Afri True Foam Wrap And Set Mousse By Clicks Product Review L Does This Work On Relaxed Hair

  • Posted on 20 April, 2021
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Afri True Naturals is a very inexpensive South African foam wrap and set mousse formulated for natural African hair but how does it work on relaxed African hair, is it worth buying does it moisturise hair and leave it shiny. Watch The video and comment on the end result.

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Okay, guys before i started this video, i've made a really interesting discovery, and i want to share this with you and then you guys must answer right. Please answer because i feel confused. I don't know if there's a difference between the milliliters in south africa and the milliliters in america, but i'm reviewing this today right. This is the brand of um here, mousse that i'll be reviewing today, but, as you know, i have been using different other brands. I used ors and then i used original olive oil so buying this right um when unboxing it. I did mention that this was bigger. However, this says 250 milliliters right and then this is 251 milliliters. So what i don't understand is this is 251. This is 250, but now this is that, like do you understand like let me take off the cap, so you guys can see like do you see that so who who's lying here and the thing is, the bottles are the same like? Is it circumference the diameter? Whatever, but it's the same size right so the height is different, but, however, this is 250 milliliters and this is 251 milliliters. So i know when i buy this as well right. This is almost full to the brim and this does not go up to there. So i don't know, i don't know, comment down below and tell me what could be the answer to the bottles being different, but the content is somehow not um. What am i saying? Well, the content is, the bottle, is bigger, the content is more right, but the bottle is smaller. Tell me what you think about it. Tell me: what could this mean and maybe i'm viewing it wrong? Maybe there's a difference. Okay, there is a different system in america, but maybe there's a different system for melee leaders. Maybe they measure their milliliters a certain way and we measure ours associated with that does not make sense, or so i'm down right now, dumb right now, but yeah. Let me know, but anywho, let me get started on the review on this right. Okay, so, to give this product a fair review, i decided to relax my hair and it is freshly relaxed and washed. So now i'm gon na go ahead and apply this on here. Okay, so before i apply, i just want to read what it says right. It says: neutrals, moisturizing, curls, right, um, hydrating, foam, wrap and set mousse for all hair types with shea butter and coconut oil. A fruit free formula that encourages confirmation shine manageability to reveal also soft and silky curls. Now i don't have curls. However, i do have straight hair, so i just want to see if this is going to work in my hair. This is half the price of this right. So if this works on my hair and moisturizes, my hair, like it says it would it would um and doesn't cause any dandruff or, like my hair, to fall out to anything like that. I'M going to turn to this, because this is not uh, probably uh what this is a south african product, so i'd rather use something that is local, then use something that isn't right, because our economy is struggling guys. So let's try and keep it here. Let'S try and keep it local as much as possible, so let me go and try and put it on my hair and see if it does the job uh hello, mm-hmm uh. I don't deny there's some strange evolutionary process going on, but mankind won't be destroyed. The fact that you and i are working here today - okay, so i'm not too mad about it - like it, gets the job done. It gets the job done, but definitely definitely gets the job done. Um, it's just harder to work with the phone. For some reason. It'S not the same as the rs or the original originals foam right. It dies out quicker, meaning that you have to use more of the of the thingy of the foam wrap loose than what you originally use when using the other foam wrap roses. But i definitely buy it again. I mean it's half the price, so i definitely definitely buy it again. Um i'm happy with how it turned out my hair is laying flat. I can't really complain than the fact that the foam dies are quicker and you have to put on more there's actually nothing negative that i can say about it for now. Let'S just wait for my hair to completely dry out and then we'll see if it's shiny. It'S moisturized and if it's still laying flat or whatever i am gon na go under my hooded dryer, i'm gon na use my soft to the dryer by safeway. I did an unboxing and review in some video back last year. Um i'm gon na go under the hood