A Color Street Fall Mani In Plaid And Teal

  • Posted on 15 November, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

A Color Street Fall Mani in Plaid and Teal! Sets from the Harvest of Happiness Collection, DIY Halloween Mani kit and a retired overlay.

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Foreign with Chic and Sassy Nails by Shannon - I am just hopping on I'm getting ready here to do a new Manny and I'm going to do a fall. Look from our new from our Harvest of Happiness collection. So I'm just gon na grab the nails that I need. I don't know if I'm gon na need two strips for my thumbs or just one. I did just trim my nails shorter, so I tend to not need um. Sometimes I can get two then two of my thumbs done with one strip. Sometimes my thumbs are a little too long to do that, so we will see I'm going to throw on a couple: plaid accent, meals and those. I think I'm gon na do at an angle, so I think I'm gon na get two of those. This set is so cool you guys it has. This, like you, probably won't, be able to see because of the glare of the Sun it like of the glare from the window. It has this like gold dusting, I don't know if you can tell it just looks like cream in the video there's a gold dusting of glitter. Let'S see okay, there, there you got it, you can kind of see it right as the glare takes over that gold. Dusting, it is gorgeous it's like a really fine gold, um glitter over the whole strip if you've been around for a little bit, it's very similar to The Heat Wave like finish that that had oh, of course, as soon as I get on my puppy's sitting right Here and it's gon na start crying at me, what do you need? Go, find a toy so and we will see how I guess he of course, timing he likes to. He wants my attention now. Don'T you all right so we're gon na start with these I'm gon na end with some overlays. But let's get this started uh, I don't know. Actually, let's figure out. I'M gon na grab these. So this is my leftovers from my Halloween DIY kit, or did I open that enough? I might not have um it is the pumpkin sprinkle set there. I was gon na stick on. I wanted to add a little glitter. Maybe to that, if I have enough um see oh hush puppy, we'll see if that's enough for covering those two fingers, why are you crying now? Why are you crying now? I know why it's because I, as soon as I decided to record all morning, he's been quiet and then as soon as I decide to do this, so I'm gon na throw a little plaid in the mix. Here too so plan was just to do one nail. I think we're gon na do grab two just in case or maybe I'll do it at an angle, and then I I need two strips. Maybe I'll do that? Okay, so we're gon na do some plaid and some teal and I think we're good. So all right, I am going to grow. Let me turn off my flat iron. Let it cool off okay, so we're gon na do this. Is the um eat till you drop from the Thanksgiving Line? This is plaid. You came just some of the Plaid sets from the Thanksgiving line and then pumpkin sprinkle from the Halloween DIY kit and um plaid about you, the overlay, so I'm gon na throw some of these under here just to keep them warm this one I'm going to use For my hands, because they are very chilly right now, so I'm in Minnesota - and it is it's just stopping the snow - is just ending. We have a couple inches of snow. I'Ve heard the roads are terrible. I don't have to leave I'll, have to leave it another hour and a half um, but I haven't been out yet, but this roads, I guess traffic this morning was not was not fun so that those roads are slippery. And it's always that first snowfall of the season that we all have to remember how to drive in the snow. So, let's see I got ta remember if I want to do this at an angle. That'S always a little bit trickier to do. I might not have. I should have grabbed a bigger strip - I guess probably because that's beer that doesn't really cover my pinky um didn't quite cover, because I I forgot that I need to get the bigger strips when I do that, but it's gon na have to do because I have A I have our um nail strengthener on, and that makes it really hard to move the strip well, especially because I like stuck so much of it on so it'll just do and I'll just miss that little Edge. If it wasn't plaid, I could totally have like added a little bit to it, but because it has a pattern, maybe when I throw the glitter over it, it's not going to be noticeable. So that's, okay! Let'S I should use my cuticle pusher trim this off here. I'Ll get it most of the way. Okay, I totally that's. Okay, I I'll take my cubicles. My orange pusher trim that let's just clean that edge up all right, it is good enough. It'S not perfect at the angles, but I um I really should have used. You should really use a bigger strip than you would if you were doing it straight, and I totally spaced out on that. We'Re going to do the same thing, though, because I got this strip out and I'm not gon na, dig that out all right, we'll make it work and they don't have to be perfect, could have done it straight. I guess I really like the plaids at an angle like this, though so I'm Gon na Keep it we're. Gon na push this down a little bit. I might have a little extra cleaning up. I see a little bit that I should do and then, let's see if this one will cover enough same issue, it's like not wide enough to cover the whole nail like just like that other one, it's gon na be close enough. It'S just shy! Oh that one might have covered uh, I kind of shorted it on that side. Oh well, okay! So let's follow my nail and trim this off and then I will the orange cuticle pusher and off excess here. Okay, so let me clean off this: is my curvy pinky? It'S always so. It was a little bit trickier to get to lay flat, but These are nice and thin and pliable, so I can totally make it