How To Curl Hair With A Straightener + Curtain Bangs *Easy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair*

  • Posted on 16 November, 2022
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HOW TO CURL HAIR WITH A STRAIGHTENER + CURTAIN BANGS *easy hairstyles for medium length hair*

hey guys! in todays video I am going to be teaching you how to curl hair with a straighetner and how to style curtain bangs! This is a quick and easy hairstyle for medium length hair and I will be showing you how to create light waves/ loose curls perfect for the winter season! This is a quick and easy hairstyle you can do at home in 5 mins! i teach you a few different techniques and you can do what works best for you!

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Hey guys, it's Lydia if you're new, here hi welcome to my channel and in today's video, I'm gon na, be doing a quick tutorial on how to curl your hair using a straightener. I'Ve seen a lot of videos on this, but a lot of them are a little lengthier and they don't show you the different ways. You can do it in today's video, I'm going to show you a couple different ways to curl your hair using a straightener, and you can just go with whatever technique works best for you and I'm also going to show you how to style curtain bangs. I also have medium length hair with layers, not intentional layers, bleach fragrance layers, I'm going to show you how I suction and just kind of do it it's just my natural hair right now, also when I curl my hair instead of going different directions, I like to Do the left half this way and then the right half this way? So that's what we're going to do here just do whatever you feel like. It feels right to you, though, I'm just gon na take a small section from the back here. What I'm going to do is take my straightener like starting with my left side. I angle it this way I'll take this section hold my hair like this and slowly rotate it down and slowly keep moving it down, and then it will just kind of turn out into a curl like this. So we're gon na tie that way again we're gon na brush it out after so it's not going to be a super super tight curl take another small section about an inch upside down. Straightener rotate. It grab it with your other arm. Keep twisting and let me pull here. We have some light curls here. Do one more got it twist and pull now. If you go faster, it'll be a tighter curl and if you go slower, it'll be a looser curl. You can see. I kind of went a little slower that time it's not as tight. Another way you can do. This is by clamping the bottom here, so the curl is not going to go all the way down to the end of your hair. This will make it stop here to give more of a beachy wave. If you have shorter hair. This might work best, for you clamp the bottom and slowly twist up going the direction you want your curl to go then you're just going to hold it here. For a few seconds and then unclamps and release this isn't going to be as tight of a curl as you can see, it's definitely more of a looser wave. Personally, I don't love doing it this way. It takes a lot longer now. Another way you could do it, I have really thin hair. So I love a lot of trial room here. I'M gon na take or the bottom section, with the twisting method you can take it flip it and just twist, but then stop before you get to the end of your hair. It will give the straight end opposed to, as you see back here, early end from the first one. Here we have a lot of different curls going on it's kind of nice, though, because I find, if you do different methods throughout when you're doing your hair, your curls won't all Bunch together. If you want it to be like that, fine, but I personally do like doing a couple different methods throughout my hair - I'm gon na finish up this side and get to the front I'll. Show you how I do it this side. I left the front pieces here. So I'll show you how I do the front pieces now, if we're doing this side, the way I grab the iron is a little bit different, depending on how high your heat setting is. It'S gon na differ on how long you have to hold it. For it's a lot of trial and error, but once you get the technique, it's a lot easier. I'M gon na take a small section like this. I'M gon na take it upside down twist it once and just keep rotating it as I'm pulling it down there. We go, that is what it looks like. Try it again, small section, take the straightener upside down we're going away from our face, I'm turning it down, we'll go a little faster. This time there we go I'll, try it without doing the end, which I think honestly looks the best and we'll just stop here, leave the end, a nice wave so that we're doing the front. I want to really take the time to make sure I'm starting the wave where I want to kind of fall in front of my face. I like to have the wave start right here to kind of give me that swoop. We'Ll do the front piece now we're gon na do the bangs so first, what I like to do is I always strain them. I know some people just like to straighten their bangs saw me so now. What we're gon na do we're gon na take the straightener. It'S so hot. I always close my eyes because there's so much smoke start about an inch away twist it once and pull like that, pull it where you want. It will naturally just fall and sit there, as you can see, put this side. What is it where I want and it just naturally sometimes I'll go back in and just touch up any of the weaves up here. So here I'm noticing the sections a little sticking together so I'll go in and add some more Dimensions. So maybe I'll start the curl a little higher just to kind of break up those pieces and to add a little more volume. So we'll do the same with this side and twist twist and there we go lots of volume and then we'll go in and kind of straighten the ends a little there we go. That is how I give my hair volume and curl with a straightener all right. You guys well, that is everything for this video. I know it's a super, quick one. I just wanted to make it really effective this way you can learn the technique and then go practice it and figure out what works best for you guys, I post new videos. Every Wednesday and Saturday so make sure to subscribe to my channel. So you don't miss out I'll, see you guys in my next video. Thank you so much for watching

Sienna Summers: Lydia your hair is GORGEOUS! I loved seeing how the curls turned out, super helpful

Mansoor: Hey! Lydia I really really love your hairs so so much and I love your vlogs so so much you inspired me so so much and I wish you reach 2K Subscribers very very soon!✨☺️

justaguy_critic.2.0: Hey missed you! I Love the before and after hair. absolutely ❤️

DannyMGod&theholyspiritrthe2Witnesses: Outstanding ty for Brighting up my day remember balance gorgeous

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