How To: Silk Wrap Short Relaxed Hair

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So my hair is dry. Well, I hope it is so I'm just going to start to take these off and I'm going to start from the back and for the pieces that aren't dry, I'll, just pin curl them and then just if it's not dry, pin curl. My whole hair and then just go back under okay. So now I'm going to finger cannot finger these out. Just like this. My hair is crazy, and now I'm gon na take my comb and I'm just gon na comb. The curl done with me by entails points. I had no idea of anyone. Yeah get herself rescued with a new identity for half the reporters in the world, ascend on this, damn Island poison, the captain yeah, okay. So with that column, I could leave it like this, but I don't like big hair. I'M sorry! I'M not a bit a big hair at all, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my elastic key clip and I'm not going to take a lot, because this stuff is really heavy. This stuff is really heavy, so I'm just gon na put enough to get my hair some shine, Kate after I do that I am going add some coconut oil, then this stuff does a great coconut oil does a great job of giving my hair some shine, and Now, what I'm going to do is wrap my hair and I will be back. I already have a video on how to wrap my hair, so I'm just going to do that. The exact same way - and I will be back to show you how I put the saran wrap on so fine, hey guys now, with my hair, fully wrapped, I'm going to use my glad my flatware, what it was. Yeah wrap clean, wrap it up anyways, and what I do is I just wrap in the direction. The way my hair is wrapped because it's very important, because if you have creases in your hair all this happens, then it will also go that like the crease will stay and it sucks trying to get it all and pretty much have to like Flatiron it to Get it to go away and what I do is I lightly go around it the first time and then after maybe the second or third time I lifting this up. So I can see. I just go tighter and tighter around my head and then I'm gon na stop, I'm not done not one bit, Oh and then I'm going to lay this down, not tight, but then what I do is I take this and I lay it on top and lay It down and then still blunt in the direction that my rap is. I just keep going around kind of making sure the top gets tight. So seams go down flat and that's about it. You don't eat that much cuz one. So my head is off wrapped and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to sit under my hooded dryer again, but here's the trick. If you sit under it too long, you will literally sweat your hair out and it'll become wet. So I only stay under there for about five to ten minutes, because I sweat easily well, I don't sweat easily, but it just gets really really hot and I don't want to sweat my edges to be like extra sweaty. So I don't recommend sitting under there for like 20 minutes, but I mean if you can go ahead because the longer you sit under there, the more flatter you'll be. But if you start sweating, then your hair won't get wet so we'll kind of like defeat. The purpose so I've been on the dryer for about 710 minutes and now I'm just going to take this down I'm around and I'm just going to pick this out. I'M just gon na calm this down. But this are the results to my saran-wrap and I will just keep playing until I get it the way I like it, but these are my results so, like I said before, thank you for watching and please subscribe to my channel bye.

natural_ hair_jai: from the comments I thought it was going to look terrible. I like it. very thick and healthy. yes I've see your other video. it has grown alot

The Slayologist: I love roller sets, they're great for growing hair! Great video!

Brittany Manning: Tbh she was posting this video to show you guys how SHE does her hair. She doesn't want y'all commenting, telling her what she did wrong or what you think she should've done. Keep your rude opinions to yourself. Great video love!! I liked it.

tamoniva12: Roller sets are so much healthier for the hair. It's nice to see you using that method.

Angelete Ashley: You did great young lady! ♥️

JL: Great video hun. Thank you for sharing. I love you results. keep up the great work sista!!

Japana TV: turned out very well girly

4evertashie: looks great, i look forward to doing this but just dont look forward to spending an hour doing it lol

Francheska Hicks: it looks nice forget the negative people they can keep negative to there selfs

Crystal Ford: Next time you Saran Wrap your hair, just twist the Saran Wrap in the direction you wrapped your hair for an easier removal....this is after you dry, it will come off all at once

Nefertiti Moon: It's cute just like you do your hair how you like it! It looks healthy so...BYE HATERS

chell Bourgeois: Good job babygirl that’s why it’s so healthy keep it going

BossLady 1000: u did a great job

Marcajonae Brooks: I like the video, your hair looks good but would this work without the rollers?

Brittany Green: I liked it you really help me thanks

kharyzma4u: OMG. I didn't even know you were on Youtube this long. How cute!!!

Marie Cadet: Good job lil momma! Keep doing your thang!

Francheska Hicks: it looks nice forget the negative people they can keep negative to there selfs

iwannaseeit1979: I was getting Diana Ross in "Mahogany" vibes before you combed it out. Looks nice and thick and healthy.

Edward Harris: I love it

Ludimila cardoso: penteou o cabelo uma vida kkkkk tava quase mudando de video

MsMsShopaholic: it came out great!!

BossLady 1000: thank you sweetie

Buck Vannor: its thick and healthy

Sol-Angel Greene: idk why people are being rude on here. I think you have a charismatic spirit. God bless you and I love your vids!

Ingra Mccurdy: you did GOOD

marcia wright: Very nice

lipglosslover09: i find that when my hair comes out "crunchy" the curls last a LOT longer. but i like the softer results because I feel like my hair may snap off! lol

judith Cohen: I'm sure a saran wrap will work for me but where I live I don't have the correct hair products (Duluth Minnesota) I will work with what I have and find someone to saran wrap for me.

Ludimila cardoso: esse tanto de sacola ta quase uma uva passas meu bem sera q demais não faz efeito ruim não? vou testar no meu sacola kkk

tee white: U do a very gud rollerset! That is sumthng i hav yet 2 master! Idt i hav the patience!

The Millennial Southern Belle: good results

Solitair Cloud: Gonna try.

Adelayo Kehinde: Watching in 2021

child bye: it's funny to me that people giving her suggestions like they really know about hair. yet they only know about what works for their self. this is why I don't do YouTube videos or take but so much advice from YouTube comments or videos. this website have many uneducated people giving irrelevant advice with no real education in the matter. but the funniest part is some of these people trying every little thing they see on YouTube Just because somebody here and looks like their hair texture. but when the stuff they try has a damaging or some other negative reaction. it's the same ones going back to the video or doing a video about how it messed up their hair or skin.

Priscilla Burnett: She wrapped the hell out her head!!! LOL

Lyn O: Please mute your tv next time. It’s very distracting.

Lame Daniels: it was 8 years ago i dont think she cares about the negative comments now

LaVerne Holley: Hmmm.. interesting... :)

Oliver: 8:39 - 8:50 um...... was there some child abuse going on?

Mimi Cavers: doesn't have to be that much wrap

Nadjosh876: just didnt look good at all, to me

Brenda J: Five minutes of removing rollers and brushing was not needed.

SPREAD LOVE: and i think you shouldnt use the coconut oil and the other stuff......

kimmysenpai: Wayy too much only need one layer.

topgyol k: next time no television you paying too much attention to it

Hautemomma1970: You used rollers that were WAY too big when you should have used a flat iron for a little body instead & you didn't need the Elasta QP AND the coconut oil.

Jada Johnson: If you would have used smaller rollers you would have better curls. I Dont understand why you used Big rollers and you have short hair.

Trenae Bowers: it has no body to it! very stiff, maybe it would come out better if u let a professional do it.

Trenae Bowers: it has no body to it! very stiff, maybe it would come out better if u let a professional do it.

Jamelia Smith: hot mess!!!

Trenae Bowers: it has no body to it! very stiff, maybe it would come out better if u let a professional do it.

Xhsurv - Business: looks terrible

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