How To Wrap Your Hair & Keep It Straight Overnight!

  • Posted on 19 October, 2016
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous


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-Stretchy material

-Denman brushes

-crocodile clips

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Hey ladies welcome back to my channel. I'M sorry, I just have to point out how proud I am look at how fluffy my hair is. It'S so like a tease kind of, but can we make this a thing? Can we make it a trend? I am totally filling the fluff okay, yes, what like in I fell off. I blew out my hair today with a round brush. Okay. This is the first time I've ever blown out my hair with a blow drying round brush. I do this on my clients all day, but typically for my hair I'll have to flat iron, my hair. So if you're watching this - and you have hair similar to mine, then you know that blow-drying, your hair with the round brush yourself, is like almost impossible. But it's possible girls. I did it today. I wanted to show you guys how you can wrap your hair and keep it straight overnight before I show you that, if you're not already subscribed to my channel, then please take a second to subscribe for more hair makeup business advice, personal vlogs. Everything like that, you won't regret it. First of all, they show you what you're going to need you're going to need a scarf. This is actually just a piece of material that I've cut from a bigger piece of material. Some women wrap their hair with the triangular shape scarf. Sometimes it's the square. This is my preference. I like a scarf. That is, I guess you say this is rectangular Li shape, one that shaped like a scarf that you wear around your neck, except this material. You can buy it from your local fabric store. I bought about two yards of this, because this is the same material that I use for my backgrounds. On my videos and one day I got a light bulb above my head, and I was like oh my gosh, since I can't find scarfs this shape. I'M just gon na cut one myself from one of my background. I forgot exactly what material this is called, but it is like a polyester, maybe material. It'S definitely like a synthetic material. It doesn't fray at the end, so I just cut it and it has some stretch in it. So if you want to go to your local fabric, store and kind of feel different fabrics, and also it's very thin, you guys see that it's just cheap, it's cheap! Okay! I got like two yards of this, probably for $ 6, something like that. You'Re gon na need one of these. We put my scarf around me like that. So the next thing that you're going to need is a brush. This one is a Denman brush. I love love, love, Denman, brushes, but any kind of brush. You use a paddle brush. If this is optional, this is a boar bristle brush clips like this are optional. So, let's get into the tutorial you're going to do is grab your brush, your Denman brush your paddle brush, whatever brush you're using and we're going to detangle the hair. This is also the time where I like to brush my scalp, and this also promotes hair growth, because it is bringing blood flow to your scalp and when your scalp is healthy, then your hair will grow. So here comes the fun part. I typically part my hair in the middle, but if you part your hair on this side, you want to get the side with less hair. If you part your hair on this side, you want to get the side with less hair, but since I part in the middle, I still go this way just because I feel like my hair is used to going that way. So, whatever way your hair feels comfortable, that's going! You want to go with that way because we're gon na flip. So what I do I grab this. I literally go to my ear right here: grab this create a diagonal line like that. So I'm basically getting this here grabbing my brush and I'm going to start brushing it to go over this way. It'S like a comb over this part is easy when your hair is like medium to whatever longer length, but if your hair is shorter, like say you have little pieces like that, then you can get your little Clips like this and start if it starts falling. This way like, let's say this is falling right, then you can just brush it make sure it's me being neat is key, because if you are sloppy with it, then you will notice in the morning, and this is what the side looks like. This pack looks like and then we're gon na keep brushing and then once we get here we're going to tuck behind our ear. So you kind of go want to go with the shape of your head. So if your hair starts to fall or if your head shape goes like that, then you can start brushing the hair in the back that way and again, as you're brushing if your hair is shorter, have several of these little clips. So what I used to do when my hair was shorter, I'll clip like that clip like that you can do a bunch of Clips like don't don't be shy. Girl use those clips again, your hair short or, if you have more silky texture. My hair is a little bit on a coarse side, so it kind of cleans it kind of does whatever I wanted to do. Oh girl, I'm not even showing you what I'm doing so going to the back of my head. Ok and then I'm basically pulling this up and also keep in mind. I am going in with this brush like I'm going deep when I'm brushing I'm penetrating all of this hair, all the way to my scalp. So if you have a thicker hair, texture, thicker, hair density, then you want to make sure all the hair underneath you don't want to be light. You don't want it like if your hands hairs like hanging like that, you don't want to be light and then go like that and then there's like all these lumps underneath the hair that you can't see. So you want to be aggressive and brush brush brush. That'S where we're at now also, if you start getting this thing here, brush it down down into the side and just take some practice to get perfectly so honestly, most of the time, I'm not perfect with this, because I'm friggin lazy when it comes to my hair, But ya know oh my gosh. This is what I would look like with short hair. I think I would need okay, you know I should I cut my bangs like this. It'S always best to keep your scarf over your neck. So it's nice and handy when you need it brush, and this is when you can start to kind of use a lighter hand. You don't need to go too deep and dig you kind of use a lighter hand to brush the last little tapering off speices brush. It into the rest of your hair. Now this is where your poor corso brush comes in again. This is optional. I kind of do this when I'm really trying to be perfect, but I will get my boar bristle brush and this barely brushes the surface, so it kind of makes it so that your hair stays in place and does what you want it to do. Now that your hair looks like I don't know a basket or wig or I don't know what does this look like, so you can get your clips if you like, I would click that, like that, make sure the ends of these clips are at the edges of Your masterpiece see how my hair is staying, clip that all I'm gon na do is grab my scarf, make sure it's even on both sides and I'm just gon na so because we wrapped going this way. I am going to kind of go like that. Going that way, rap like that rap like that okay and make sure that is like that, bring it around and then go like that, tie it and then that's it. So you can pull your ears out and then, since these are hanging out of the edge, you can just pull your clips out. If you have really curly hair, really curly edges and you're kind of crazy about anything like that sticking out or in the back, then you can just pull this around or just play with it. You know you can, when I'm really trying to be strict, like I don't want a strand of my hair to get wet in the shower or to be messed up, and I could pull it like that. This is great because again you can sleep on it and typically it doesn't slide off. Sometimes it does, and I also like to do this if I'm putting on my makeup, it's like my hair is already wrapped put on my makeup. Take it off and I'm like you really don't want to get your hair wet and you want to put this in a shower cap and you still don't want any steam or anything like that to get in it. So this is open here, but all you have to do is kind of just find a loose and like that and then I will just kind of tuck it and tuck it somewhere see. Then it closes. And then you can put your shower cap on. Take a shower wash your face, wash your body on your makeup on your outfit and everything, and then, when you're ready, you can take this off and then brush your hair into place. So you can brush it this way and it keeps it nice and straight if you part your hair in the middle, then what I like to do is just brush my hair forward like that, and then I like to do this find my part again. My part and then you're ready to go okay, girls. So if you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends and your family, because everybody needs to know how to wrap your hair. It'S so important! You guys, if you're not subscribed to my channel, then please take a moment to subscribe other than that. You guys will see me in my next video. So thank you so much for watching bye,

