How To: Cut 90'S Inspired Long Layers On Sew In Weave Hair

  • Posted on 11 November, 2022
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  • By Anonymous

HOW TO: cut 90's inspired long layers on sew in weave hair

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Today's video is a tutorial on how to cut 90s inspired layers in your hair. This is a super easy, beginner friendly tutorial. I hope y'all enjoyed the video! ✨ Please like comment and subscribe!! :)

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Am I am, I am hey y'all what's up, it's me thanks so much for watching today, I'm going to show you how I put layers in my sewing weaves um. So basically, I start off like this um a lot of the time my hair is leave out on the weave. So in the front, it's like really really short and does not match the length of the weave. So I love to add some layers so that it looks like it's coming out of my head. It looks real natural um. It looks real good. So basically, I kind of like separate the front off um and that's going to be the area that I want to straighten so that it looks you know all neatly pressed then I'll. Take some shears scissors and I'll start cutting those layers in so the way that I cut layers is like I feather it down at an angle um, so that it matches from the top of my leave out all the way down to the ends. So once I do that I'll bump the ends so that it gives a bit like a body, this hair is actually synthetic. So it's a little bit difficult to bump those ends, but eventually I got it done just got to use that flat iron to make it work honey to make it work. Now, I'm gon na just hop over to the next side and basically do the same thing. So I'll just comb out my hair, so that's fully combed out then, after that I'm gon na hop in with those shears and start again. Two thank you not because I'm right-handed, sometimes the angle that I'm cutting the hair doesn't really work when I'm cutting on the right side. I have to go at an upward motion instead, so what I'll do is I'll cut upwards, diagonally and I'll continue to feather the hair, as I cut upwards with the shears and there you have it y'all all done pretty simple. Once you get the hang of it. Probably takes like 5-10 minutes to like figure out the hand, motions and how to do it, and this is the end result. I think it looks really natural and really really cute if you guys enjoyed this video, please please, please subscribe to the channel. Leave me a like leave me a comment down below if you enjoy enjoy it. I want to know all your thoughts about this video and thank you guys so so much for watching once again. Bye,

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