Does Nutress Wrap Guard Foam Work? | Short Hair Product Review

Hey y'all! I'm finally reviewing the Nutress Wrap Guard Foam! I heard so much about it and I took the plunge and gave it a try. For more short hair tutorials and product reviews SUBSCRIBE!

Products used:

Nutress Wrap Guard Foam

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Feel comfortable using it and not be dreading it like. Oh, my god, it's all I got left. I got ta use this. You know baby jazz phone, like hey I'll back with another video, and today I am finally finally doing my review of the new tres wrap phone. Everybody have been telling me when I was doing all of the other reviews of the wrap lotions and the rep foams. Try this one try this one: it's comparable to neuroma you'll like it! Try try, try it. So. Finally, I tried it and this is going to be my official review, so let's get into it. Okay, guys. First things. First, as I always say when I review something, I'm probably when I review a hair product like a wrapping, foam or pomade, or something that mold and shapes the hair, I am likely comparing it to Nairobi mentally. Even if I don't say that, because that to me is just the standard, so all the other phones that I reviewed, I think I was comparing them to Nairobi, and this one was no different. I ordered it. I got it really really fast and then maybe like three or four days after I got it, I tried it so I have used this about four times now and I'll show you guys my bottle, and this claims extra softness protective shield, great air drying, styling non Flaking dries fast and for the most part I'll say that's true, it did dry fast. My hair did not play it left. My hair super soft, like the whole that it gave it was just it was like fluffy like wow like it was pillowy. It was so so so nice and soft, and I did like that, my hair was easy to manage. My hair did not tangle. It was easy for me to curl a flatiron and all those things. It was the one thing that I will say it does not have on that. Roby is the shine, it do not add any shine to my hair. It didn't necessarily make my hair dull and dry, but it definitely did not add any shine. I had to add product after to get the level of shine that I like, which is not a big deal, but it claims to uh, oh it doesn't say as China, antigen and shine. So maybe, if I mix them with a little bit of Nairobi, I would get you know the level of shine that I'm comfortable with, but other than that it was pretty good. The other thing I will say about this product is that it did not give me as firm a hold, and I, like my hair, was super soft and pillowy like I said, and that's really nice. I think if you have long hair and you do like a wrap set - and it's really flowy and pillowy like that - and it doesn't necessarily have any hold to it. I think that's fine, but for me with my short hair, I want a little bit of hold with my wrap and I'll. Tell you why I personally like a little bit of hold, because I wear my style more than one day so for me to wrap my hair. You know styling curly I'll, do whatever I'm gon na do with it. Wear it that day and then for me to come home, wrap my hair at night. You know add my oils to it, tie it down and get ready for the next day. I need something that gives me a little more hold, because I need that style to still be intact. I need that base and foundation of my style to still be intact, and that's what Nairobi does give me that this one did not give me but other than those two things. Overall, I do think I have finally found something comparable that I could use in the place of Nairobi and feel comfortable using it and not be dreading it like. Oh, my god, it's all I got left. I got ta use this. You know beverage as phone like. I don't feel like that about this. Like I feel like okay, you know, I don't have my Nairobi, I can grab this. I can definitely do what I need to do with it, make it work and be completely happy and satisfied with the results and confident that I'm gon na get a result that I can count on with this product. The price point was very similar to Nairobi, so that was not a turn-off for me. They were about neck-and-neck, the availability of it, I'm not sure, because the Nairobi you know I get from the contraband folks here - a beauty supply store where they sell stuff, they're not supposed to be selling, and that's really convenient for me to be able to walk in And get it, I haven't seen that Roby at ami mainstream beauty, supply stores. You know nothing like an Ulta or Sally's. I haven't seen it anywhere like that. The new tress I've never looked for. So I am gon na make an effort to look for it and see where I could find it locally. I'M also gon na look at that other store, because I'm going back to give me something I roll, because my Nairobi is running out and I'll see if they carry the new trash. I ordered it like I said, but I got it fairly quickly, so that still wasn't like a turn out. For me it was okay. I think it was like two days and it was here. I think I have pretty much tried most of the mainstream farms. I'M thinking about whether or not I want to continue to try out phones and then at some point just have a collective playlist. Where I have you know my thoughts on. You know all of the phones that are out there. So I might do something like that. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments below and I'll see how I feel about doing something like that in the future. As always, thank you guys for watching. Thank you for subscribing and supporting League questions and comments below, and I will get back to you guys and until next time, bye.