Hannah Seeger: Thank you for this! All the Dominican, African, Indian ladies are talking about how they do this all time, I don’t know why us white ladies were never taught this. Haha

Deda Sab: We use this method a lot in the middle east, in my country it is called (dawama) and if one has a fine hair, it can be used after washing the hair, while the hair is damb. The result is a straight silky hair without heat damage ;)

Missknowitall77: Thank you sooo much for showing me how to finally wrap my hair. You made it look easy! Also, you are gorgeous! Love your makeup and hair! I will be subscribing :)

Katie Pezzutto: You're gorgeous Brittney <3 thank you for all the work you put into your videos! They are great and very helpful. Bless you :D xoxo

Melanie Becker: First of all, your hair is gorgeous! Second, I'm excited I watched this video and read many of the comments. I'm Caucasian and I honestly never thought about wrapping my hair just because none of the women in my family ever did so it's not something I grew up doing. But after watching your tutorial I think I may try it. I hate waking up and my hair is a mess and in knots! Plus I'm trying to stop washing every day and maybe this will help keep my hair straight so I can go longer between washing. I'd love your advice on how to extend the time between washing for ladies like myself that have very oily and straight hair. I have tried dry shampoos but I hate how they make my hair feel. Thanks!

Star War: This is everything!!! I never knew there was a technique for hair straight in he morning. I’ve struggled all my life with hair in my face and when I was being really careful I just extended my hair over my pillow and try not to move. But when I did have to move I made sure my hair was extended over my pillow. Such an annoyance each time I turned. Thank you for sharing because I feel saved! . I’m worried about flattening my hair from the top because i lose volume very easily but I’m loving this technique!

Jessie: Hate to admit this, 40yrs old and no clue how to do my hair. My hair takes 2hrs to do,45 mins to straighten. I hate waking up and seeing my hair a mess. THANK YOU THANK YOU for your help. Now I learned a beauty secret!

