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  • Posted on 04 December, 2012
  • Short Hair
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Hey y'all, it is me i love me 30 fyi. I am here because i had gotten my hair cut not too long ago and um. I am not a professional stylist at all. My mom was but um, i'm not so. I learned a couple of stuff from her if you hear a little a little voice in the background that is my daughter, so she want to chime in the videos. I'Ma just go ahead and later but um. I washed my hair and i washed my hair with these shampoos. One minute i used the garnier fructis triple nutrients nutrients nutrients, yeah for dry and damaged hair, because i got a pearl on my head and fortifying conditioner and then i use the shampoo and conditioner all that jazz and now what i'm going to do is put on This okay, i'm not i'm getting the hang of this youtube thing and this whole backwards yeah. My dyslexia is kicking in so anyways. It'S called generic value products; silk remedy compared to chi: silk fusion: silk: uh reconstruction complex! I like this better because the um chi oil is a little bit thinner. This is a whole lot thicker, so it lasts you a lot. I got in this bottles three months. I had it and i still got a good sizable amount. So i put like um for my hair for long hair, i say: put a between a quarter to a um nickel size in your hand and massage it all around if you have longer hair, because this will weight your hair down. If you have long hair, if you have short hair and it just will stay there, my short hair is short enough for me to just play with it. I don't want. Sometimes i like the flow, sometimes it's whatever, but i put um more than recommended just a little bit more and washed my hair, i was gon na put on makeup, but i was like that's not realistic, so i massage it all in my head and i work From the bottom on up, i do my edges because that's where i'm dry the most i like using this - and it leaves your hair super soft, so i use this massage it in and then i'm gon na start wrapping. My hair excuse me if this video is a bit lengthy because, like i said, i'm getting new to this whole posting videos thingamajigs. This is what i'm gon na wrap my hair with olive oil foam wrap lotion from i can't pronounce it so, whatever with pro vitamins and all that jazz, bye dave, whatever anyways uh, i got a trance for a minute. Excuse me: okay, and i use my wrapping. So that's i got my wrapping lotion put my oil in and i i use my black little thingies here now. Okay, i'm ghetto. Probably too many people don't know this whatever. But since i didn't have the um container for these, and i got tired of um like getting it all loose, i just got a ziploc bag cut a hole in the middle and voila. So i am going to part my hair first excuse me y'all. While i take a sip of my wine, hello, okay, so i think i'm over here this way i'll part it. Actually, you know what i'm not gon na do it. That way, like i said, i have severe dyslexia, don't soda me because sometimes i just change my mind and to drop a pet. I'M gon na just basically wrap it all over. So just lathered up my hair so and then i'm just going to take my fine-tooth comb here. Okay, so i'm trying to i'm gon na i'm gon na try to work my way from the bottom to the top and patient me. I just don't want the video to be too long, but yeah i'll just fast forward. Y'All got a fast forward button and i just basically all over get it worse, nice and smooth or are these to my liking. I don't know about everybody else, but okay, so if you can't see this back, i'm gon na show you i just pretty much lay it down like that. If you can see, i pretty much lay it down like that in the back. I just work my way. Work my way, oh yeah, before i washed my hair um before i washed my hair, i used my uh friend of mine. Just like you know. She uses olive oil and brown sugar. I have never used that, so i did it today and it after i washed my hair. It was very soft and nice and i don't have because every time i wash my hair, i can wash my hair two times and um. I still have flakes. So i'm not think is that a flake - i don't know it's not as bad, so what i'm gon na do here? Okay, so right here, let's just bring that bring it! Oh okay, so i think i want that downward and then i'll just bring it all the way around all right. Oh so i just continue going all the way around with um the style that i want, and i take my wraps and i wrap it like this. Take another one wrap it and i take another one and wrap it that way. So i hope that you enjoyed how to wrap your hair with your local sally's. That'S where i got it, i'm sorry. I got all those products at sally's. I got the shampoo and conditioner at a walmart, so um hope you enjoy. I know the video is lengthy. Sorry about that eyebrows. Look kind of jacked, sorry about that too, but whatever hope you like it. Thank you subscribe comment. I hate it love it. Whatever you feel subscribe, i really can take constructive criticism. You'Ll be surprised. So thank you. Have a nice day.

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