How I Maintain Straight Natural Hair - How I Wrap My Hair

  • Posted on 15 February, 2018
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Missed my 1 year natural hair blow out the update? Watch here -

I did this every day until wash day! I didn't mind my hair getting weighed down because I know this is what my needs right now so it was fine with me. If you don't want your hair to get weighed down, I would suggest probably doing this only other day.

Use code "QVN972" on to get some savings off oils of your choice. *This is an affiliate code link*

Grapeseed Oil -

Apricot Oil -

Paul Mitchell 427 Brush - Great quality brush. I've had this for over three years.

Hair net and scarf were purchased from my local beauty supply store. (Green scarf is 15 years old)

Tips on how I transitioned to go natural -

Tips on how I care for my natural hair -

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Everybody it's me mags and today I'm going to show y'all what I'm about to do as far as like my nighttime routine, or you know how I'm maintaining this straight hair. So this is actually a day after I got my blowout in light press at mica B. Salon, so this is what we're dealing with right now, I'm still very fluffy, but some of the curls are a little gone, which is fine so to maintain this at night. As far as like moisturizing mica suggested that I use grapeseed oil just to put on my ends, because since this is the first time that I have straightened my hair in two years, naturally - and this is actually the person I've had a professional trim in probably two Years, naturally, I'm gon na have some split ends that she had to kind of remove, and you know notice some things that I need to improve on, so she she suggested to use grapeseed oil. We all know grapeseed. Oil, has amazing benefits as far as repairing here. Adding moisture and shine and overall helps with retaining length and overall health, but I don't have the grapeseed oil that I thought I had here so today. I'M actually gon na use apricot oil, and this also has some amazing benefits and it's fairly light. So I decided to go with this, so what I'm gon na do is because what I've noticed is, since my blog, I do have fun here it. My hair, pretty much looks pretty much the same as a daemon tools relaxed and it's healthiest point. So I'm really pleased with how my hair looks right, but I know how my hair is. My hair still is very fine, so I oh, let's try not to weigh the hair down too much, so I'm just really going to focus on the ends primarily. So let's go ahead and get started, so I got my apricot oil from iHerb in. I actually love this place, so I only gon na literally use one like literally one dot and I'm just gon na put it between my fingers and I'm gon na focus on one section first, so I'm gon na go like this and really like put that there. This is pretty much the same thing that I would do when I was relaxed. So let me zoom means you can see you how much I'm putting okay y'all. So I really don't want to weigh my hair down, so I'm literally you're just gon na do this. Like that, just like literally a dot and really rub it through take another section and just really get back there, so I think that's too little too much, but it's okay put it here so that sites done so I'm just gon na do a little bit and I'M not gon na use any moisturizer, because this is a moisturizing oil. I'M just gon na put this here, so I'm still trying to figure out okay. When I get blowouts, do I just want to use an oil to kind of like give my hair some moisturization, because oil, sometimes I think oil technically isn't moisturize. We because I'm I'm so used to thinking like I have to use a moisturizer. So I'm trying to figure that out. So it's too much, I'm just gon na top, like the excess. On the back of my hand, cuz I'm like I don't want to weigh my hair down, so I'm just gon na do this like that there okay, so I think, let me make sure I get the back here like the back piece this. This oil is really lightweight and it feels really good. So, okay, so my ends are pretty much done. I think that's all she suggested that I do and that's pretty much all I was going to do anyway. So let me zoom back out, so I can show you what I'm gon na do with the rest of the hair, all right. So with the rest of my hair. I am just gon na use that remaining that I have, and I'm just gon na put it on my edges, just a dot and I'm just gon na do this put it on my edges and then whatever I have left on my hands, I'm just going to Run it through like that, because what I'm gon na do is the reason why I'm kind of putting the really light hand is because I'm going to do this every day, and you know over time when you're putting you know the oils on it every day, it's Gon na you know lay down so look just a little bit more and I'm just gon na do that. I think that's good, because I can see the difference. I can feel it okay. So now I'm going to go ahead and kind of comb through my hair, because now I'm gon na wrap it all right so to wrap my hair, I'm gon na go ahead and bust out