Is The Dyson Air Wrap Worth It For Short Hair?? Review + Tutorial

  • Posted on 28 March, 2021
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

NEW VIDEO. - How I Refresh My Hair With The Dyson Airwrap:

Is the Dyson Airwrap worth it for short hair?? Watch this test/review to find out!

We all know I love a good multitasking tool and this does just that ;)

Dyson Airwrap Styler:

Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer:



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Good morning, everyone welcome back to my channel. Today'S video is another hair video, because we all know i love those low-key so much so today i figured that i would test slash review the dyson air wrap system for above in most cases when i've seen it being used, it's usually on people with longer hair And so i was like: will it work on my shorter hair, a little overview of this? Before i get on to the uh tutorial? I guess we could call it so this is basically what it looks like. It comes in this really nice case here, and it has a main base, which is this guy right here. It'S obviously attached you plug it into your outlet and then this guy right here has a bunch of different buttons. So the back here is the lock and release. Then we have the on and off switch on the left. You have like your fan intensity, so you can do like a higher fan, lower fan and then your heat, so you have cool and then you have like. I guess a medium and a hot setting here. It still blows my mind that dyson, like went from vacuums to like these really amazing, like hair accessories that are like so cool anyways. So basically, what this does is it styles, your hair, using air, and so it basically is supposed to minimize the amount of like damage and basically, a multitasker of drying, your hair, while styling it at the exact same time. The main attachment is obviously their blow dryer, which this is so cool like dyson, just it's so cool to me like this, these types of gadgets, i just think they're so cool the next attachment, which is my favorite, is like their volumizing round brush. I think that, for this phase of my hair, this one is definitely the one that i would reach to the most had like. If i style my hair regularly, then they have more like round brushes. So this is like a more firm one oops, and this is a little more soft one right here and then lastly, they have like little barrels to make curls and waves in your hair. So they actually send you two one for each side and they all have arrows on them, which shows you the direction that it's going to wrap your hair. So if you've ever seen those videos of someone like getting their hair wrapped in one of these things, it's this, it's really cool. I will say it is tough to learn. I guess my hair's still kind of short, but when i tried to do it, it was it's fun, it's fun, but it takes practice. So they send you two one for each side, so they send you a like slightly wider one. If you want bigger, looser curls, and then they send you a they send you, the package comes with um, smaller ones. For me, these are still a little bit too big, like i don't think i have enough hair right now to make loose curls like this. So i'm gon na try these. So basically, what i wanted to show within this video is the first style that i like to do, which is my like more bobby look, so we know that this brush will make like the little swoopy kind of look along the shoulders. So i wanted to do that with this and then attempt to took her on my hair. I would stay attached because i've done it once, but yeah attempt to curl my hair, i'm going to blow dry first a little bit because my hair is still pretty wet. You don't want your hair to be like 100 white, i like to be like 80 dry, so that way, it's like still a little bit wet and but the style still holds so i'm gon na do quick little blow dry. So, basically how this works is you just take the attachment - and you just put it in like this up to lock it and go now. My hair is a little bit more dry, so i'm going to add this attachment so basically to take off the attachments you just take. This knob press down, lift and then add the second one. I saw a few tutorials and what the people that were using this were saying that when they do use this, they like to put it on either like the medium heat or the highest heat, and then after do cooling. So you, basically just while it's even on you, just put it down to the cool setting. It was mostly for the curls when they were using like the barrels, but i'm just going to use it for everything that i do today, just to see like whether it actually like makes it hold more. Since my hair is kind of thick, i'm going to section it off here. I love this personally for this brush. I'Ve used a few times, and obviously this is a little more simple than curling brows, but i love this brush for the hairstyle that i like currently want with the bob right like i just want, like the little swoopy bob look, another alternative. That is a little bit more like price friendly. I guess i would say, and it was the one that i was actually thinking of getting like, but then alex got me this. So i'll put it up on the screen here. I think it's by revlon. It'S super popular right now, so if you have short hair and you're like you, don't want to like straighten it all the time to like. Have that more, like straight bob, blowout type of look, maybe try this one out. Maybe watch youtube tutorials about it, but let's do this, i'm just going to use probably the highest the highest of everything, so we can get this done, quick. So for someone who a loves to multitask and b is always running late this. This is great for me because it dries in styles at the same time, which is so nice, which i really like. I appreciate that i appreciate things that save me time. Okay, this is what my hair looks like when it's