Farrah Fawcett Hair With A Flat Iron | Hair Tutorial

  • Posted on 13 August, 2011
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

My hair on the left was messed up in the beginning and the end of the video _ I wasn't going to re-film and re-edit. Oh well, enjoy ;)

More hair tutorials: http://bit.ly/AL-HAIRTUTORIALS

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Hi guys so today I'm going to be filming a tutorial for the look that I'm wearing right now on my hair and if you want to see how I did my makeup, I filmed the tutorial for that too. So I will link it and yes, so I curled my hair using my Conair flat iron. This just looks like this, and that was a requested video and it was also requested to me to do Farrah Fawcett inspired hairdo. So that's sort of what this is more. It'S not exactly the same. I have layers right now and you will definitely need layers for this look, but this is sort of like a more modern toned down version of that so you're gon na start out by taking the tangles out of your hair, I'm using a paddle brush. I know you're not supposed to, but I'm going to be gentle. I promise proceed with your heat protectant. If you do it, while your hair is dried before you're gon na go in with the flattening iron, you definitely want to let that dry out, because that you know you know you hear that noise, where it's like. That'S not good for your hair. It'S going to part my hair at the ears like this. Take this chunk off her Wow, what a way to talk and then twist it and get it out of the way I'm going to take such a section. Hair grab the flattening iron go down flick backwards and you should get like a little wave like a little curl like this, it's like so so. This is what this side looks like, and I'm going to just do the other side here. I just put this here. So that it doesn't get met mixed up, let go grab this clear up on top here twist and slip this up like that, and then because I'm always afraid that the hair is just gon na get mixed up. I split again and then I take a second hair clip and just clip that up from piece like that and proceed doing the same exact thing. You just really want to make sure that you're taking the flattening iron and curling away from your face today, I'm using Herbal Essences set me up hair spray. Then I'm going to take that other side and work with this piece of hair. It'S fine doing the same thing up here, just splitting this into dropping this down, see how, like you, really need layers for this. Look because the long part here this the majority of it stays straight and then only the bottoms curl then up here the curls get shorter and shorter. So that's where the layer is kind of fit in really well of this look, so I'm just gon na take this last piece and work on that and then I'm going to show you how to do the bangs. So I've completely finished. All of my hair, I mean you can totally leave it like this with a center part. It'S really pretty, but since I kind of want to make it a bit more Farrah inspired just going to run my fingers through a bit do some hairspray on the side. If I didn't now, I'm going to take the front up here, just the veins - and this is really what's going to define the look you're going to do this away from the face upwards. Get like these. Curls are here because a little bit too severe but it'll. If you work it work with it a bit and run your fingers through it, it begins to fall. So that's what I want it up in front. Thank you guys so much for watching. I know I'm going to get some questions about my hair because it's different. It'S the first time that I did I actually, I bleached my hair to get it sort of like this dark dark to dark brown, light brown, ombre type of effect, probably seen in the back. I will be putting off a tutorial for this, but I just want to know if you guys really really want to see it because a lot of its going to be explaining, I did fill in some parts, but not other parts. So if you want to know how to get like a subtle, ombre look without going blonde at the tips, let me know in the comments below I would love to do that for you and thank you guys so much for watching, don't forget to enter my giveaway Thumbs up comment: if you liked the video and I'll see you next time, bye,

jazmyn: you did such a great job explaining it + the process! thank you so much <3

Bree P: I'd love to see a tutorial on how you dyed the tips of your hair! :D

TheNintendhoe: Very beautiful. Thanks for making.

pastelziall: whoa, i love this! ur awesome and so was farrah :) may she r.i.p but this is a cool hairstyle im using it for school tomorrow XD

Linda Lourido: beautiful! i'd love to see your ombre video :)

Quieres¿ ?: I wish I had beautiful thick hair like that. Luckily my hair type is perfect for this I have very moldable hair to say the least and my hair sometimes feathers like this by itself

tharsikaelmo: Please do the tutorial on bleaching your hair!

Alexa Likes: @fashionfascinationn yes, and it's shapeless and baggy, but I got it in a large I think, cause I like baggy t-shirts. the smaller ones were more fitted and barely cover the butt. Anyway, H&M is evil lol

Magali Lugo: I would like to see the makeup tutorial.

jennarizzy: I want to see your new hair video! :)

Alexa Likes: @fashionfascinationn :) yeah, who can say no to a 6$ shirt! love the print of it too.

Alexa Likes: @TheNintendhoe no problem, thanks for requesting :)

Alexa Likes: @319024 no problem, I do that sometimes lol

Alexa Likes: @iamjasmineblack once every 3 month ish... I trim it myself. :)

Alexa Likes: @319024 i dyed the tips, i mention it at the end of the video :)

Danna J: Long hair sucks the curls wont hold on and it will only curl from the bottom i like flicked back waves

Alexa Likes: @tharsikaelmo it's definitely on my list of things to do, I need to edit it. :)

Alexa Likes: @fashionfascinationn maybe we don't have the same version. they make different things in the same pattern and price them all differently. & yes, that's very mean :(

Alexa Likes: @maryask86 my pleasure :)

Jess G: Ombre hair?<3

DynamiteChrisso: "take this bigg chunkk of hair" lol :-)

Weird Person: Am I the only person who’s hair would not work with them

Errin Roffin: But iHave Short Hair ~ ;(

forever27101: i want to c it

Dddd Dada dad: NO

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