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  • Posted on 20 April, 2022
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How to flip your hair up in the front like the tiktok hairstyle.

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Hey everyone, so today we are talking about how to flip your hair up in the front after i've done. I can't even tell you how many dozens of videos i've done on this topic. I still get questions uh from viewers. You know people that have purchased a tick, tock kit, people that are purchasing products of mine and they're, just not really getting it. So i'm gon na break down how to flip your hair up and also a couple of essential things that you need all right. It'S not just as easy as you know. Oh i'm gon na go like this and yeah. Why isn't my hair flipping? I mean it's a process. Okay, it takes work, and i'm gon na help you guys so, if you're having any problems this is going to be, this is going to be it. So if you have purchased the tick tocker hairstyle kit, which includes tidal, wave, my number one selling product, the most amazing sea salt spray, i've got my tick-tocker two inch round brush. It has the salon guy on it. This is my official brush and also locked hairspray. It comes with these three now why these three products well, because i had this brush specifically made in order to be able to wrap the hair around just perfectly, and i have i chose two inches, because this barrel is the perfect size for getting this hair. To flip, especially if it's the right length, which we'll talk about in a second, why tidal wave? Because when you spray this on, when the hair is damp and as you blow dry it it's going to give you the most incredible texture that you've ever had and i'm telling you we reformulated this. I am the one who tested this, i'm a hair stylist. I know how product should work and then, lastly, the locked hairspray: yes, it's going to smell like there's alcohol in it, because all hairsprays need to have alcohol for them to hold all right. So there's nothing. We can do about it, but this is designed to give a matte finish and to help hold the hair all right now when the hair is damp. Okay, let's just say, for example, your hair is damp, so i can even wet this down a little bit right into here. One thing you have to have to absolutely make sure of is that your hair and we'll get a little bit closer. Is this length? Okay and it helps to have this texture if your hair is super frizzy. If it's super wirey, if it's super thick, if it's you know curly hair whatever it is, and your hair is like up to here - or you know it's way down to here - it's not going to be right. Okay, you have to have a hair length. That is right around this area and through here i'd say to the eye the eyebrows right to the bridge of the nose, and all of this has to be layered, as you can see. Okay, let's spin this, this way, look at all this. You see how it's falling, that's because the hair is layered. It can't just be all one length hanging straight down to here all right. This all needs to be layered and held out from the head to create these pieces. All right, if you don't have any of those chances, are you're gon na have a more difficult time getting the hair to flip up like it should all right now, when the hair is damp. Okay, you could spray tidal, wave one two, three: okay, three spritzes. Maybe four or five: you don't need a lot all right now that that's in the hair. You can work it through if you want, but i like to just set it and forget it: okay, there, the neck, the set, the uh first phase is done by spraying. The hair, the tidal wave spray now i'm going to use this - is my blow dryer that i sell on my website all right and i am going to demonstrate this now watch what i do and then we'll we'll discuss it afterwards. Now, i'm going to show you this, i literally did this live with you, okay, i did it live. I didn't use any hairspray whatsoever and i didn't do anything crazy. I just blow-dried the hair properly with the round brush now, as you can see, all of this is flipping because of the haircut all right. Let'S just get even a little bit closer here. I want you to really see this, so you can understand, but look at look at how it's you know kind of flopping around see that okay see that movement in there yeah it's staying right. Eventually, it probably will come down, but there it is now watch this. Here'S a trick you can also from this point, bring your hair back and then push forward, and there you go same thing: okay, now we're going to get all those pieces now. What do you do from here here is the locked hairspray. This is my suggestion of how you do this. You can spray it just like this or what you can do is you can bring the hair down spray it like that and then work the shape in this way, get those flips just how you want them all right, and then you could set it right in Place like this, and you see i'm spraying this on - i mean i'm, i'm pretty thoroughly spraying that because i want it to hold if you're not spraying the hairspray properly. Unfortunately, it's not going to hold, so you really really really have to make sure that you spray that hairspray on okay, that this is what's going to lock it in place. You can cover your eyes, make sure you don't get in your eyes like this and literally just spray. It don't touch your hair. Okay, very important from this moment on this hairstyle is designed to just stay like this. Okay, let it set. You have to let the hair set the minute. You start it's like. If you buy a brand new car, the minute you drive off the lot, it loses value the minute you drive it off the lot, the same concept with this hairstyle, because you need this to set into place. Let the hairspray dry, let it do its own thing. If you start immediately right after you have spent all this time - and you run your fingers through it right away and you start messing with it, it's going to lose its value. It'S going to collapse, it's not going to stay all right, let it set in the hair, maybe a half an hour from now an hour two hours. If you want, then you can go in and mess it up, but just keep in mind when you have a hairstyle like this, that is purely relying on volume and lift and having it be aired out and being free. The minute you collapse it down. It'S just gon na fall apart. Okay, now, i'm gon na show you if five hours from now six hours from now it starts to. Let'S just bring us down like this look at this. It starts to kind of flop down all right. You'Re, like oh, my gosh. My hair look at it, it's not the same. This is what you do. You go back like this, like we had before that tidal wave still gon na be in there you twist, like that. Okay, what you do is you make circles all right: make circles with your hand to create that and look we're back to where we were, then you can go back in reset it and there you go. Look. We'Ve got it back all right. We'Ve got the style back, we are good to go and there it is so anytime you, your hair falls flat. What do you need to do the opposite, push back and lift, and there you go when you push back and lift you're in a quick pinch there. You go bring it back push forward all right. Just keep in mind, though, like i said: if you just bring it back and you don't do any sort of you know technique to it, it's going to fall flat, so you need to actually create some lift on the hair with the technique which actually went viral On tick tock, where you make little twists like this, because what is that doing? Look at look what it's doing it's making the hair stick up! You need to have this, then you can go back in and there you go and if you don't have any product with you, then this is the best way to do it and then let the hair kind of do its own thing over time and you'll be Good to go so i know i was really aggressive with you all in this and it's just because i i get so many questions and i get so many comments from people. It'S not the products, not working, it's not the wrong brush. It'S not that i chose these products specifically for this hairstyle. I'Ve been on the news talking about this hairstyle on television. Trust me, i know how it works. So let me know if you try this and if it's helped you and if you are interested in purchasing any of the products, including the blow dryer and the tick tocker kit. If you use code youtube20 you get 20 off and if you're in the united states it's free shipping, which is pretty expensive to ship all of these products, so you're getting like a lot. A really really good deal and 20 off is a big deal. So you know, please let me know uh if you are using these products. If you found this video helpful thanks for watching and i'll see you soon, you

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