Imp: Britt, your hair looks so gorgeous in this video! The cut, the color, the style everything is goals!

wondering child 1: Hey Brittney, "feelin' the fluff" Your bangs/ fringe is perfection. I cut my own hair. It's cut like yours. I do my back and sides sooo good. My arms get tired though. However, i have watched MANY bangs tutorials. Most are side swept. I wear a center part always! You know that the frame is very important! I know you are very careful to not encourage ppl to cut their own hair, BUT please, PLEASE show how you cut your bangs. They lay like i want mine to lay! I know the sides are a factor too, & know how to cut my sides and crown for layers. But these bangs of yours can be worn if ppl have non layered hair. I hope you see this comment. Love u

BeeGee 7: I'm gonna try this out! I have straight hair naturally but I think this would be great for protecting my hair at night and keeping the moisture in!

Ashram D: Your hair looks amazing & so healthy !!

Livin Daily Life: Yay!! I’ve been wanting to do this for so long!! My hair is so thick and wavy and I have 5 kids so don’t have time to do my hair!! Being in south Texas this May be pointless with the humidity but I’m gonna do it! Thanks

Angie McCann: Love this video. I have wavy to curly hair in different areas of my head and every morning it's like a literal lions main. This is SO helpful!

Sarah Maley Farris: Thanks for showing the tucking at the end! I am a back sleeper and I wash my hair at night. I put all the products in and blow dry it straight it when it's at 80% dry. (I only noticed a change in my hair texture after my 3rd session of balayage, which was a few weeks ago, so I have been more conscientious about heat). I like a ponytail for bed, but hate using extra heat to take out the crease with a straightener, but my hot rollers aren't really strong enough to undo the crease. Also, my hair is still too short to take advantage of any heartless overnight curling tricks. I figured out that I could wrap it, but I was not sure how to keep it from coming undone. I will being going to the fabric store tomorrow!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sheila T: Well thanks for that! Came across your channel because of your commentary of Brad bleaching a mixed girl hair...well I’m biracial (Black dad and White mom) but I was adopted by White ppl, and there were no Black ppl so even less salons where I grew up. So I had to learn things about my hair through trials and errors. Got to admit, YouTube has been great for this. But well, I’m in my mid-40s and just learned how to wrap the hair! Thanks!

Tori Uptown: This is how I was raised to keep my hair straight. Left that Dominican salon with my doobie on and my colorful pins lol

L D x: Watching 5 years later when the fluffy hair is a trend

Quay, RN: can we get a tutorial on this makeup look? LOVE IT!

Brianna Bethea: I just wanna say thank you. It was because of your video that I now know how to wrap my hair the right way. I looked at so many videos and my hair never worked out right but after looking at your video everything went right and now i look at your video every night to remember just how to do it and it has been a huge help so thanks for making this video for girls out there like me. Also, i will definitely tell people to watch your video if they wanna learn how to wrap their hair as well

The Dark Lord: I swear doing this with long hair is so hard like I followed the tutorial for the first few minutes but my wrap took quite the turn. But I'm happy to say that my time making my hair look like a squirrel was entertaining.

Hi.Nix: 6:53....when all of the hair is pinned up. Can we just talk about how beautiful a pixie cut would look on you! Holy crap.

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CC R: I recall my Puerto Rican relatives would put the hair at the crown in a large hair roller, making it a bit easy to get around the crown, especially with long hair. So glad I came across your video. I Just taught my teenage girl - who is half German/French! So, she gets curly, slightly frizzy hair from BOTH of her parents, FYI. Can’t wait for her to try this. Great instructions!

Dominique Does Life: I think of it as a cute 1920's hairstyle under my silk wrap of course . Love this tutorial!

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Naomi Lasby: Where has this been all my life?!?! I usually turn my head over, twist into a pony and twist that onto the top of my head in a bun, which is a method with its flaws for sure, but the best I had come up with...but I recently heard of this thing called hair wrapping?!?! Mind blown and ever so grateful, this has been one stop down my rabbit hole...

Patti Hilton: I have thin frizzy hair. I'm just learning about this. Going to try it! Thank you!

Dea Useinoski: I love your advice I'm going to do this a lot of people use the scalps and I've tried it but I like your information about taking the clips out that's a really good thing I'm going to do now because my head would hurt at night but with the scalp wrapped around it and the combing it's already in place I love it thank you so much

123thebasics: OMG!! Thanks so much...I could never get the hang of wrapping my hair, so I gave up long time ago . Your video was great. I'll have to keep doing it to get it perfect but it's good. My main problem was the crown...I couldn't figure out how to keep it from bunching up Now thanks to the instructions on your AWESOME video I've got the hang of it. Thanks again

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