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  • Posted on 16 February, 2017
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Hey y'all! This video on wrapping short hair with wrap strips instead of neck strips.

I see people using neck strips and suggesting using neck strips to wrap short hair.

Please get wrap strips ladies. Watch the video and learn about the differences.

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Hey I'll back with another video today, I'm going to talk about something that it's important, but it's not like that much of a major deal, but I see people do this and say this, so I just wanted to do a quick video to point out the differences. What am I talking about? What are the differences between neck strips and wrap strips? So I'm going to tell you the differences between the two, what each was designed for your aunts, important that you know the dough. So let's go to the video okay. So, first off we have wrap strips. These are AB strips see what they say, wrap it Junior I like the smaller ones. So I have to wrap it. Junior strips there's, also just a plain graphic strip. Take long in two colors and two sides: white record strips black record strips of white rapid strip junior black rapid strip, rap strips are designed for you to wrap and mold your web here. So when you have a short cut and you wrap it with foaming, pomade or foaming lotion or wrapping foam or whatever you want to call it, then you take the strip and you tie that around the head to give you a smoother bulb. Yes, specifically, what wrap strips are designed to do? That'S why they're made, and that is how they are to be used. Some additional uses are quick weaves, you all those kinds of things you can also use rapid strips for that to protect the hair, and if you watch some quickly videos on YouTube, you will see that there are some people and some stylists who use brackets trips when They do click. We use okay, that out of the way next up are neck strips. I don't have any neck strips, because I'm not a barber. I hear people say take your next drill to wrap your house. Take your next field and with your next trip, you don't need next trips, please do not buy next trip. Dex trips are designed for barbers to use to go over on their clients next, before they put the tape on them. They'Re designed to catch sweat, drips and lose hair that falls while you're getting a haircut next. Trips are much thinner, they're designed differently, because they're designed for comfort and convenience, the comfort of being around someone's neck on their skin and the convenience of catching loose, hair or sweat, or whatever else may drip down right up strips, on the other hand, are designed to Be more durable because you're using them to actually press down hair that is wet so they're, not as thin they're, more sturdy and they're more durable you're in the store and you're going to buy their wrap. Strips make sure you look at the box and then make sure you look at the individual packages of strips inside the box and be sure that you are purchasing wrap, strips see your hem this this. What you want then, right over to what then, what you own? Okay, then, what you own, not next trip. Okay, then I would you want you want it, not that okay got it all right guys! That'S it! Quick summary! Next, trips for the neck for barbers to catch loose, hair, they're, thinner, wrap strips made to wrap your hair they're thicker, more durable, they're designed to go onto wet hair. You want reps trips. Hope you guys can make the distinction. It'S really simple, but they look very similar, so it's super easy to get them mixed up, but just pay attention to what the box says when you're out shopping hello. My question to you guys is: did you know the difference before I did this video? Do you really pay attention to that or do you just grab whatever strip you Brad? Have you ever wrapped your hair with next trip and if you did, how did you know the next trip, as always guys? Thank you so much for watching, supporting and subscribing. Please follow me on all my social media, which will be linked down below if you have not subscribed already, please go ahead and do so leave any questions or comments down in the comment section. I always get back to you guys, head on over also to my website, k, right, calm for more info on short hair, styling care and maintenance and till next time guys bye,

Charne Knight: My local beauty supply was out of wrap strips so I bought some neck strips. I use them to sleek down my ponytails. They worked just fine for me. The only problems was they weren't long enough to tie in a knot in the back. I kept tearing them trying to tie it but to fix that I just used rubber bands to secure them and my ponytail turned out just the way it would had I used wrap strips. I prefer the wrap strips of course but if you can't find any the neck strips are a good alternative.

Cathy Martinez: Finally someone explained this.... thank you!!

Tali Bond: Watches intently while sitting with a neck strip round my head ‍♀️

Elle Bella2011: I just purchased the hair strips. Thanks for letting me know the difference. I hope it works for what I am planning

154angel154: Hi Kaye! I am fairly new to this pixie life. In addition to having relaxed my hair as well! I was natural for forever! Anywho, I would like to know how often you relax/touchup your hair? Thanks in advance and I love your vids!!!!!

Sharita Richardson: Yes, I knew the difference after mistakenly brought neck strips. I use both sizes.

