithful, chi flat iron. I'Ve had this for years. I'M trying to think of when i got this. It doesn't look like this anymore, but good quality, flat iron. They are a little pricey, i believe around a couple hundred dollars and if this is last sippy ten years, i know it's a good brand. All right here goes so what i'm gon na do is take a chunk and i'm going to kind of go like that. I'M going to kind of rotate the flat iron as i'm going through that segment of hair. So it's like you rotate it and then, when you get to the edge you go flat. So let's do that in a couple you don't need to be super precise here. You can use your fingers to grab the pieces of hair. Let'S get some of these back pieces, you don't actually have to be really quick. You can actually go pretty slow. These do get pretty hot, but you're not leaving it on your hair that long i've previously done some videos on pencil, flat, irons and pencil flat. Irons can get really tight little curls. That'S why i do go back to using some of the bigger flat irons because you might not want your hair, extremely curly. Okay, i'm going to turn around and let you watch me do this in the back, which i'm doing it pretty blind here. Okay, i'm happy how this is going. The other thing i wanted to mention is: if you want your bangs flat, you don't have to curl every little spot, because i'm not looking for an ultra curly style like if you just wanted your bangs straight. You could actually just flat iron these, and i think i might just do that because i think that would look really cute. Sometimes you can use a comb when you're doing the straight thing to help you grab the hair all right. I think i am ready to style this okay, so i am going to use this american crew pomade. I like pulling out all the different pomades i have. I haven't used this one in quite a while, but this one i know for a fact: you have to use just a little tiny bit. Otherwise your hair will feel kind of gross. I'M gon na just get a little tiny bit on my fingers here about that. Much so your fingers just feel slightly tacky, and this is where you can start playing with your hair now. So i think i mentioned this a while back, but we are about to get fall weather here. I live in northwest arkansas and it has been hot, like we had a few warmer days. I think the last three weeks have just been mostly hot. During the day, we had a few cooler days, but it just felt like it just got hot again and this week i think the highs are gon na be in the 70s super excited for those cool temperatures. I think i've told you guys about my work, but i work remotely and on my computer all day and i'm in meetings, sometimes six or seven hours of meetings and they're all on video. Lately, what i've been doing, i'm trying to will fall into motion, and so i've been wearing sweaters. We keep our house pretty cold. Actually so wearing a sweater in my house is not a big deal, but i've just been wearing sweaters every day, like just hoping the weather's gon na get cool all right. I am liking this, so i think i'm ready to start spraying a little bit, even though i've already sprayed once i want to start spraying, just a tiny bit just to do some little detail work here on my hair, i'm gon na use the same hairspray here And this time i'm gon na reach much further back. I don't want a really strong spray, i'm going big today, i think. Can you guys tell i love this haircut because it's got these little wispy. You can do so much with sideburns. If you have sideburns that's. Why i'm on the fence for getting my hair cut above my ears, because i won't have this anymore but they're so so cute i'll - have to show you guys a picture of what i'm thinking of pretty sure. I'M done. I think i've messed with this enough. So the question is like: what do you do with the bangs? You can leave them straight down. I'M not sure that looks great. You can push them over like this, which i usually do. This is pretty much a normal style for me, or you could use that flat iron and get them curled under i'm trying to decide. If i want to do anything different, i might actually want to do that. That kind of looks cute all right. Let'S try this! You can get a pretty tight curl with a flat iron. By the way you saw what i just did there and, of course my hair is curling much better, that i just sprayed the heck out of it. I don't know about you guys, but i get to where i start messing with my hair and then i'll just keep messing with it, and it goes through like five different styles, as i'm styling, my hair. Let'S do something with these wispies and kind of curl them in. I love that again, i feel like this cut is pretty vintage, because every time i do a style, i'm like oh that looks so vintage. So i hope you have a wonderful weekend and week ahead. I hope you are safe and well, and if you like this video give it a thumbs up and if you haven't subscribed i'd love to have you we'll see you next time, bye,

Unde Derayda: You and I have the exact same hair cut, length, texture and color. I learned to cut it myself, thanks to Youtube. I tweak it a little every 2 weeks, now that I know what I'm doing. All the best from Ottawa Canada!

Bonnie Lemmon: What a cute style. I never thought of that kind of style. Would love to see a shorter cut. Pinterest has such cute ideas. Have a wonderful week.

Vicki L.: Another great video, SageDawn! I've been letting my pixie grow out these past few months, but haven't thought of styling it with a flat iron. I'll give it a try this week. We've had a taste of the cooler weather here in KY this past week also, but it's going to be warmer this week. Fall is my favorite time of year, so I'm very excited for the cooler weather. Hope you have a great week!

Cj V: Love the hair! Brunette looks so good on you! ✨ I love the length it is now. It’s very chic and reminds me of Audrey Hepburn when she had her pixie cut. It’s very classy. I love it!

Dorothy Maag: Loving the style. Have always had short hair, it’s also natural curly. Have used a flat iron forever to style. I haven’t used hair spray before the iron, but going to try it now. Thanks. Love your blouse color on you.

Jana Snowdon: Looks fantastic!!!!! I love this look on you!!

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Gayla Denison: Hello lovely lady! I like the way you flat ironed the top and back of your hair. I prefer your bangs straight. I've never used a flat iron. Also, thank you for sharing the hair products that you use. My hair just recently started to shed quite a bit. My Dr said it's probably due to having covid a couple of months ago, mainly due to the high fever I had. I am looking for different products that will add volume to it. My son and his family are moving from Sacramento to northern Arkansas in December. He'll be neighbors with my other son and his family. They are allowed to work remotely now in another state. I'm very sad because none of my grandkids will be close by any longer. Maybe when my hubby can retire we can join them there. Thank you for another great video. Be safe my friend.

Jana Snowdon: I look forward to the next cuts too. Though next cut hopefully won't be as short as the last 4 weeks. Your hair looks great even before the flat iron.

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Donna Thornburg: Very pretty style. Easy to do.

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NickieV60: Love your hair. I've been wearing my hair short for a few years now. I also love looking at pics of short/pixie cuts and bring to salon. I tend to go shorter in the summer time

tove [email protected]: I say go for it! Your hair grows fast if you don’t like it but I think you well. I love your fuchsia colored blouse. As always enjoyed your video

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Jane Fleet: I think a shorter style would suit you for sure. Try it.

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Linda Ciambella: Sage Didn't u make a video today November 6 2021

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