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  • Posted on 30 October, 2015
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Hey Guys !! This is a undated version of my older video that i did in 2010. Now that my hair is much shorter i wanted to share how i wrap my hair now. Comment below and Subscribe!! Love yall!

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Hey guys, I am back with another video issue, girl, T, Andhra and guess what we are going to do something very special. We are going to update my how to rap and unwrap your hair video, now you're asking me teondra. Why do you want to you know, update this video, okay? Well, two reasons, two reasons I want to update this video one is because that video is so raw and uncut and wretch. I don't even know how y'all watch that video. I think that video had about 35,000 views, don't know how y'all watch that craziness but y'all I was like. I got ta redo this video, that video had bad lighting, my daughter who is now seven you follow me on social media like Instagram and snapchat. You will see her she's grown like she is a big girl, she's, seven years old, but back then she was a little baby she's making noise my mother's back there she's yelling, I'm not even looking in the camera. The lighting is horrible. Camera focus, oh all kind of crap y'all like it was a hot-ass mess. So that was one reason. Why, like I mean we do this, and my hair is shorter, it's sure than what it was in that video. So I want to show you how I wrap shorter hair, so yeah, so that's why we doing this all over again. So let's go ahead on and get started. What do you need to wrap your hair? You need a satin scarf, silk or satin scarf. This is the same scarf I use in the previous video cuz. I love it. I love is, it is big, it's huge and I can fold it into a triangle and it still gives me great coverage on my head and also I have this one too. This is like a strip. Let me see, let me on tie it, I'm so unprepared. It'S like a thin strip, see and it's long so you could wrap this around your head. A couple of times see, I can use this one as well or you can use the silk or satin bonnet whatever you you do. What you do you do you then. As far as the tools are concerned, I still had the same battle brush same paddle, brush like in that video or you can use a different brush, have the same different brush like in a video I mean you can tell. I still use the same things. You ain't broke, why I trying to fix it or you can use a wide tooth comb. I know some women do not like to use a paddle brush or a brush to wrap their hair. They actually use a wide tooth comb and it works just as fine. I personally don't like it um, but it's good for less manipulation, because, of course this has the bristles and all that kind of stuff, and it's just more manipulating your hair. Let'S just be honest, so this is better because it's less manipulation is less pieces or prongs going into your hair and maneuvering around. So it makes sense, but I don't use that if your hair has a lot of body is not like way down with product. If you use a wide tooth comb, you want to just make sure that you're using some type of Clips like a duck clip or I don't even think I do use like a clip to kind of secure each section and then put your scarf on and tug. It a little bit so it's kind of secure and then try to take the clips out and then tighten your scarf and go about your business, because when you go to comb it, your hair fall back down like I just did so you just got to be Mindful, if you use a comb and your hair has like still full of body, you might have to use some clips with that, but we're gon na use a brush. So let's go ahead and get started well, so, okay, so anyway, so my hair, it's freshly washed and I'm gon na use this brush to make sure it stays down. I don't want any loose hairs and stuff flyaways all over the place. I want to try to get it as smooth as possible with this paddle brush. So this is my shorter side. If you know, if you don't know, my hair broke off a lot. So one of my really bad problem areas is this side, so I kind of always keep it tucked behind my ear if you've been painting since in my previous videos, this side is always tucked behind the ear, because I'm still waiting for it to grow back out. Um, so when I go to wrap my hair previously, I wrapped it this way, but now I wrap it that way. Why? Because, whatever side that you wrap it whatever direction, it goes um, which will be this way for me that cider lay flatter than the opposite side, the opposite side. The side that's going against the grain is gon na, have more volume and it's gon na be having more body to it. So you can just you, can look at my hair itself and say and see how I wrap my hair, which side I wrap it on and it's this side. This side is flatter. This side has a little bit more body, and that's just how I like it. If I wrap my hair the opposite way with these short pieces, they won't they will. They will stand like this and it will not lay down it would take product for me to put it down, and I don't want to do that. So naturally I want to kind of go that way, so I know it'll lay flat that way. So, first, what you want to do is you want to brush your hair all the way around, so the hair right here you want to brush that down here on this side. You want to brush that down here on the other side, brushes straight down here in the back pressure straight down. Some people also they'll make like an L, shape to confirm it there, but