How I Wrap My Short Hair For Sleeping (Requested Video)

  • Posted on 05 February, 2012
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How to wrap a short hair cut.

Hey guys, it's your girl sisters getting fit 1. 2. 3. I'M back with another video. I'M excuse me if I'm not looking directly at the camera, is that I need to read something because this is a requested video and the video is requested from Darice 93. I'M not sure if I pronounced that right, but I bet I very much appreciate the fact that you send me a video request and um. Basically it says: can you do a video on what you do with your hair when you're going to bed? I have a similar style to yours. I wrap my hair up as usual. With this satin thing I use and it looks and it still looks a mess in the morning. Also, can you talk about how you take care of your hair in between washes because mine doesn't last the whole week? Thank you, okay. So I'm going to attack this question one at a time. The first thing how I write my hair when I go to sleep, how I tie it up what I use is. I have this comb, you see it's the wide toothed comb. I use this mesh wrap and it closes in the front with this velcro and I'm not sure this is what you were talking about and I use this silk scarf. So the first thing I'm going to do I mean this is very, very simple. The first thing I'm going to do and anybody who has a similar style or, if you don't you just have to comb it according to the directions. Your actual hair goes. I'M going to take my comb myself. It'S called a feather comb, my souther comb and I'm going to just comb all this over comb it all over and I'm going to make sure it's over my ear and not behind it, because when it's behind it sometimes it leaves the the crease from your ear. So you don't want to do that, so I'm going to just take my fella comb, I'm going to comb it all back now. For the other side, I'm going to take my fella comb and I'm just going to comb this side kind of back too, and I'm going to take a regular comb. And oh, this one looks okay, I know and I'm going to take a regular comb and I'm just going to comb it and make sure it's nice and smooth and I'm going to leave my sideburns down on both sides, because I want them to lay down when I wake up in the morning, oh, and I'm also going to comb the back and make sure that it's down nice and neat make sure it's all down nice and neat, and once I do that and every piece is in place all over I'm going to take. My silk scarf, I'm going to fold it into a triangle, as you can see, and I'm going to put it like this over my head and I'm going to make sure it goes past. My hair, in the back. That'S my actual hair in the back then make sure you tie the scarf to the front. Then I'm going to take this and make sure that put my hand under here to make sure it's all laying down and my hand under this side to make sure that it's all laying down and I'm just going to tie this. I haven't even connected this part. The top part I'm just going to tie this part and I'm going to tie this on my forehead. As you can see, and not my hair, it's not it's not on my hair, then I take that top layer. That'S like this, and I put it right over it like that, and then I just tie it together like that, now it's tied very loose. Nothing about this is tight. It is very, I can put my fingers under here without a problem. It'S very very loose. You do not want to tie it really tight, because you don't want to flatten it. You don't want to cause creases to appear now. I just make sure my hair's still laying down here and it's still laying down here - and this is on my forehead and not my hairline and everything is down. Then I take this. This is what's going to secure it so that I can um go to sleep and it doesn't move and I'm going to take this and put it from the front over the back like this, and then you can stick. I know it looks silly looks very silly, but then you can stick this piece right under there. It looks very, very silly and let me tell you this camera. You cannot see. I have a very little head, but um I do so. I have like a lot of space left. I want that, but I tried it as tight as I could actually get it and I keep it over my ears and then that's it. That'S all you have to do it's very, very simple, it's very, very simple and try when you go to sleep, try to not move around so much. I mean when I go to sleep. I don't move a lot and I tend to sleep on the side that has less hair, because I noticed that you want that side to be flat. So I try to stay on that side instead of the side, which is the most hair, that I want to kind of have values, but you know that's, but this should be good. However, you sleep, this should be good just you know that would be a little gentler and make sure that this part is secure, so it doesn't move when you sleep, that's pretty much it now. The second part of the question was um. What do you do between washes because mine doesn't last all week um my hair can last up to two weeks before I actually wash it now, I like to wash it every week, but my hair can last up to two weeks um. What I do is I make sure that before I shower or before I go to bed or anything like that, my hair is wrapped. It'S it's sad like this, and I have my shower caps off. I don't give any moisture um. Another thing that I do is I make sure that you brush down you make sure that you brush down the back every time. You know you put your scarf on, or you know, you're going out, you're leaving your house make sure you brush the back down. Secondly, had another video about a mini Flatiron, which is it's a quarter of it? No, this is a half an inch. I can't remember if it's a half an inch or a quarter of an inch. I take that flat iron and any when I see something out of place, I just flatten it and you know, nip it in the butt right away before it all becomes a big mess. But really your hair is a creature of habit. If you keep doing the same thing over and over your hair will learn to obey your commands, so you have to really set a you have to really train your hair to do what you want it to do, to keep the shine. I like to add a little bit of satin cream satin cream satin pressed cream, which is in a yellow jar, just a little bit of it or I like to use on a serum, sometimes heat, protecting or anything like that, and that's just about it. I don't do anything really too much to it other than that. If you have any more questions, just let me know or if anyone else has any questions, let me know I will feel you know I'm happy to make a video for you. That'S pretty much it. Thank you guys for watching

