Before & After: Do You Like It?! See How My Hair Turned Out!

  • Posted on 12 November, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Check out my hair transformation! I have been trying to grow out my hair for over a year... and get it healthier from my years of bleaching it blonde and coloring it all the colors of the rainbow (for the record: I do miss my pink hair).

So @veronica ridge (who used to get my hair perfectly platinum, back in the day) evened out my brown hair, put some (what I thought was going to be so short) 14" Great Lengths Extensions, she cut them and my real hair, into the cutest shaggy bob haircut, THAT I LOVE!!!!

Let me know what you think! xox Huge hugs, your friend Kandee

It'S really not that bad. It just needs a little shaping salon.

MulderBelieves1: Ohhh! I’m so happy to see you! Your hair looks so beautiful! It always does

Blessing Crowder: I can honestly say that I LOVE this look on you! You’re pretty with literally whatever but look extra amazing all natural

junkola4me: I've missed you gorgeous!! If you feel like making more content I'd absolutely loooooove to see your updated skincare routine please :)

Jay: I love your natural hair color on you ♡ So healthy

Mystic_Melody: It looks so good! I love it, girl!

Monica Hebert: Veronica did such an awesome job!!! Looks AMAZING!!!! ❤

vicki horn: I love it !looks great and beautiful ❤

idontknoww01: Awh Kandee !! I hope you are doing well Gorgeous. Huge hugs

Jasmin P. Wall: Amazing results!!! ♥

Holly: Beautiful before and after!

L L: Imho this is one of your best hairstyles - love love love it ❤❤❤

Simple Nail Designs: You look amazing ❤

Andrea S: Love it!! ❤

Norunn Ladstein: Very pretty!

Kalisha J: Love it!!!

h: Stunning!!

Starlit: OMG! I miss you so much! I wish I knew what was going on in this video but as you can remember I can't see, but I'm sure it's awesome. I will show my daughter. Love you and it would be cool if you did a little holiday video or some thing like that if you can.

Dee Smith: Love the life in the dream house sound! Love the hair!

signsofplay: Gorgeous before AND after

B. C. Schmerker: +kandeejohnson *That restyle made my evening! Thanks for the share.*

Raynbow Ponicorn: Kinda wanna cut my hair just like that. It’s so cute!

TheRealBeautyJunkie2: I was just thinking about where you been just yesterday and here you are❤

Susan Stetson: Always a beauty.

Danielle Keane: Beautiful

wendy s: So cute!!!

no name who: wouldn't extension pull more on your current hair and makes it even more tight and thin?

Pauline Ballam: Yeah ✨✨✨✨✨✨so wonderful to see you ❤️.. looking fabulous xxx

S &B: You must grow your own hair

where to next?: how long do they last?

Jessica Loy: Yessss k-tips are the best! ❤

Linda Alvarez: Gorgeous Girl

Nichy Brown: I'd give her a pixie, extentions would make her hair that's already thin, thinner.

thepH416: So cute!!!

Monica Birmingham: How much did it cost you?

Eris🦇 Mana: We miss you Kandee

Burkies827: We miss you! Come baaaack!

Tris Sweet: Hi Kandee

Suncica Milic: ❤❤❤

Kimberly Lets Go: I miss you!!!

Holly: Miss you!!

Jessica S Schneider: hay the hair lady is the wife of the sober house guy!!

Jessica S: Veronica though..


E: Omg hi! Ur the girl from mega mind! ..right?

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