How To Mold A Short Style | Short Cut Molding | How To Use Wrap Foam On Relaxed Hair

  • Posted on 03 October, 2020
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

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So today we're going to be doing a mold on my client, so we're going to start off by using our elite, silky leave-in, conditioner and we'll spray that all over her hair and then for the wrap foam. We'Re going to be using our elite, silky wrap foam. Now please just the word to the wise, don't be as heavy-handed as i was with the foam today. I kind of let it get away from me, so i use a little bit too much, but guys our products work exactly the same. A little goes a long way, so don't follow that part of the video okay. Now, when you start your mold, you want to make sure that your foundation is nice and smooth and yes, the product does matter some wrap foams hold softer or looser than others. The good thing about the elite silky wrap foam is it can be used on natural or relaxed hair, but of course, texture will make a huge difference in how your foundation lays now. You always want to make sure that you layer from the foundation in the direction of how you'll be styling the hair. So for her we're going to be doing a style where the hair will be going towards somewhat towards the side. And you want to just make sure that you carve out your sideburns and just make everything look as neat as possible. Your mold is the actual foundation for your style and trust me if your mold is not right, you're going to work extremely hard to get the style that you want. So basically you want to make sure that you carve out your hair. The way you want it to look for you to actually curl it when it's dry now, i'm going to be using a little bit of end papers. These are the papers that you use when you do a roller set just to hold her hair down in the back. This will allow the hair to dry a lot faster than me using wrap strips and sometimes wrap strips. They disturb your mold. So i try not to use it as often, but if i have to i will she got a fresh relaxer on the sides, so it wasn't required now that her hair is dry, we're going to go through and just take out some of that density near the Occipital bone and i'm using my babyliss gold fx clippers in the open position. If you are not comfortable with using your clippers for this, then i would definitely say: use your shears until you get comfortable doing so. Now after i went through and removed some of the density i just followed up by using my gold fx trimmers, just to clean up her hairline and give her that nice square shape. Of course you can shape your client in whatever direction you choose or if it's you, you may want the oval shape or whatever shape you want at. This point is when i do it, so we're not going to cut anything off um, we are trying to grow her hair out somewhat just a little bit longer in the front, so we're going to go ahead and spray her with some goddess polish, which just this Does serve. Excuse me as a heat protectant, as well as a shine spray, and then i also used a little bit of spritz now for the irons that i'm using i'm going to be using my h2po 3 10 of an inch pencil iron. You can use whatever pencil iron you like, i just decided to use the h2 pro and then, of course, i'll also be using my h2 pro 1 inch on titanium iron as well. Now, there's no specific iron that you have to use to do your curls guys. Everybody'S going to use something different, everyone may say something else works better for them. Some people prefer marcel's. Some people hate marcel's, where i have my marcels and i cannot stand using them. I feel like i'm past, that point in life, but if ever needed i can whip them out now for this style it is kind of uh. It'S not really a uniform style. Some of the the um hair will be flipped. Some will be curled under that kind of thing, so i will let you guys go ahead and finish watching and you'll be able to see the finished style and then, of course, at the end. Please, please, please don't forget if you are new to my ig, please don't forget to hit that follow button and, of course, put your hearts down below comment. Tell me what you think and then, if you use a certain iron, let me know as a stylist, because i know some of my stylists also watch my videos. What irons do you use? I always like to try different tools. I'M like a tool junkie. So i'll definitely try something out and then of course, if you're using h2 pro, please comment down below and tell me what you think. As i said i'll see you guys in the next video, but don't forget, keep watching you

toye2u: Beautiful! Watching you work is peaceful and I can tell you love your craft too. There's something about those hands, its like a ministry...a self-esteem booster, they give your clients peace and more importantly, you help your clients to reinvent themselves; especially those who lost themselves to alopecia, thinning hair, no edges, etc...I love it!

Lenora Butler: Her hair is so gorgeous. It have me considering going back to relaxing my hair and let this natural go. The jeopardy theme playing in my head while thinking about it. Lol!

Joyce Shelton: All the styles are absolutely beautiful !I love them all .

Linda D. K.: Beautiful for a short hairstyle!

Nessa D: I truly like this technique and style very nice I think I might try this on my short hair!

V Jones: This looks beautiful!!!❤

Michele Williams: Her hair came out beautiful. I love it❤️

Pam Champion: Short hair is WORK! But it’s beautiful and worth it

Marilyn Martin: Her hair looks great and I love that shine!

Sherreal Hammond: Beautiful!! I always love your work.

Always True: Beautifully done.

kisha_cm: Love the style!

Mary Arnold: it as always another beautiful job

Barbara Jackson: Wish I was in your area. I believe you could help my hair grow.

marcia plump: Love the cut and the style

Phyllis Pratt: Love it ❤

Anna Smith: I love the hair style. I also love watching you do hair. I could watch u all day. I went natural but I would love to rock that do.

Tonya Wms: Love how you're quiet at the end. Please show products longer on the screen. Short recap at the end of video w/products & tools used helpful. Thanks!

clementine hyman: Thank you for allowing us to see it to the end I appreciate it.

stephine brown: Her hair looks beautiful!!!❤️❤️

Melissa Copeland: Beautiful job Crystal....U NAILED IT

Chekeka Price: BEAUTIFUL!!

Ann Fears: Beautiful uniform short haircut

Jena4Rae: I need that mousse so i can attempt to do my own...

Joyce Shelton: So smooth and silky.

V Jones: Can you let the foam wrap air dry like over night or does it need to be set under a hairdryer?

Mary J Flanagan: How old would you suggest a lil girl be before using razors to clean up their lining, especially if they have long wavy hair that naturally lies flat?

Shifenia Jackson: Beautiful

Tonya Wms: "LOVE IT!" I really miss seeing Black women wear short hairstyles. Beautiful! I hate seeing them wearing pitiful looking wigs & super long weaves when their natural hair looks much better.

Althea Winston: I love that look

Annette Williams: I like how you gv her some fullness at the top....excellent style for her

jewel williams: Very pretty

Tanisha Duncan: Hair style looks good

Marley Hill: Makes me want to cut my hair. I got to move to Barbados or Florida first. London England is too cold. Lol! Plus I'm too lazy to curl my hair and I like swimming and sweating. Lol!

CoutourplusConfidence: Please do a video on how to do finger waves

C Harris: Very very nice

Tonya Wms: Please mention wear we can purchase products.

lâu ra Chai xịt: OMG ❤️

Linda Fahey: I can't hear you toward the end

sea shell: U use tooo much foam why waste it

Ro Souza - Arte feminina: Like.

sade curtis: E my You

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