Shayna Church: Thank you so much! I just got my hair shaped up and it lasted me a whole week, I could have even gone two weeks. You were so helpful. Thanks!!

Marquita Govan: Thank you for this video! I just recently had to cut my long hair short and needed to know how to care for it at night. This video shows how to cover All of my hair and keep it secure with my scarf. I also appreciate the info about showering and flat ironing.

Chris M: I love your hair. I have a similar cut. I’ll be using your tips. Thank you.

tyisha stephen: I love this video really helped me.....was beginning to regret my short hair lol

Keke Bonay: No I dont cut it myself I only trim it myself. My Mom does it maybe I can convince her to come on camera when I decide to cut it again. Thank you for watching

Shayna Church: 3 years later your video saves me again. Thank you!

Keke Bonay: I am so glad that I could help! I don't flat iron daily I aim for maybe once or twice a week I am doing a question and answer video so if u have a question feel free to ask

simplychimene: I love this cut. Is it an assymetrical cut? Going to the hairdresser this weekend x

Ladyliriano: Very helpful and detailed. Thanks!

lovebug7: Girl, your hair is so damn cute!!! like omg, I love it.

Jessica Dorlac: so helpful. Thanks!

Keke Bonay: In the summer I keep my ac pumping lol so I don't really have that problem. Honestly in the summer I wear my hair slicked down because it's easy looks nice and I don't have to worry about sweat or heat or anything like that. I would suggest not putting your scarf on until the very last minute. or use just the mesh thing that I have on in the video

Keke Bonay: I don't have the wrapper anymore but you can buy it from walmart, or any local beauty suppy store!

Keke Bonay: Thank You :) I saw your haircut it looks nice also. u had me laughing when you were talking about how she cut it before the relaxer

April Felton: very helpful!

Keke Bonay: Lol no. I get that question alot. As my haircut grows out I only trim the bang and I get the rest of my hair cut low like on the sides. I have seen the bang pieces they look nice if you put it in correctly and trim it to not look odd with the rest of your hair.

313AKA: Damn, is that what's causing my crinkles in the back; tying it too tight? I'm going to try having it looser and see the results. I was worried if it was too loose it may slip off during the night.

Just want a peaceful life: It is gitting hot and I wanted to know, How do you maintain your hair in the heat? I start to swet and my hair starts to look wet and when i wrap it at night and comb it down the next day, it lays down flat and looks straight and nasty. What do you do? Thanks

Blessed and highly favored: Yes, girl I'm not a hair dresser BUT I just thought she did it backwards. I just took the tracks that she glued in yday. Omg!! I'm never letting anyone come near my hair with hair glue EVER again. I'm just gonna have to be patient and wait for it to grow out like yours ;)

locosmith2005: Great video so helpful

Abigail Freckleton: Thank you so much!!!!

Catina Claytor: i use to use the mesh wrap and it always comes off my hair

Keke Bonay: you r welcome thank you for watching!

tyisha stephen: Do you flatiron daily? Thanks

S. Green: What the mesh wrap u used called and where did u get it from?

Keke Bonay: @MRSNH39 Thank you! if you have any video request feel free to inbox me or leave a message on my page

Pilgrimage Japan: Thank-you. You are beautiful!

Keke Bonay: @locosmith2005 Thank you! I am glad I could help

lashon carter: thanks for the tips

Blessed and highly favored: Do you have added pieces to your bangs?

Ymani Downey: Best video I've seen!

kcgrimes87: I knew this video is old but Have you ever used the wrap strips at night with a scarf? If so did you like them.

Keke Bonay: @Darice93 Your welcome thank you for the request

Nicholas Cameron:

naturalbeauty908: Lovely video. .did u cut ur hair urself,? If u did wud love to see a video

ugotashmont: Thank uuuuuuu

Simone Greaves: Almost burnt my dinner as i was into your video

Keke Bonay: @mrscarter4230 your welcome

Alexandria Braum: What's the point of wrapping up your hair for bed if it's short????

Sahadatou Simpore: What is the name of the wrap ?

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