the old school stuff. If you've been here for a while, you probably not new to what I'm about to show you, I'm gon na use a triangle net, and this is gon na hold my hair in place. So I'm gon na put this on first and it gets the job. I'M gon na bring back my old school green scarf and also move you like. You still have that scarf. I absolutely sure do, even though it started to get a little raggedy on me. I'Ve had this since I was 14, so I busted this back out and I'm gon na use this so Tareq. I'M gon na use this Paul Mitchell pearl tools, paddle brush it's a for 270 paddle brush, and I don't really don't know why. There'S parent here um! I think I use it on a wig not too long ago, so excuse if you see some hair in here, but this is the brush and it it's heavy duty. It does what it needs to do. So I always start well from this side and if you notice like when you wrap your hair, one side might be flatter than the other, because this is the side that I wrapped around first. So this side is a little flatter than the other side, which is okay, cuz one side, always a little flatter, so I'm just gon na wrap her. I know when I got my blow out when I was done um when I was done, I was like. Am I gon na know how to wrap my hair, like I haven't wrapped my hearing aid right two years, so I take this here. I'M wrapping my natural hair yarn, it crazy. It'S all natural. You see probably turn around huh this partly from this side back. So I'm gon na take the brush here little her around and kind of you know wrap it with my hand and make sure it's where it needs to be. Now I'm going to take this section here and I'll: do those gray hairs y'all can't believe it? You know so I'm going to take this section here, as you can see, and I'm gon na take this to the front and take her this way. That way, perfect, I feel like you've, never lose your seals and rapping you just don't you just never lose your rapping skills girl and I'm gon na take the remainder piece that was left down on y'all song and you just brush it right there and boom. There'S your round: there's your rap with no clips see no clips. Okay, so we're we're pretty much wrapped and I'm really surprised at staying being the length of hair that I have so normally. What I would do is put some more oil and go like this, but I'm not gon na do that today, because I'm really gon na see how my hair feels tomorrow to see. If I need to do that, because I really don't want to weigh my hair down like a really really dull, so I'm gon na go ahead and take my triangle and I'm gon na take the longest end and have the point at the end facing down. And I'm gon na put this right up an ape, go right at the knee and I'm gon na tuck. This behind my ears, like that and I'm gon na bring my bunny ears forward. You can see. I'M gon na tired hold up hold up. Make sure that this don't bunch up on you, but if you don't want to eat crinkles, so if you do need to use a clip, you can insert on you. So let's do this again, make sure you don't have any crinkles there we go pull it through. Can you tie it slowly because you don't want to tie it too fast because you don't know a bomb because the whole point of making sure your rap is nice and flat, so you don't have to put heat on it to like straight many pieces? Okay, so I always kind of push it smash. It down, make sure it's nice and then pull it forward a little bit. Okay, yes, get your wrapper on your phone girl, so I tried it like that and I always put this back here. I don't do this. I don't tie this around here because sometimes when you tie this around here, like that, you can create like a bump in your hair and you take your wrap down and you have a big online in yo. You know rap and that's not cute, so um make sure this is tied tight. Okay, so I just put this to the back right and then take your scarf. This is a triangle scarf any scarf. You have a word. This is just the one that happens to be clean right now. I want to use my set little satin one, but it's washing right now, so I'm gon na just take this old-school once a triangle and I'm gon na do the same thing, but I like to put this one over my ears because this protects. You know any edges around my ears, you know and then put that put this right here like that and then tuck everything in and girl. You ready for bed yo yo rap is super sleigh like he will be ready for work in the morning. You'Re ready for school in the morning, you ready for anything you ready to take on the world. You know all right, so that's basically what I do. This is really crazy that I'm doing a rap like you like so yeah. If you guys do have any questions, feel free to ask me everything that I use will be down in the description and a link to where you can get some oils for yourself, you're. Looking for oils to use on your relaxed or natural hair, your braids or twists whatever you need it for that is in the description below and as always thank y'all. So much for watching and I'll see y'all later

Ashleychanelol: I'm 27 years old and I still for the life of me can't do this kind of damn wrap!

