How I Curl My Short Hair With Nume Flat Iron + Giveaway??

Hey everyone! In this video I show you how I curl my short hair with a flat iron. I usually only use the flat iron to curl when my hair is shorter. Let me know what you think. Comment down your thoughts on my giveaway idea. If you enjoyed this video pleaseee make sure to hit the like button and subscribe if you're not already.


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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel and if you're new, my name is Katrina, and I do beauty videos today, I'm gon na be showing you how I curl my hair with a flat iron. I don't do it often, I kind of like the look that I get with a curling iron better, but if there's ever a time where I kind of want to do something different I'll use, my flat iron, the most part, it's quick depending when you're handling it Definitely was hard for me to learn at first when I started doing it hopefully years ago, like I can do it on somebody else, but when myself are not on my hands, feel awkward and it's hard to do so. It definitely took a lot of practice. So if you haven't done it before or if you're struggling to do it too, don't worry just practice practice on like a low heat setting, so you're not like burning your hair foot. Definitely practice and you'll get the hang of it before we get to the video. I would really love if you guys could hit the like button subscribe if you're not already and hit the non patient button, so you always notify when I write upload also stay tuned at the end of the video, because I'm gon na be talking about possible giveaway. I'M gon na be using my new me flat iron. I have a love-hate relationship with this company because I had the flat iron, the blow-dryer and the curling wand and the curling wand and the blow dryer who was dead in like a year like it only lasted a year like I don't know it just didn't turn On anymore, this has lasted me a couple years, so I'm happy with the flat iron foot. I don't know, I haven't, purchased any styling tools from them, since maybe it was just those two tools, I don't know, maybe it's just their blow dryers and their curling wands. I don't know what the straightener has lasted with pretty long like. I think I've had this since I want to say like five years five years yeah and it's left me and it still looks pretty good. I mean it's a little scratched and banged up because I used it so often, but yeah it's pretty good. I have my flyer and I think it's about three 310, 310 or so doesn't need to be like super super hot number. One always decide how you want to part your hair come on. No, if I want to do new or side mmm nice chef on to the other side, mm-hmm, it's all juice. I also this is how my hair looks after maybe like two or three days after I did my little drawer with the comb attention, video, if you haven't seen it I'll post it somewhere on description, so you can check it out. Oh yeah, you can see my hair is actually pretty straight. I mean I probably have some bends in the back. You know when I'm sleeping or if I start sweating a little bit, but it lasted prettier than now. This is only because it's like not hot yet like if it was hot, like 7080 degrees, I'm not for it. I'M I hate, I don't even bother straightening my hair blow-drying, my hair in the summertime, because this there's no point it's just gon na poof up anyway. I separate my hair and half like always I'm telling you sectioning your hair when you're doing styling. It makes it so much easier. Almost any styling, curling straightening blow-drying, whatever it is. I pretty much almost section of the same so I'll. Take like the section under my ear I'll take the section over my ear um, like my eye or my eyebrow, and then I split the top line in half really simple. As always, you want to spray your heat-protective. I use the Chi Iron Guard icebreaker in my hair. Also, I am going to create a little bit of the kenra nice dry hairspray, just a tiny bit whether it's curling with the curling iron to the flat iron. I always do it away from my face. I just think it's fluttering from my face and um I mean I don't mind if they all kind of form together bunch up together. All I do flank the hair twist it around and drag it down simple again cut the hair twist it around bring it down kind of gives you like a wave honestly I'll, tell you when I started curling my hair with fire. It was so hard for me. Even now, you can kind of see like my hands look kind of uncle doing it. I don't know why. I guess it's because I'm so used to the curling iron and having more of a grip, I guess and more control - and this is kind of like I don't know like even now, you seem like. I'M still awkward do real and it was definitely hard for me to do that. First and that's me, like a hair, stylist saying that I mean I can do it on somebody else, but on myself it's hard to do. I don't know I. I would definitely take smaller sections. I think it's harder um when you try to take bigger sections. You see I'm currently everything on this side away. From my face. What I do like about curling your hair, the firon is, it gives like a really good hold. Sometimes I even do this like I'll roll it up and let it go I'll show you it again like sometimes off clamp it roll it around, bring it all the way down roll it in and let it go. I don't know if that makes a difference, but if you look at this - and that was really simple - it took like what five minutes usually I'll, speed this side up. I think I will do it in real time, so you guys can see, comment down below your favorite flat iron or styling. Tomorrow'S. I don't know, I don't have a date. I mean they're. Curling iron might be thes, definitely Hot Tools. It'S just like great quality, great price, and you know they last long, her flat iron. I, like my cortex. I got that first year's also, I'm not really particular to anything. I think for long trailer, my favorite brand is fabulous. I had a bad news if I can find a picture I'll post in here. I had a bad boy list. It was a good