work. Even on my curvy finger all right now I got ta get rid of all this little, the little extra I have to I'm kind of trying to watch the camera too sure it's refocusing, because I know when I move my hands around all the time it creates Sometimes it's out of focus, so we are just doing our best. Okay, so close enough to what I wanted here. So learn from my mistake and remember: if you're going to get if you're gon na do the diagonal, you need a bigger strip which I also didn't grab in my overlay. So we will make it work, because I can do that all right and then I had a little part. I wanted to clean up over here. It'S like one little right there, that's just all right, okay, so the diagonal, so I'm gon na do teal on these two. I love the steel color. It'S beautiful! It'S a real dark, um, a real dark teal. I wonder if I need to be worried. My puppy left the room and he's it's very quiet, so I don't know if he's getting into something, it's like having a little toddler around some if they're too quiet, sometimes that's not good either. All right! Oh look at that teal! I love it all right. Let'S trim that off use this left over on here should be able to okay. Sorry, I was trying to look you're hearing noise and I don't know what my puppy's doing next time. He'Ll have to go in his kennel, maybe his little crate. He was doing so good all morning, he's been kind of laying around. He loves the snow, so this is kind of our first big snow of the year, so he has been out on the deck like 20 times right now, so he's we have a nine month old, uh, corgi puppy, but he's like full size. He'S 30 pounds he's this huge fluffy dog he's a fluffy Corgi, and so he has these short little Corgi legs and he is afraid to do. He can do like a couple steps but he's afraid to do our full. Our full flight of stairs like down to the front door. So if he has to go out, he sits at the top of the stairs and cries and then um, which is good, which is how we know he has to go out um. But it also means he can go on our deck right now and he doesn't go down the stairs. So he can go on the deck and like it's kind of like a playpen for him, and I love it because he can go out without us and he can't go anywhere at least not yet because I mean eventually he'll probably learn to do stairs. I don't know if I have to teach him how to do stairs or if it's he'll just get Brave and do it someday. But I am not complaining because it's kind of nice to keep him on one floor in the house and I don't have to get baby gates or anything. We can close the doors up here to anything we don't want to get into, but our basement doesn't have a door so once he can do stairs, he will get down there on his own unless I got a baby gate so which I don't really want to Do so I'm hoping he'll just stay up here until he's old enough and not getting and not chewing at everything. He just he's been pretty good about not chewing on like furniture, anymore and stuff like that, but he still, he destroys completely, destroys all of the toys and he's not only destroys him, but he eats the he eats them like he rips off the. If it's a cloth, he'll rip it off and then he'll eat he'll eat it. So he'll eat strings, and so I have to take him away once he rips through. So we're going through toys really fast, because I keep having to throw him away. He gets them to the point where he can start eating pieces. I have this like hangnail that I always have or not a hangnail, but it's just this hard. Maybe it is a hangnail. I don't know all right, good enough. Okay, let's try finding! Let'S see if I can do it's gon na be hard, I should have got bigger strips well all right. I'M gon na move these over because this one stays hotter longer and that one is those are new strips, so they don't need to be. Okay. Sorry here we're gon na go back and I'm just gon na do my best covering getting enough coverage for this to be at an angle. I don't even know if I'll be able to, because this is a lot longer. I really can't do that. Maybe I will just do hmm do this. I wish there was a way that I could piece it together, where I could do two halves, but the plans wouldn't light up. I do this, it's not going to cover there. Do I just put this one on straight. Okay, I, like the other side better, so we're gon na. Do that yeah, we'll just do it straight on the snail drives me nuts or I dig out the other. Actually, I don't know if there was a bigger half a bigger plaid now that I think of it. I really don't know if there was because I don't think. Oh, there was one thumb there was one thumb strip, so what I should have done is use the thumb strip for my for this this finger and then my. Why don't I just do this see? Is this gon na cover close enough? I should have used my thumb strips and done an angle on these two fingers and then used these strips on my pinkies and then I wouldn't have had the issue I had with the little being a little bit short but little Laverne. I did not do that. So it is what it is all right. I'M gon na stick this drip back in here, really quick, all right, it'll work. It can be different plaids. All right, I am gon na add. My plan is to add pumpkin spice over both of these plaids. Just to give it a little extra something something so all right: let's clean up the excess here. Oh all, right sure I got it good enough for now, I'm gon na smooth out my edges. Okay, I do like the plaid and the teal together. Do I do my overlays before I do my thumbs sure, let's do that? Okay, I'm gon na finish just sending that up quickly, all right, so I'm gon na put pumpkin sprinkle, which is from the Halloween DIY kit. I had a couple: don't have a ton left, but I have a few left and I really like this glitter overlay. Of course this is sticking to my all right, so I'm gon na add a little bit of