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Packs Used: 3


When did I cut my hair?: July 2017.

Why did I I cut my hair?: I felt I needed a change and had been thinking about it (prior to cutting) for a while.

Who cut your hair?: I cut my hair myself

Hair gel I used in the video:


Hey guys sup Jasmine here and welcome back to my channel, if you like, to see me transform my hair from this to this can make sure you keep on watching. So I'm literally just diving right into it. As you can see, I'm climbing through my hair. I just washed my hair, so I'm just combing through any knots and tangles down may have formed whilst it was dry in so quick disclaimer. I couldn't see that my hands are dry and I knew that on my hands. I dry while speak my film in the video, but I had to keep washing my hands just because old know different products. Dogs using I didn't - want it to interrupt what was going on my hair. That'S not the way. First off I went ahead and I parted my hair in two different sections, and this is what's going to be the style of the front of my hair. So I wanted to put my hair into triangles just for the front part: it's because that water will no more neater and more flattering. So now that I am satisfied with the partings on section of my hair, I'm actually gon na go ahead and show the section of hair, so I'm taking the L'Oreal Paris extreme hold food. Is our indestructible gel when I say this gel is the bomb calm? If you don't know about it, research about it and if you see in the shops only gross with a three or four pounds, you can't go wrong and I've never had about that experience with this gel. It'S so good if you've got that cause, hair or less manageable hair. I really the show, I wouldn't even say anything. It was so good because the münster as well, I have no bad complaints about it, so give it a try - and it really even tonight so yeah gon na go ahead and it doesn't work through the gel free decision of hair and curl from the gel. So before I secure this section with my elastic bands, I'm going to pull my baby hairs out from that section. Just so it's easier for me to style once my hair is completed so obviously now the next step here is securing this section with my elastic bands, and I take about three elastic bands. Just because my hair is so short - and I don't want anything to come out - take three elastic bands to secure this hair and all that wonky can see. I literally had just dyed my hair as well, so the semi-permanent dye that is literally coming out with the gel on top of it so yeah. That is why I keep washing my hands throughout this whole video. So after that section that I had just shown you, I went ahead and just did the rest of my hair. It was about 2 a.m. in the morning. I was tired and completely over it, and I just really wanted to finish my hair and go to sleep. So I've just sped through this part of the video and they're not gon na, show you what I really done in the next clip. So this is how I secured the extension to my hair using a rubber band. I'M taking my prepared hair as you can see, and my rubber band and I am securing the hair on top of the band like so okay, easy peasy. Now, taking the band from my thumb, I am looping it on to my middle finger and securing the hair once you've pulled that band from your thumb to your middle finger, you want to take a band actually directly underneath and pull it up and over your middle Finger until it's secured and creates a loop for the hair, so once you pull that band, as you can see right now, it creates a loop hole and secures that hair in place and don't worry if there's sort of bump in there like mine, it's okay, because Once you attach their hair, it will be easily hidden. So now for the rocket method, you actually want to go ahead and divide your hair into two sections from each section. Take two small pieces: okay, at the end of it, you should then have two sections one. Each section, and once per section so taking that smaller section you want to wrap it around the base of your hair, covering the elastic bands. Once the elastic band has been covered, you then want to gradually bring us upward covering your hair. Once I'm satisfied with how I've wrapped my hair, I then let go up a small section and go back to the bigger section and then divide that into two. So now, taking any part from that new section that I've just created, I'm gon na take that wrapping hair and add it to either part of that new section and, as you can see, I'm usually just twisting in until I feel that it's okay to then create A bigger twist now I know you guys see my hair peeking through underneath the twist, so I'm just gon na show you how I hide my hair, and this is why I feel that the wrapkin method is extremely good for with my short hair. Just because there's problems that these you want to move your hair around on a stylet, your hair, just peeking through you, can easily take the hair that you wrapped around the base of the twist and just slide up. So I'm just gon na show you again well closer and slower. I slide the hair Rockman literally like so so this part is completely free style. I decided to gather my hair up and wear their half up: half down hairstyle no hair bands included I've taken braids or twists sorry and just wrapped it around my hair, and I decided to wear like this and I'm calling mr. goddess hair style, because I honestly Thought like a queen, I just felt so pretty so yeah so time to tame those baby hairs. I love a sleek look, so I applied that same gel across my hairline and let set in for a bit. I didn't actually go ahead and start my edges straight away. I do the layers in my hair for about allsafe 30 to 30 seconds to a minute and again excuse my dry hands is so disgusting, but you know I had to do what I got a duel. So taking a comb, I I prefer combs than toothbrushes when it comes to styling of my baby heads, so I've taken a comb and just add on my team, then just taking a silk wrap, and this is specifically for my hairline. I'Ve just popped it on my hair and then because I was tired, as you can see, how high and also very excited as well so fast-forward. To two days later, I decided to accessorize my hair and I just bought these accessories from a hair shop in North London. Also, look at my hairline look at my edges, they're still in place. This is two days later when I say this gel. It really really is the business, so if you have never ever bought this or used it, i really suggest that you buy this and you know just try it out. I think it's so much better than eco styler and it doesn't damage your hair or flake. So yeah guys this is the end of my tutorial. I really hope that it was in depth and helpful for anyone who's wanting to do their hair and wanted to try out this hairstyle. Please. Let me know if you like this method, if you like this tutorial, if you have any questions, just please leave them down below and I'll be sure to answer them until next time guys see you later bye, yeah