Melanie R: I had my hair relaxed last week Saturday for the first time in six months.  My stylist used Joyce Williams Foamee Designer Lotion.  I carried my Nairobi but she didn't use it.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It took a long time for her to relax my hair.  It's curly at the roots and the remainder is wavy.  When she was ready to mold me, it looked like I didn't have a relaxer in my head. The same thing happened to me in 2010 after being natural for eight years.  When she put that foam in my hair it was bone straight. You would never believe wavy and curly my hair was, prior to her putting in.  That was the first time  I heard of the product.  Have you seen it your local beauty supply?

Amanda Johnson: Thank you so much for reviewing this product. I had heard a lot about it and I plan on ordering it. I feel like I owe you some money for going out and purchasing and using Please keep the tutorials coming and keep up the good work!!! You're greatly appreciated.

Nicole Brackett: Great review, I'll have to try this one. So far I used Nairobi, Creme of Nature, Motions, Mizani and KeraCare. Yes please do a top 5!

Melinda Smith: Perfect! Thank you so much for the info. Good stuff!

lynnell clarke: yes i'd love to see a video critique of all the wrap foams-thanks!

MsTricey757: Yes do a top 5 favorites, I also tried the creme of nature it was ok, I haven't tried Nairobi yet it's on my list, but today I tried Ic Fantasia hair polisher styling foam it was ok, it did have a firm hold added a bit of argan oil & I was all your videos...

glory: Great! I'm gonna look for that dryer

Really Cool Introvert: Ordered it, washed and conditioned my hair and began my mold and immediately noticed that it was not going work.  For some reason my hair would not lay down in certain areas and it just did not look like the wrap lotion was working so I went ahead and washed the Nutress out and picked up my Nairobi and proceeded with the mold as usual. I also noticed during the  mold that the shine was not going to be there but I am sure you can get the shine if you add a little bit of coconut oil before the mold. As always, your hair looks awesome.

KIM Hill: You have made me into a Nairobi snob. After trying many foams I purchased it after listening to you. I refuse to try anything else. My stylist recommended Affirm moisture foam wrap. I guess I need a backup. A poor rat has only one hole LOL

Bettie McBride: hi, I wanted to tell you that I tried nairobi foam wrap with olive oil foam wrap and I looovveed it! it left the shine

thechicestgeek: Have you ever tried the potion 9 by Sebastian in place of the foaming pomade?

misskingstonjamcutie: what hooded dryer do you use?

shelia drake-williams: Girl, what is that lippie color and the name/brand? Love it and the video.

Ladybug Graves: good morning i viewed you video this morning funny thing is i was looking at this product yesterday on amazon... and i was wondering if anyone had used this and then all of a sudden you posted this video .. thanks for the video it really helped me.... i gonna try it.... have a blessed day ...

Shantye Porter: I tried to like it but it was not for me in the I came out looking like a French Poodle Keep the videos coming!!

Shav V: Hey I know this comment or question isn't about this video. Is it possible you can do a video on how to pin curl short hair?

Sharita Richardson: I would agree with you 100%. The hold and shine was not great but bearable. Have you tried the Mizani Foam? I like that when I don't have Nairobi.

Christine Martin: Have you Aragon oil foaming mouse? Can’t find your fav local here do this is ok until I can compare it.

lushingbeauty: Nutress is

Latonya Rice: have you tried Jane Carter and if so what are your thoughts

J Sparkling Sparks: yes you can do your fav five. dont break your pocket tho... thank you for your vids.

Rhonda Beauty: Those earrings tho

DaPhoenix: How about a top five best and worst like show your top five favs and why and the five worst and why! I've seen simile makeup tutorials like that. Idk just a suggestion

alexandru dan: I am so upset cuz right now I am in France and can't find narobi product.....

LyricsPraize: I hate it!

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