Joy Deja King: I don’t know what it is but something about natural straightened hair looks so much more voluminous than relaxed straight hair. Her hair looks beautiful and healthy.

Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈: Getting major nostalgia with your straight hair! I remember finding you and taking your advice when I was newly relaxed and now I've pretty much done the natural journey with you too :D

SADE ON THE RUN: Who would’ve thought watching someone wrap their hair could be so cute and entertaining! xoxo

Lenae Dyse: Wrapping with no clips. That is exactly how my old stylist taught me how to wrap my hair in Idaho. I also used 2 satin or silk scarfs to secure my hair at night. My relaxed hair came out perfect EVERY time! No lines or bumps at all! I think people started to question if it was all mine at some! Shout out to all the talented professional natural hair stylist out there! Looks like you found yourself a good one! Anyway, I plan(if God wills it) on going to Jaded Tresses in New York to get my hair trimmed and styled sometime this year. I am sick and tired of natural hair stylist that claim they know how to do my hair.......but are completely lost! So, I decided that I am going to take care of my own hair until I can get a true natural hair professional to trim and style my hair. I love your channel by the way.

XFESTO: Finally! , our hair is the same length. I struggled wrapping last night lol

JB: I love how we started our natural journey kind of at the same time. And we literally are doing everything at the same time lol. I just straightened my hair too. I’m gonna keep watching your videos so I can stay motivated and see growth at the same time as you also!

Nah: This is my girl, right here. I have always appreciated how much care you put into your hair; from your relaxed days all the way up to now. I love how patient you are with your hair and how you have shown through your own experience how that patience pays off. Keep up the great work, Megz!

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Lexx See: I use to be a wrapping fool!! And then I went natural and I didn’t need to wrap my hair for a year and a half. Then I flat ironed and tried to wrap it and caught all types of arm cramps. Lol my hair had gotten so much thicker and healthier that it didn’t lay itself down like it did when I was relaxed. Could have used this video back then

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Donnie P.: “You never lose your wrapping skills” sadly I never knew how to properly wrap my hair so I’m STRUGGLING right now to maintain a straight style each night. My hair thick so it does this beehive thing at the top that I have trouble wrapping

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Nyemah C: Your hair looks great Megz, keep it up sis!

Lightning The Tiger: This helped me out Meg. I have fine hair but I'm relaxed, I have a hard time keeping my hair moisturized after flatironing and wrapping it. It dont feel the same the next day but I noticed oil sheen helps a lot but im going try grapeseed oil for a while. Been following you for years girl!

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TKO'CHAE: Girl you done had me laughing laughing laughing at you. OMG. YOU WERE SO EXCITED THAT YOU COULD STILL Rap your hair. #teamnoclips #theresyowrap #theresyowrapgirl #getyowrapon #getyowrapongirl HOLLA!!!!! I HOLLARD!!! You are so funny, because you so proud of yourself. Girl I knew you could do it. Too cute and I love it. I have been post relaxed since December of 2017, but I have been wearing a quick weave or I guess it is called a protective style. Go to a professional stylist every two weeks. Sunday October 7th I decided that I wanted to wear my real hair. OMG Megz. My hair was length in December, now it is, below my shoulders and it is sooooo thick..., omg. I haven't did the big chop because I still have a little but not much of relaxer pieces. But, my stylist clipped my ends after she blow dryed me so I think she may have cut some of the relaxer off once it was dried. Guess what? It frizzed right up the day after. I'm so impatient, and thinking about putting a texturizer on it. What would you suggest?

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Sapphire Relaxed Hair: Apricot oil is amazing and I just did a video on the oils that I've chosen for my hair there only three that I'm going to be using continuously in my hair care I chose the apricot coconut oil and the Jojoba oil, and the apricot oil is so light you can use it everyday just like the grapeseed oil because it is a very light moisturizing oil you're going to love it I've been using it now for maybe one year and I got mine from Amazon the 16 fluid ounce bottle for a $7.95 your hair looks amazing thank you God bless you

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