Hey guys welcome back to" /> How To Curl With A Flatiron (Babyliss Pro Prima300)

How To Curl With A Flatiron (Babyliss Pro Prima300)

Tutuorial and review on Babyliss Pro Prima3000 iron

IGK "mistress" hydration balm

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, so I'm gon na show you guys how to style your hair with a flat iron. I know a lot of people are scared to yourself: 1 iron, because it they leave like a cramp or even they just can't figure it out or how to even hold the flat iron while styling. So here's this is my favorite plot and I'm gon na go ahead and show you how I use it. I use it every single day at work for curls for waves on short hair. They carry long hair everyone's hair, just because it's a little bit faster. For me to style someone's hair with it, and since I'm on a time limit on every client, I have to make sure I am able to speed up if great results on their hairstyle. So that's pretty soon why I use a flat iron to curl my hair or just get like a nice natural wave, because I have a lot of frizz. So here's my fabulous Pro. I think it gets up to like four 6450. I only let it go up to 380 gets hot on the outside. So before blow-drying or anything, you should prep your hair with like a leave-in conditioner, a blowout spray and then after you want to put an oil or some kind of hydrating bomb. I'M gon na use the igk hydrating buff and you don't need too much people overdo it. I really don't like so you're just gon na pick on the end. I put it on the bank area, even my link frizz here, because it's so fragile here you don't want it to break off, keep it nice and healthy and hydrated. Okay, so you're gon na go ahead and part it with this, get all of the extra car out of the way grab. Sections like this about this, like an inch you're just gon na, do that and you're just gon na let the iron D in the work do the work for it, for you, just let it slide and glide through, and I always hold it up in this direction. Waving, you have to make sure you're waving back, so all of your pearls kind of just goes back and blow back if you're coming forward. All of your curls will just come straight forward, another section so a reason why I like to do this reason. Why I like to use my Flatiron a lot for waves is because I have natural curly hair and I have a lot of hair and also because I have a lot of clients with a lot of hair and curly haired. This was my my favorite flatiron for thick curly hair, but a lot of people have been liking it. So I thought I do a quick little tutorial for you guys, remember, just go back and the reason why I say like about an inch is because the smaller the pieces, the curly or your hair, gets. So if you want that nice wave, it needs to be a little bit bigger whiter and you would be doing the same exact, routine and technique for long hair to just grow back. So the bigger the pieces you get the more loose the wave will be and reason why you would go back it gives you creates more of like a beach wave like a soft beach wave and, yes, you could grab the top of the Flatiron if you have To I just got so used to doing it really quick. I just use one hand most of the time, but you could do either or whatever is more comfortable because believe me, you're gon na feel very uncomfortable at first and awkward doing this style, but it'll be, but after practice, you'll get the hang of it. So if someone has curly hair, I really recommend this is a flatiron to do this, because not only is it curling for you, but it's also smoothing out everything. So it's like a two and one. Sometimes you have to run that curling iron through over and over, but with the flat iron you just kind of let it glide and it smooths out curls and everything so make sure you look up product in your hair and also make sure your temperature is really Low not too high you, here's my curls and you'll get everyone said I'll, get like these extra bouncy on just the ends. You can go ahead and run your Flatiron through it just to kind of like soften it right here slightly, not just not just go through. It really quickly sit right here, this one. You liked my video and learned some tricks and tips on how to style at the Flatiron. If you liked this video hit like leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe thanks for watching

Missy Chase: I tried this and my curls stayed for 3 days! Thank you.

Shelby Coote: Thanks so much for this video! I have a this flat iron and only ever use it for straightening because I don’t know how to curl hair. Now I know how to curl my hair. Very helpful!

Irene S: Just invested in this flatiron, so I can't wait to try your technique

Kristin Campbell: Thanks for this video, you should do more videos using this iron.

Svetlana Maftey: Looks easy , thanks

Sandra L: Is this good for someone that mostly just flat irons? Just because you mentioned the outside gets hot too, I’m not used to that, do you recommend this even if I mostly flat iron?

Keioni Costello: I’m buying this! What size is that flat iron? 1inch?

Mariela Zamudio Leon: Very nice hair you have, is this safe for hair extensions?

Debbie Able: mine makes a slightly buzzing sound is that normal?


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