wrestler. I remember the model number and that lasted me years years years. Wondering I stopped using is because it's like all scratched up like it was red, and now it's like the paint or whatever stripped off, otherwise I would still be using it. I had actually purchased it from flat iron experts. Calm comment down below, if you heard of that, so I don't think it's up anymore. But when I had started YouTube like six years ago, that was like such a popular site, because if you guys know, I believe her username was rose, but something rosebud, something and she used to use um this cake. You see my iron never knows, but I think you could only get from flat iron experts. It was really popular at the time and I had ordered the cake. You see flat iron and I'm fabulous. I don't want to live a number that cake, usually flat. Iron was my favorite, it was full, but it only lasts says like two or three years, but I don't know like it's possible, like I feel like it gave hair like such a nice shine when you did it, but it's like it's really expensive. I can give this over a hundred dollars, so that was always lucky thing yeah. I wonder what happened to that say. Actually, I haven't watched that girl wrote that in a long time now, I'm gon na have to go check out her channel after this and she or she still upload, comment down below. If you ever watched her, I need enough iron, though so yeah. I use this new me flat iron for myself, but for my clients I use a cortex and it's not works. Fine like it's perfect, but it just looks old. Like it's kind of scratched up and everything and yeah I won the one. I really I'm really going on which brands I get. If you don't want such a tight curl, you can start kind of lower. So that way your curl isn't so tight. I don't mind because I don't put hairspray in my hair, so I like the the loose waves that you get as they flow. Naturally, throughout the day, what I'll do like, if I'm getting ready and I'm doing my hair, really I'll kind of, do it and just leave it, and maybe I'll like do my makeup or stuck, and you dress um for the purpose of the video I'll kind of Show you what I do maybe like half an hour after I do it when it kind of like cools down so I'll just run my fingers through it. Like I said, if you don't want to check tight curl, you can kind of start more halfway down. So that way the wave is kind of warming towards the end. But again, like I said, I don't really put hairspray in my hair, so I kind of like it to be as tight as possible at first and then you know fall and looser throughout the day. Let'S spice this up a little bit by adding a breed, I'm sectioning everything for my friend right here, taking this first piece, dividing it into three and then we're bleeding under the middle under the middle grab, some hair under the middle under the new grab, some hair Under the middle, so, basically only for the front piece here, adding hair, but for the back piece you're, not when you do that all the way down and if you want you can kind of tug at it, make it a little bit. Thicker get some bobby pins. Make an X cross them to lock it in place and then just bring your hair over. That'S cute, that's it! This is how I curl my hair with a flat iron, really simple. It really doesn't take that much time well, depending on your hair length. My hair is shorter now, so it took me faster if my hair was a little bit longer, probably add about 15 more minutes, but still really simple, really easy um when you want a little bit different. Look from the curling iron. Definitely try this out. If my iron itself gives like a really quick hold more than the curling iron, I feel, but if you're someone who you feel like your hair still doesn't hold curled off after you do your section all you have to do is kind of wrap it and pin It up, pin it all up, let it sit for like an hour or so take it out, and I'm telling you you'll have long lasting waves for the whole night if you're still watching. I really want to do a giveaway, but I already missed like the 1000. So I wanted to do it from them, but I kind of didn't have enough time to and I don't miss them, I'm Aloha so yeah. I want to do a giveaway through two thousand subs. I am gon na be doing either. I don't know what do you guys think I want to do. I was thinking of a $ 50 on gift card. You know like a Amex, mastercard, whatever either a $ 50 or two $ 25, so comment down below. Let me know you think, but I have to get to two thousand subs first like I would love to do a giveaway for each thousand or maybe like after the two thousand, maybe like five thousand ten thousand. If possible. I don't know you never know, but yeah. Definitely for two thousand: I want to do a giveaway since I missed the 1000 mark. I would really appreciate if you guys could share my videos share them with your friends. You know anyone you think, might be interested um in my videos. I would really appreciate it, but I really want to do that for two thousand subs, so we got to get there first happy that it'll happen yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this video comment down below what you think of the style comment down below your favorite Flatiron, like I'm, really looking to get a reply, so I'm interested in what you know: brands and stuff people like or maybe, if there's one I've never Heard of make sure to hit the like button subscribe if you're not already and hit them on page post, I always know if I want to upload and I'll see you next time. Bye,

TaraLee: so gorgeous! I haven't curled my hair with a straighter for a few years! I always love the way it looks on others, maybe I need to give it a go again.

kicking it With Kriss & Tony: Your hair always looks so pretty thank you for sharing girl

Florence Nicholls: This is gorgeous xx

Destiny Thomas: Your hair isn't even short! its long and beautiful! Wish I had your hair!

AFRO BAE: Omg girl your hair isn't short your hair is so beautiful

Melanie Kate: So pretty

Allana T: Beautiful love

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