Gloria DJEUFA: Omg! Thank you for sharing this rubberband method. I've been struggling lately doing my box braids on my medium lenght hair. Definitely tring this method. Yours came out GORGEOUS! Keep the tutorials coming please

T L: Very beautiful young lady before, during, and after doing hair and makeup! Thanks for sharing this. I was having former trouble finding a easy diy hairstyle.

Britt: This method is actually brilliant and so smart. And thanks for giving me hope for twisting/loc'ing my short twa

Gemini Rising: I LOVE THIS PARTICULAR RUBBERBAND METHOD! Thank you, will definitely be trying this

no body: That's cute thanks for sharing I'm going to try this and look for the gel.

Maria Pimentel: WOW, You are a PRO. Great Job.. Thank You. It was a pleasure watching you do your hair. I love it.

lil lady: I loved this...I’m going to try it and order the gel...I think I may have to purchase it from L’Oréal website the gel...looked on Amazon but they didn’t have the extreme line gel...they had others but not the one you suggested in this tutorial...I’m really feeling this look...I’m definitely going to try a shorter version...

MrsPO: This is a genius technique!

Shantana Redman: SIS YOU SLAYED THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim Grant: very nice I love this method thank you for showing it

cornice Julien: U did a great job... just work on twisting ur wrist while twisting the braid, that way ur twist will not unravel while manipulating

Sassy cat: I like twist to cover the rubber band. Came out very nice.

ToniHope✝️💕: Yes m’am. You did that!!

Ariana Sage: Amazing!!!!!!! Trying this weekend!

Okechukwu Precious: Beauty and different. Thank you!

Naturally Darkskin: Great job you look beautiful

JESUSfreak: Very cute...looks a lil difficult but luv ur sections...def gonna try

Greta Davis: I have an undercut that’s growing out on the sides and back. I want to try this method so badly but I’m not sure how or if my growing out sides and back will take for the triangular style. Any suggestions please?

Lana Lane: Looks beautiful.

Greta Davis: Can I achieve this style on a growing out undercut?

Tipp: Great method!

Nichelle Loh: Just beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

Kenia Sharpe: It look hard but it’s hecka cute

Myrtle Smith: Beautiful ❤️

Mesha fig3: Perfect

Linda Jones: Love the hair style

Zae Johnson: Sooooo cute! I’m subscribing for the make up

Kashonda Scott: Do you use 3 rubber bands in your natural or 2??? then the third is in the extension..or you just use 3 on your natural and then a fourth on the extension?

Ann Braden: Gorgeous

Kay Bentham: How many parts in ur hair for each Braid?

E L W: Girrrrlllllll..a game changer...I am so tired of this crochet hook...I'm going to try with smaller sections....We will see...Thank you!

Rochelle Cason: how many twist did you have in total?

jill khan: Wow cute !!

Monica Simone: Beautiful my dear

Keisha West: Hi how many packs of braids did you use?


gorgeousyw: Love it!! Whose your music by? Was jammin while watching your style. Will try.

Renee Blackwell: Where’s the makeup tutorial? Omg I’m such a fan.

MotherOfAMultitude: Cute!

Dee Tuphill: Beautiful girl


THE GRACE TO FOLLOW: Lol the accent doesn't fit the face but it's really nice to hear a UK accent welldone good job

Angeline Louis:

Prebella Prebella: please tell me the lip combo

Ann Braden: Fire Queen

S: Someone help me find the girl accessories.

No name: bravo

arleathia scott: Talk to mich

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