Tutorial: How To Mold/ Wrap Your Short Hair

  • Posted on 11 February, 2013
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

This is a quick tutorial on how I get my hair to lay flat before slicking or curling my hair.

Hi guys, i know it's been a long time coming. I have not recorded videos in a while, but i am back and i'm ready to record i'm gon na try and bring you guys new videos. Every monday um, that's gon na, be my new agenda so um. This video is going to be about how to wrap and mold your hair and how to get um your hair to really lay nicely without um cutting. I don't know if i've, let you guys know, but i'm trying to grow my hair out until at least april um, that's my birthday, so i would like to see how long i can go without cutting my hair. I am infamous for cutting my hair and want to try and let it grow, at least for four months, to see how long i can get it. My hair grows pretty fast, so anyway, i'm battling i'm battling um, i'm gon na show you guys how to wrap your hair. Let'S get started okay, so i just got uh finished shampooing my hair um. I did not bring everything home that i would normally use on. My hair, so i am going to talk you guys through the video some things um. I may not have here with me because, like i said i did not know, i was going to be filming today. Okay, so the items you're going to need a rat tail comb, your wrap. This one is mesh. I normally um, if i'm going under the dryer, i use paper, but i have this mesh one here and your wrapping phone today, i'm using um masani. Last time i used nairobi, i prefer nairobi influence design over mazani, but i'm using what i have today because, like i said i did not know, i was going to be doing this so anyway. First, what you're going to do is you're going to part your hair um, pretty much at the crown of your head from almost from ear to ear. So i'm starting about here and the reason i'm going this far back - is because that's where i like to wear my hair um and it's best to go at least there. Okay, so you're gon na part there about. I don't know if you guys can see that. Okay, that my phone's ringing guys sorry, okay, so we're going to do that now, we're going to add your wrapping foam and you're going to just apply it liberally um on your hair, depending on the wrapping phone. Sometimes you don't need as much. You could just put a little bit on your hand, but uh masani and uh motions they're a little more water-based um. So this one you have to apply a little more than you would with um something like influence or design or nairobi. Okay, so i don't know if you guys can see i'm just right now going straight down all over the head same in the back just straight down. Okay, i don't know. If you guys could hear me, i tried to talk a little louder, so in the back you're doing the same thing just going straight down and as you guys can see, my hair is getting longer see it over my ears and i can't stand it. But i also have a video um to show you guys of a new hairstyle, okay, so um. If your hair is not laying feel free to add more uh wrapping foam, if you're using um a different brand, you shouldn't need to add more foam at all um. It a little goes a long way on other brands, like i said: um, not crazy, about lasagna. Okay. So, as you see what i just did, i just laid it straight down, but then i took the comb and just kind of created that little um mold, because i want to be able to push my hair back. So that's why i'm creating that there same thing in the front now, if you've noticed, there's no part here, okay, so we're going to do this with out apart the reason for this, even if you wear your hair with a part um is because you're you don't Want to create a permanent part in your hair, see it does the same thing there here we're brushing forward and we're going to cause like a little separation, but not quite apart. I don't know if you guys can see that so it's just a little separation, but not quite apart. Okay same thing here and again in the back you're just going straight down and turn around. So you guys can see what i'm doing back here, but you're just going straight down and try and get the hair to lay as smoothly as possible. Because when you tie it up, you don't want any waviness. Okay. Now, because my hair is um growing out over my ears, i am kind of pushing it um to the front just a bit. You know if you guys can see uh so again, just lay that down and lay the front down same thing on the other side. So real simple, you see, there's the part you're not going in a swirl pattern like you would wrapping it um. This is more of a mold than it is a wrap um again laying it as smoothly as possible. So there is no lump and uh. You know just kind of going with the shape of your head. It does not matter what side um you create your separation. Um, it just depends on the style of your hair uh, the hairstyle that you guys choose. So this is really simple. Now, once you've got your hair molded to the style, um, the side that you prefer it on, you get your wrap or your wrapping papers. Uh. Your rack strips and you did the same thing - you put it right on your head. I want you guys to see how i'm doing this, i'm kind of sliding it down my head and then same thing just putting it on there and then i just kind of pull it down so that the hairs on the back of my neck lay okay, so That way, there is no um a little hamburger meat hanging out. You know those little curly cues that go up, so i have this rabbit, um, pretty secure and simple hairs, wrapped really easy. Um, like i said i have a new video coming for you guys. It'S going to be uh the new style that i have for my hair that has grown out of the shorter version of this. It'S a little longer. So it's for you, ladies, that are in that awkward stage, um, but don't want old, lady hair. So this is um gon na, be something good for you, guys, okay, so again, uh. I appreciate you guys watching my videos. I hope this helps in how you wrap your hair um. If you have any questions feel free to ask below. You can also follow me on instagram. I have makeup and hair all those kind of things on there. You can follow me at april desire um, okay, so i will check you guys soon so see you later bye.

K Neves: Great tutorial. Extra helpful!!

Feel the Glam: I needed this

Velveteen: What if I don't have a hood dryer to sit under? Could I use my blow dryer or could I let it air dry?

Antony777777: You should do all your videos sleeveless! your arms are so cool! (and hot at the same time if that's possible XD)

mike tom: wow nice guns.can u do a flexing video

biclvr: again those arms :) How about a bicep tutorial? ;)

Goonda Singh: wow amazing arms , please flex

Thea Joseph: Did u say hamburger meat?lol too funny.

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