Wrapping A Scarf On Short Natural Hair | 6 Ways To Wrap A Scarf For Short Hair

  • Posted on 07 August, 2020
  • Short Hair
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This is head wrap tutorial short hair, I recorded 6 ways you can wrap your hair with a scarf WITHOUT having much hair or if you have your hair in short twists. I was in between crochet braid hairstyles and needed a head wrap backup plan!




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So what if you have closely cropped hair, but you want to cover it up for a little bit say you have twist or your hair is cut, really really short and close to your scalp. First, you're going to want to start with a silk scarf and that's going to help you to avoid any breakage to your hair. Now you're going to learn six ways to tie your scarf without any hair. The first one is the back bun now wrapping from front to back in this case, because you have a silk scarf on and it's protecting your actual hair, it's okay to pull put this wrap into a knot. So i push both of the strands to the front and so that they're out of the way and poke my fingers through, so that i can get a nice little knot in the back now. What we're going to do is take those two strands and we're going to do a little bit of a two strand twist, so we're two strand twisting these two ends together, so it kind of when you do a two strand twist on these things and do it Tight it kind of wraps in on itself, so it's easy to just throw it around into a circle and just tuck it in so you can leave it like this if you like, or you can take another scarf on top of it and you're basically going to Repeat the same thing that you did for the knot underneath or for the scarf underneath, so we're going to put this on front to back and then we're going to make sure we're covering up that knot securely and for this one you really don't need to put A knot in the top scarf so we're just going to twist it really tight and then we're going to take it and wrap it around the bottom knot on the scarf. That'S underneath it and then we're going to simply tuck it in, and so i like to twist it around it's it's good to twist it around, because you have a silk scarf underneath it, so it makes it move easier, and then i like to just push it Around to make sure that it fits and it's comfortable, and sometimes i like to fold it up to show the scarf underneath if it matches and then there you go so for this one you're going to need a safety pin and so for this one. We'Re going to wrap it front to back, to wrap it around the front and then you're going to tie it into a knot in the back now again we're going to do a two strand twist and in my case i have a little bit of a tag There, as you can see, i'm just going to twist it to make sure that the tag is covered up so that it's not showing now from this point make sure you have your safety, pin, open and ready to go and so you're just going to situate. This two strand twist across the crown of your head kind of making a crown, and so when you do that, you're going to put it in the place where you would like to have it laying and then this part is a little bit tough. So you're going to make sure that you get that safety pin in there once it's in there it's secure and closed, then you can just tuck the end in anywhere that you feel that it can fit, and there you go. You can feel like a queen for the day. I want to be honest. I'Ve never done this before i just felt like. I should be able to do this easily, since i've been seeing it a lot. So i really honestly didn't think i was going to succeed with this, but and there you go now. This is how you do a top knot, one so you're going to be wrapping it from back to front because it wants to end at the top of your head. So you had to fold it from the back and throw it to the front. Make sure your ends are even and then you're going to do no knots. You don't need a knot for this and then you're just going to do and start with a simple two strand twist around the front now twist it around into a knot that is on the top of your head here and you're, going to tuck the end under. So you can wear it like this or you can push it back and add another scarf to it and you're going to basically repeat what you did for this bottom knot and as you can see, the reason why i chose the scarf is because it's a little See-Through, so it's not that much of a layer on top of this scarf here, if you're going to do this for the summertime, so you're going to throw it from the back into the front and then you're going to be just covering it and wrapping it around That bottom knot and so you're just going to be wrapping around hiding that bottom knot. There i have a little bit peeking through, but that's okay. You can always manipulate the scarf, so it can cover up as much of the bottom knot or the bottom scarf as possible and so you're just going to be wrapping it around and tucking it. And then there you go and you can move the knot around and put it where you want it to be placed on top of your head. You can have it off to the side or you can have it right straight in the middle of the top of your head. It'S easy to move it around. So that's one way to do this top knot. There'S another way to do this top knot without two scarves, you have a little scarf that you're not using, and you just roll it into a little knot like this, because this is going to be placed on top of your head, so make sure it's as wide As you would like your knot in the end to be so set that aside and then you're going to grab whatever scarf you're going to use, and it's always good, it's only going to be one scarf that we're using here. Besides the not one, that's going to be underneath so you're going to wrap that around. So it's wrapping from front to back make sure your ends are even and then you're going to take your little knot and you're going to stick it up underneath your scarf here. It may look scary, but i promise you once you start wrapping. It will stay in place, so you can see what the shape of it looks like up to this point now, you're, going to twist the ends over each other and you're just going to start wrapping around that knot of scarf, underneath this and you're going to do It lightly you're not going to be doing it so tight that it will cinch on itself. You don't want that, so you just want it to be as loose as possible, but it is going to be tight, whereas it won't move off the top of your head. I promise you so wrap it around and tuck. So there you go, that's how you do a top knot without putting on two scarves when you don't have a lot of hair. Just make sure you tuck in your scarf, which i did not and it's fairly secure. So when i'm touching it, you can see how secure it is, it doesn't move. So this is my favorite go-to scarf. So these are all my favorite go-to scarves that i do either if i have hair or if i don't have hair. I hope this was so helpful for you guys you could do so much with it. You could put some just like with the other scarf that i did. You can put some shells on it. You could do so much stuff with these scarves without having to do your hair got a real, quick, zoom meeting, just throw on a scarf. I hope you guys were able to learn a couple techniques to help you with your real, quick zoom meetings or if somebody just drops out of your house when they're not supposed to be there um, you could just throw on a scarf and in the description box Below i put a link to all the accessories you see me use in this video, including my head, wrap shelves and even any earrings that i might be wearing and as always, thank you for watching.

Jalyne Fidler: You look Really Beautiful in all of those scarves! Thank you for sharing this. I want to buy some scarves and try some of these! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lola Johnson: Thanks for sharing....now if only I can find away to do a makeshift bra without back fat oozing out

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