as a guide, I don't do it. I just brush it straight down. So there's no part in my hair at all. Okay, then, whatever way I want to wrap it, I start so, if you're a beginner, you might want to take a piece and start going down and around like that. As you're going around brush the back down go around some more brush. It down, go around some more brush it down. So then this whole side is around. Now I want to start right here, like I said, if you're beginner, you want to take it piece by piece: go down wrap it around piece by piece: go down wrap it around piece by piece: go down wrap it around, and you do that until all the Hair is wrapped all the way around super simple now, because I have shorter hair, especially on that side, which is okay, because the side with the fuller hair covered it. So it's not gon na go nowhere, but the back where I have like little loose pieces. I can get a little bit of a light oil or serum, and I can place it on there and so where I can kind of stay flat or I get some coconut oil, which is a super light oil that penetrates into the hair shaft. So I know it won't, weigh it down and it'll still give me a lot of body once I take it out the next morning. I could put that on that, and so I lay it flat and keep it smooth, because I don't want any crinkles or creases in my head back there or anywhere. So that's what I can do. Also you can take a bristle brush like a wave brush. I'M a boy brush. If you will, you can take that and smooth out all the hair as well, but I don't because I think that's a little bit too harsh for the hair, but you can. If your hair is wild and totally out of control, there's so many loose hairs. You can do that as well, so that's it super simple. As you can see, the hair is coming down the back, so I just have to constantly fix it and that's that so before it falls, I want to go ahead on and show you how I wrap it with my scarf. So I make sure it's in a triangle like I said this scarf is pretty big and I like it because it gives me the coverage that I need I'm a while sleeper. So I need it to be big enough for this reason, and that is look at that piece right. There see it's coming down and that that is for this reason, so I'll take it and I'll make sure it goes all the way to my nose like that. I wanted to go to my nose because I'm a wild sleeper and if I tie it like that, flip it up throughout the night, it'll start to rise up, and I can feel it. I can start to pull this down more and more and more. It'S about 8:00 at night. It'S like this piece is right here, because I'm horrible sleeper many who, because my hair is going this way if I pull my ear back so expose my ear. If I go backwards, I might pull some hair that was going in that direction. So I go this way, so I'm going toward the wrap and then this side I could pull back because I know the here's going backwards. Tighten it some people tie it tied up here. I don't cuz, it hurts my head. I keep it tied back here. Try it again make it sure it's secure and then I'd swirl it cuz. I don't like the tail. Bothering me at night touching my back simple right, super easy, simple, simple, simple! Now, next morning you already took a shower brushed your teeth. Um, put your beat your face, meet your breakfast. So now you wan na take your wrap down cuz, it's time to go. You want! What I do is what I do is I make the scarf go in a direction of the rap and then take it off. Then some people use a brush again. This time I don't use it. I use a wide tooth comb and I just brush it same thing down just how you start it it's going back into that same style straight down. I don't want to just start combing my hair into a ponytail. Even if that's what I wanted to do, you don't want to do that because you got to remember. Your hair has been in a tight wrap all night, so you just raking it back. It'S causing. It'S gon na probably cause some breakage, so go back into the style. It'S easy to break it up. Some people shake their hair down, but I call me straight back down. I don't want to see any broken pieces of hair on my shirt, so I'm really gentle with the comb and now that it's back into this style in this state, I can go ahead on and you know style as usual, so I can do it in a Part and middle part - I do, I know, let me do it on the side part. So I can good on my side part and then, as you know, I pulled this hair back. So that's it simple. Boom BAM, simple, simple and that's it y'all simple, easy: how to wrap and unwrap your hair. Alright. So what that being said, comment below and let me know how do you wrap your hair? Do you wrap it like I do or do you have another special technique? Comment comment below: I would love to see those comments on how you wrap your hair. Also, what products are used? What tools do you use? Did you use stuff like I do, or do you use a rat tail comb or a bristle brush or what so? Let me know what do you use don't forget to subscribe. I have it right up here to send you right to my page and you can just click Subscribe, don't forget to share and like this video, I love you guys. Thank you so much for watching I'll. Probably do more updated videos, because now that I've seen that old video which I'll have linked below, if you want to have a good laugh, I want to probably go through and look at the other ones and update them as well. So anywho check that out. If you want to and until next time guys thank you for watching and I will see y'all later peace

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