dryer and then the reason i do that i don't want to let my hair air dry. If i let it air dry, it might just like just interfere with the results, so i want to give it a fair review. So that's why i'm going to go under the hood dryer and then come back and show you the end results. What i like about it is my hair looks shiny. It literally looks weird still, so i really really like that. So what i'm gon na do now, i'm going to curl my hair off camera and then i'm going to come back and show you the end results right. If this really makes my hair shiny or if it's just an illusion right so we'll see and also how it feels on my scalp - that's very, very important, uh with regards to the hair muscle you use, it must feel good on your scalp if it doesn't feel Nice on your scalp or if it causes the scalp to edge or it causes flakes, ditch it. That'S not a product for you. So this from the looks of things it doesn't. It doesn't feel like that, but what i'll do is i'll kill? My hair now end the video and then later on. When i'm doing my next hair video, i will tell you how this week went by using this um foam wrap mousse. I will style my hair, but i won't put in any freezing sprays, no freezing products, i'll just put a shine here and there like a shine serum, but that's it. So let me go carol: okay, so, okay, okay, okay, guys. So this is how i look right. Um i managed to do my hair. I managed to do all of it, like you know, style comb it out. It was a bit tough to use the end. Like my hair, it don't move like you know at that point. That'S what i was saying like it. Don'T move because it made it so like is my heat, protective serum and my shine serum um, which i did not want to do, because it will mean that i have to go over my hair with my straightener a lot more than what i normally do, because You know almost when you put an oil on your hair and you try and straighten it so try to curl it. It will go sloppy or nappy whatever so yeah. I would definitely say: don't use it if you're a first timer like if your first time using mousse, especially on a pixie and you're, still gon na curl, your hair do not use it, do not buy it. But if you are used to using foam, wrap, mousse um buy it just try and comb out your hair first after washing your hair and then comb it into the style that you'll be wrapping it in and then just put in a little bit of the mousse. Not as much as i used try to not put too much of it so that your hair doesn't dry out towards the end when you're supposed to curl it right um, you don't have to use so much of um protective serum like i did or um your Heat protective servant or your shine serum right because, most of the time, if i use uh my heat protective serum, i use about a drop of the shine serum just here in front of my hair. But this time i had to like go in like full force. Yeah, oh yeah, i have a brownie card. This is part of the gifts i received today, so i was doing a bromley unboxing, so i saw that the time was actually running out and i wanted to give you um the results during the day right. I didn't want to use my wrinkles or anything like this, but here you have it um. I give it a 5 out of 10 up because of the end result, but i'll definitely use it again until next time. This is me closing off this video. Please do like subscribe comment down below on what you think might have happened with the bottles yeah, just your understanding of our measurement system in the americans measurement system, but yeah. It is turtles for me, see you on my next video

Megan from South Africa: Please note that you don't have to relax your hair to use hair moose. If your a natural girl like me, you can use it to define your curls. ❤️

Nora Meviane: Hi how is the strength of the fragrance ? I’m sensitive to smells but want to give it a try

Khumiso Selobile: Hi Noxie I would like to know how long do you leave on the dryer hood for when drying your hair?

Tshephang Mndawe: Do you relax your hair every time before styling it ?

Shawn Jay-Z Carter: This video has been helpful I have braids hopefully it works Thanks

mahlatsi lehlokwa: Hey, would you recommend it for braids?

Clementine Dlamini: Hey Nox which brand of straightener or curling products do you recommend

nthabiseng welma: 250ml is not the size of the container but what is inside. The mouses is thick

Hlengiwe Zubuko: My hair becomes dry and dull...what can i use to make it shiny?

vumbhoni mathonsi: Absolutely love your content. I have a pixie which I don't know what to do with.

Aria124: How long do the curls last for? Or how long does the mousse keep flat against the sculp?

PortiaR Tsie: Where can i get the head wrap u using?

Siviyon Davis: Beautiful queen ❤️

Mimi Bryan: Please is the mousse good for my permed natural hair???

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