glitter over the plaid all right there there. It'S a little bit of overlap, but not a lot all right and this side - let's just put this on over that all right, so I will just cut this really quick here. I clean up the edge here because I have a little wider. I always grab the wrong end, get that off all right, so it just has a little extra glitter. Let'S do the glitter on my other plaid nails, my index fingers. I have that little clear, a little clear overlay sticking to me. Okay, so I think it stopped snoring. Finally, and then I know the roads are slippery, but I'm hoping they're a little bit better this afternoon now that it has stopped, because I have to go out and pick up, my oldest. She has a doctor eye doctor appointment. This afternoon, so all right - oh I'm hoping this is long enough to do my other tail gon na be close, got a little Wrinkle in it, which is gon na drive me nuts tip. Okay, got that smoothed out enough that I think it's not gon na avoid me might have to use my thicker Plumping top coat this time. If I do have any little bumps, because that helps to smooth them out when you touch like you can't feel it, then all right, let's get rid of those from underneath my fingernail. All right, I didn't grab bigger strips. I wanted to do see. I wanted to do an angle for these, but I didn't grab the thumbs. Do I have thumbs left in that pack? I do so hold on a second, I need to read. I want to do one finger in the teal of the plaid. This was my one of my. These are one of my favorites this and between the lines, my old school overlays that I used to use a ton. Oh my last two thumbs all right. I'M gon na put these all back really quick here, all right, I'm pretty sure I have a set of these stashed for later use. I should double check should double check that I have one on my personal stash before I sell them all in my inventory, because that's I need to have at least one backup of this set. It'S one of my faves, something about the Plaid. I don't know. I don't even wear it, I don't even wear plaid. I think I have maybe oh. I don't think I have anything currently that I wear that's plaid. I bought a shirt a couple years ago, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't fit me anymore. All right, so I'm gon na do plaid on my middle finger. Add an angle if I can line it up right. Okay, come on back here, I should have used the figure here. Let me switch because this is my non-nailfy hand and I'll have more leeway with the other one. Okay, it's gon na be subtle. It'S not because it's a dark, color all right. So let me clean this up and I will show you okay, so I'm going to push down to get it adhered everywhere, and then I will clean up the edges with this. I'M not going to get it quite cut. All the way around course. They'Re. Just sticking to my fingers, it doesn't want to come off seriously. Okay, there, all these little pieces stick underneath my nail and then, when I go to put on a strip, they always seem to fall off right underneath the strip I've done that enough times and usually when I'm recording. So it's always fun all right. So it has the Plaid there and then my other finger seriously. I get these this. This overlay is really sticking to me, so I can't I'm having issues getting those off all right, all right. Let'S get this lined up. How I want it. How do I want it yeah that works all right, so I'm gon na do the end. That'S the easiest! Now I hear puppy again: okay, let's push it down clean up the edges. Just get the sides up. First yeah! All right did I remove that edge. I think it's okay, all right, so we have plaids a couple plaids and then I'm just gon na do my thumbs and we'll be all set. If you guys haven't tried this teal if you're a fan of teal, this teal is very pretty. Let'S do this. My thumb is always a little too long. Let'S see you can tell it's just a little too long to use this other half. It'S always just like a little short, but that's why I got the other one out. I think I'd have to start. I wouldn't have to go so if I did it wasn't so close to the cuticle. I guess at the base I had a little more nail showing and if I cut my nails as short as I can possibly get them, then I think I've. Then I've been able to use get two done with one strip of my thumbs, but usually it is just one of each, but all of this is a big sticky mess right now in the on my little scraps and a little wonky on that side. Oh well and we're gon na do this and gather it all, and then I'm gon na use my orange stick and come underneath perforate it on my orange stick. My rubber cuticle pusher push that down hole in here all right. I think I need to go and bundle up and take the two dogs for a walk in the snow before it gets too uh close to. When I have to leave. I have one dog that likes that, like loves the snow, The Fluffy Corgi loves the snow because he's so full of fur and he's doesn't get cold he. So he wants to be out all the time and then the big boy has short hair, so he gets cold. It definitely does not last as long and he was a puppy. He did like to play in the snow like dig and stuff, but all right. So I have my next fall Manny I have plaid. You came with pumpkin sprinkle over it. I did an angle here and not an angle here, just because of grab the wrong strips uh eat till you eat teal you drop and then eat till you drop with the Plata boat shoe over it. So a couple plaid looks here: didn't: was it exactly what I had in mind but pretty close, and I think I'm digging it so thanks for watching have a great day, bye,

Fun With Nails by Tina: I really like this mani, It's so cute!

jenny mancinelli: I love the plaid over the teal, so pretty

Angela Stalter: Lovely combo!

Stacys Sassy Styles: Isn't Teal the most stunning!! AAHHH

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