completely done and dry. I love how it leaves my hair like nice and voluminous. It just makes me feel like i want. I want one to be blown out, my hair, so i can just i love. I love this honestly. I think that like for a bob and for like maybe even shorter hair, this this attachment is really great. These two attachments, i feel like, are for longer hair like if you have a long straight hair, and you just want to kind of like keep blow drying it to keep it straight. So now i actually want to get my hair damp and try curling it. So right now it's dry and you do need to have your hair go relatively damp. If you want to style it. So i'm going to get my hair a little bit damp and we're going to curl. Okay, hair is kind of damp, so we are going to brush it through and do some sections, so i'm gon na start with the bottom, and this will probably be harder just because the hair over here is obviously shorter. You see the arrows, so it's basically going to show me that the air and the hair is going to go this way. So i'm going to use it for this because i like to curl facing like the outside of my face, and you just turn it on and you kind of just like. Let it just like your hair, like that, and then i pull away together, pull away, come together and then i'll put it on the cooling setting, which is just the button down here like i'll. Let it cool okay, okay, so i'd say for the bottom layer of my hair. I mean i feel, like my hair. A might be a little too short for it still, but b also didn't put that much effort in because it's the bottom layer and then like that bob look like the top layer is all that matters. So i think if i maybe like went a little slower and i cared a little more, it would work but uh, let's try the tupler. So one thing that i did notice that i'm going to point out is when you are using the curling wand. You do have to make sure you have a specific section of hair, because if you just kind of put it there, it's going to suck up like all the hair and you're just going to have a mess. So you have to like have a specific section of hair that you want to curl and then kind of keep the rest of the hair away, just because the air, just like sucks everything so i'll, do the second half of my hair and then i'll show you The finished product don't forget to switch the barrel over to the other barrel. Okay, so final result is i'm just gon na brush it out with my fingers a little bit, but i feel, like that's still pretty good. I definitely need to like learn how to like frame my face, because i don't really know how to do it with short hair like when i had long hair, i just kind of like had like nice, big curls around my face, but here i think we got Ta like work with some side - bang action. Maybe overall, though, i'm pretty impressed with how this worked on. Like my short hair, i wasn't sure how it would curl short hair, but it gives it like these big voluminous waves hold on. Maybe if i like, oh hello, there, we go okay, there we go so now. If i do a side part, i think it looks a little bit more, not marilyn monroe, okay, so final tally, final final review, so for the bristle brush 10 out of 10 love it easy to use multitasks blow dries my hair very quickly and gives it a Very nice sleek, like voluminous bob curling, one part, i'd, say 10 out of 10 for the fact that it does like a cool, it's really cool. It does a good job of what it does definitely takes a lot of learning and practice, though especially on shorter hair. So i definitely have to practice doing this more but like this is pretty cool like this is pretty that's pretty cool. I think it's very interesting. So would i recommend getting this? It'S no secret. This is an investment again there's like another round brush the revlon one right here, but i think this is so cool and it's like an all-in-one like i actually threw out my uh curling wand as soon as i got this because i was like i just have This - and i want to have this - i'm just gon na wave this around and just probably hit myself on the head with it. This is the dyson air app, and that is my review on it. I guess okay, we're just going to end it here, because i don't think i have anything else to say so, if you did like this video, please give it a thumbs up. I really appreciate all of your love and support. Don'T forget to subscribe, hit the bell notifications, so you're notified every single time. I upload a new video and give me a follow on instagram, but that is all so know. Yourself know your body and until next time you

Mags Bujalski : NEW VIDEO! How I refresh DAY 4 hair with my Dyson Airwrap! If you're like me and want to get the most out of your airwrap, this video is for you!

Krupskaya: Great review - its really helpful to see how the Airwrap works on short hair. Thank you!

sophie shiori: this was great! I was always wondering about getting the airwrap ^^ just did a video on "short hair styles" too and loving your hair!

Brandon Shaw: Hey hope your well today! The Dr has paused my chemo due to my liver enzymes being elevated I should have started my 6th round yesterday but after labs I was told this I go back on Monday for labs to see if I can have chemo on Tues. Hope you have a wonderful week

DreammGreeta: Thank you for the review; it is really helpful. Enjoy watching you vid❤️

Dee Silver: It looks awesome.

Kylie Ward: Do I have to wash my hair every time before use or do you think I can just dampen it with water spray? I don't want to have to wash my hair everyday if I use this product daily

Savannah Stahnke: Thank you sooo much for this!!

Mags Bujalski : At the beginning of this vlog, I do a little update about how I use my Dyson now! It’s changed a little bit ☺️

Forron Sanquid: Hello Im from the philippines also a cancer patient. Loved you vid so much

Sweet Serenity: 700.00

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