Beverly Williams: I know the difference from trial and error. The neck strip wasn't sturdy and therefore my mold didn't work well. The sides were really puffy. Great video!

Earlene Walker: Great video, I learn from sister being a hair stylist years ago. I think you are wonderful to take time out to explain to the unknown about different pro and con. Should I or not. keep all video coming your marvelous and shine. you GO! Girl!. I like your video because I wear my hair short and relax and healthy. loving my hair. Thanks!!!

Lauren L: Hi! New to short hair! What's the best way to get them to stay in place tightly?

Mrs D: I've seen the neck strips and defo knew they were for barbers when cutting hair. You can pretty much tell that they are much smaller. I've used the wrap strips - I thought they were just OK. I went back to my mesh velcro wrap when sitting under the dryer. They work just as good xx.

A JAX: I bought some neck strips last week! lol. I thought they were the cheaper versions of my wrap it jr...no boo boo. I pulled it around my ears...and it popped! So now I double the neck strips up, wrap it straight around my forehead with an overlap then take my wrap it jr & tie it in place. Never again, I'll make sure I read it next time. I just wish wrap it jr came in a larger roll annnnd...a dispenser lol. I'm just starting to get into reusing them & they work just the same as if it was my first time using it. Those strips & Nairobi are my holy grail

Sakeenia Noid: Yes I knew the difference...I use wrap strips for myself and neck strips when I cut my sons hair. Good video.

Trixy 0930: I'm a serious snob when it comes to my Sanik Strips, I only use the Black Jumbo Wrapp Strips. I find that the white Jumbo ones are too thin and aren't as sturdy as the black ones. Great video per usual!

Mianotmyaaa: oh and I have a question. When you are wrapping your mold with your neck strips, how do you keep your hair from bulking up? or is it just a problem for longer pixies?

Anita Williams: thanks for the video I got the white jumbo wrapping paper it's great thanks for the informative videos . keep them coming.

TheMahoganyButterfly: I use neck strips for my hair with no problems and it might be because I have a super short pixie and it doesn't take much to lay and hold it down. I'm curious to see if that will continue to hold true for me once I grow my hair out more.

Felicia Thomas: Yes....I know to use wrap strips. I use them and they really work on my mold!!!!!

Uri Honeysucker-Hollis: Lol..I have never used neck strips only wrap it Jr's but I have seen them!! Good info..keep the videos coming

Latitia Belton: LMAO! Gurl U R too crazy! I'm the daughter of a Cosmetologists so I know the difference but LAWD Have Mercy I can definitely see some Sista's wanting to use these interchangeably! BTW as luck would have it, I'm home today getting ready to have surgery and somehow I stumbled upon your channel and I LOVE, LOVE all of your videos! I have literally been watching you all day! Additionally, I will be purchasing your eBook! You are so incredibly informative! Please keep the videos coming! Much Love from "The Dirty South"!

goated with the sticks: it's so funny that u posted this video I sent my husband to the beauty supply store for wrap strips he brought back neck strips I just struggled to get em around my big head without ripping ion believe in wasting money so imma do something with em

angelisa t: i didn't know, but 2 weeks ago when i bought my wrap it strips for the first time( as they were side by side to the neck strips).. I got the wrap it strips.. because that's what you use.

Tanua Boyd: Heyyy Kaye, toooo funny, fortunately my brother is a barber so i truly knew the difference LOL!!!!

Zii: me here after realising that I purchased neck strips by accident, instead of wrap strips

Dora williams: Kaye I wish I could do my own hair. I just left the salon this morning from 9am till 2 Almighty crying paying 95 dollars for her to put tracks with glue in my head. I said no then she tried to see in some tracks for bangs OMG a mess never go back. I m going to do my own hair.God bless your hands.

Natasha Jones: I never knew the difference i just thought they did the same thing lol.

Unique Leads: Looked allllll over for the name wrap strips thaaank you

Nicole Brown: I prefer the black wrap it jr strips

Tamika Ruskin: Thank you

Racquel Jackson: Why did I buy neck strips today to wrap my hair?

Mianotmyaaa: I knew the difference between the strips. However, I do not like the white strips, I feel they leave little pieces of the strip on my hair if I need to reapply them after improperly laying them on my mold.

bellefemme6677: Finally. Thx

Unique Leads: This what u wont lol

Queen Blake: Lol, I'm not a barber

Nikki Peoples: LLS...!!!

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