Flat Iron On Short Relaxed Hair/ Micheline Rebecca

  • Posted on 05 March, 2020
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

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I love beautiful people, it's your gear machine, Rebecca and she's back with another video uh-huh. I know back with another one and in today's video I'm just gon na show you how I did my hair in fact are in my hair and then what product I use and yeah. So before we start, I already washed my hair before I start filming so yeah I'll just show you from like blow-drying until to this side. How I achieve this, please keep watching, don't forget to comment or forget to subscribe. If you need my channel, thank you for stopping by if you already subscriber thank you for coming back, I really love your ELISA. I appreciate you. I really need you. Thank you very much and keep watching so guys. I decided to fast forward this part right here. Well, while I'm blow-drying my hair, and also as well as not including the clip that I took before this one, that includes my air products, I'm sorry for that guys, the quality wasn't that good, so I couldn't include it okay, so we are here where the lighting Is better and now we're just going to continue all right by the way I feel like this, I mean I'm no using anything other than just my phone and the natural light, but I feel like it's giving me that my skin tone that I know I am Not I'm not a nice game by the way, so I don't know that it's bad, oh, I don't. I think I've seen I just thought. I'M a bronze qko end up just like want to make sure you don't confuse because this camera be lying. I am not that bad, oh yes anyways, so we could be using this Revlon flat iron that I got no. Can I go that's good, so yes, this one and I will see how it does. We might be you who might use this some hot calm that I got on my local beauty store, but first we do so. These are simple, simple, sighs, its protection spray that I'm going to turn on my hair. I got this because I wanted to try and see if it's gon na work for my hair, very from Sally with the purchase that I made there last time. So yes, I know that's a big section that I'm doing well like my flat, is just my duty. The damn thing there you go we're almost there. Hmm, I'm think about it. My side is usually this side, not that sorry, but that's okay. We just try water. You know how you have besides life, you get. I can, through this I'd, like my hair, need to be sleep. You see this item, that's the same way like that, we'll figure out one time once we done with the Ernie just take this one at that side. So just bring this back here. So I have my mirror right there. That'S all! I'M looking this side make sure like I'm getting all day, um here at the front, all the baby here you know we can't really get anything in there. Let'S fix ourselves. First, next side, labor side just go and do your baby here, let me actually let me just do that we can. I use this argan oil. Perfect edges is straw, hold perfect ages. Perfect extract good, so we'll be using this one and this brush to make sure yeah. Excuse me we're coming from me see but yeah. This is my hair after straightening, so we turn around. You can see the back. I think I'm getting a trim very soon because I feel like those hands are not happy they're not very soon get under the tree. But after I take off my other bridges am planning on reading my hair next term next week or on this weekend. I don't know depends how you feeling well yeah. Do we really need to lay those edges? I don't know me: what do you think? Oh lay them. We will need everything to go back like that. Just give you that time really clean. Look. Thank you for watching. I really appreciate you thank you for stopping by thank you for watching my video. If you like this video, don't forget it tam-tam up, and let me know in the comments what you think if you liked this, please don't forget to subscribe, don't forget to like the British Isles. Your support is really important and I really need it. Thank you very much, so some clothes done wrong. She'S super tall, so she got ta bend to make sure you get all the angles right. Yes,

THE PAT FAMILY ☻: Good job

Sam Gonzales: Im here. Gonna hug u now. Even your hair curly i still love it

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