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  • Posted on 15 November, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

V Part Wig with Lace:

√ *NEW* V Part Wig - WITH LACE

√ 100% Protect Edges

√ More Realistic


Cap Construction: V Part Wig with Lace

Hair Texture: Yaki

Length: 20 inches


More V Part Wigs:

* Protective Styles For Wig Beginners *

Website Link:



#naturalhairwig #thinpartwig

It's Nashe Family








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It'S vehicles, hey guys, welcome back to my channel. I am back with another video for you guys, so I received these beautiful gorgeous Yaki hair texture from my first wig hair company and they sent me um a week back, which is a very good. They always do and they also send a week stand and they also sent a bag with some hair clips or things to help. You style your hair, so they sent me a bigger v-pod unit and this is their new product on the market. So I'm showing you guys a comparison of the normal V part unit on the left and the upgraded you need on the ride. So if the upgraded you need is a lace, FV part unit and as you can see guys, it looks much more natural than the normal Vapor unit, okay with just Swift. So this is like my first time trying this unit is. It is their newest products on the market, so this is what the unique it looks like straight from the box. It comes with those Combs and adjustable strips, so my hair is freshly washed and it's clean. So the only thing on my hair right now is a leave-in conditioner and I'm just gon na go ahead and start patting my hair. So initially I was gon na go for a side part like on um a side part on my right side, but because my hair is thin a very, very thin. I wasn't feeling confident on this side, so I later on changed the parts you see that in the video before I installed the hair, you guys. So what I'm doing right now is I'm just gon na gather my hair in a ponytail and just tie my hair. All my hair at the back, except the leave out so I'm just gon na go ahead and put this unit on and see how it looks so right now I was trying to figure out if I can literally rock this Vapor unit on the side part - and I wasn't sure I was just like it's not working, because my hair is thin, so it was like, like it wasn't working. I was just like now, so I had to change and um use my other side like the left side, which has a little bit more hair um. So I went ahead and did that so, like you guys, if you've got thicker, fuller hair, you don't have to worry, you can do a middle part. Any part you want. You can literally achieve it. So I'm using this design, essential, um heat protectant, I'm just gon na go ahead and um apply this on my leave out, so I can start styling my hair anywhere. They stand to turn into them. Coming on me, hear them Batman, foreign, which has been switched off. Obviously, um just to loosen up my um hair texture and I'm just gon na go ahead and flat iron, my hair and I'm doing like a few heat passes and the heat on this flat iron was on medium heat and I'm just gon na go ahead and Apply some of that um heat protectant all over the hair and a stud flat ironing the rest of the hair um the unit in my hair together, as you can see guys already, I could see that my hair was blending beautifully with this unit like this. Is a yucky texture, so it's not like bone straight. It'S more like a blowout kind of look so um. It was blending beautifully with my 4C um hair um yeah. This hair is good quality. Guys, like I love my first wig units, they are very good quality anywhere. They stand. Look at that guys. It'S looking beautiful and gorgeous, and I love that this hair is not too thick or too big. It looks absolutely natural. I, like my own, really right foreign so right now, I'm just gon na work on my ages and I'm using my shining Jam um just to slick down my edges, and you know around my leave out as well to make my parting a bit more visible. Like I say, this is a very easy unit to install you guys. I did not struggle with this. You need and the hair quality is absolutely the best you guys like it looks like a fresh um, a texturizer kind of texture or a blowout kind of texture. Yeah certain things, foreign, like seriously, I was like wow. This is the best unit. Ever from my first wig, I absolutely love that they've introduced this new design, which is the more natural look lace Vapor unit. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below. I will also leave all the hair details in the description box down below, so I hope you guys did enjoy this video and don't forget to thumbs up this video also comment or share and subscribe I'll see you guys my next video bye for now.

Carol N Nwagwu: Loved how effortlessly you installed it and the unit is so full and lush

Mz. Dot: Ms. Jane, I really love this install! It's so natural looking and with combs that's very new to me. Thanks for this tutorial and many blessings!

Primfully: I’ve been umming and arring about going for a v part and honestly you’ve sold me! I’ve missed your hair videos - I’m glad you’re back at it ❤

Talitha Parker: You are so beautiful. I really appreciate your videos because you take time to explain each step in the process and provide an honest opinion about the products used.

Victoria Blakely: I'm loving your natural hair sis! It's so cute. The wig is nice too.

Karen Tuffour: I'm in love with this Wig. It's amazing.

MyFirstWig: Flawless install!!!!

Keierra Reenell: Turned out so beautiful. I like your background music too.

Makuks Team: Wow... it blended perfectly well with you looks so natural

Ms Ms: Looks really good. Jane do you make wigs still?

Chidinma Nze: Looks great!

Yolanda Jones: Beautiful

Adrienne Davis: Flawless

Dana Hudson: Nice result & look good on U.

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