Curling The Shiniest Wrap Ever | Short Relaxed Hair

Hey y'all! This combo will give you the shiniest wrap ever! It is Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade and Nairobi Wrapp It Foam mixed together. This is me curling my hair after using this combo.


Products used:

Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade

Nairobi Wrapp It foam

Rat tail comb

How to create a curly pixie style:

How to style a pixie with NO COMB or HEAT!

How to create a feathered pixie style:

How to create a faux hawk on a pixie:

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Watch my review of the Jane Carter Solutions products on relaxed hair.


Hey y'all back with another video and today I'm going to show you guys what I promised the other day, and I have to tell you truth that I kind of lied. I said when I did the shiniest breath ever video that I was gon na go in the end. I was gon na curl that rap show you how it looks product and with heat, and the truth is that I ended up washing my hair, but I still I'm gon na deliver on that promise. All I did today was the same rap using the Paul Mitchell. Forman pomade, using my always in love with Nairobi, wrapping foam mix, the two together wraps my hair and basically the same, holds that under the dryer and then I curled it. So what I'm gon na show you guys today is the the mould, not the molding process, how I curled it. What products I added to it and then hopefully does can get a full view of how you get your hair to be this super shiny. When you have a shortcut, so let's get into it. Okay, it's pretty much the same oldest the other day. I will show you guys, fives in the back and back to the front. So all I'm gon na do is the same thing. You know wrap my hair sit under the dryer for a thirty minutes and then I'm gon na come back, add a little bit of coconut oil and then I'm gon na actually curl it and show you guys what kind of payoff you get as far as shine When you use this combo and then when you actually put heat to it and style it, it is so nice so I'll be back. Okay, y'all back and dry item. Now, I'm going to add a little coconut oil. You can see that it's already shiny. This is just going to make it ask to put some heat to it, curl it up and show you guys how it looks done when I choose that combination to read. Look at this can y'all see this. This on. I hate on the right ohayo back fully. Curls, the oxidation you know I remember I went along like innovate with job Tina Kings. So what I'm actually filming it? I mean, I see what I see, but I don't know it's gon na translate, so I'm just playing with it style. It like. I said the style itself is not like. You know, hearth shuttering, but I wanted to. I wanted to curl it when I use those two products to mold so that you guys can see how it looks add on some heat to it. So I'm just going to play with this stuff, get it like. I want it and come back and show you. I'M gon na insert some pictures, some close-up shots, so maybe you guys can see a little better because I just feel like sometimes like it doesn't. Do it justice like what I see a person doesn't always translate perfectly the way. I wish that it would to the camera, for you guys to see so I'm gon na insert some pictures, maybe some footage some short clips, so you guys can actually see what I see. Okay, guys, that's it. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope this video helps. I hope you are able to combine the to get what it is that I'm trying to get across to you guys and use it so that your hair will come out even better than before. So thank you for subscribing. As always. Thank you guys for watching and enjoy these videos share them. Tell others about it and until next time, bye

Alesha Harper: Love it!! I have learned so much on how to maintain my short cut without going to the salon. Thank you for the videos.

Melinda Smith: Your hair looks really nice and your molds are awesome!

She is Hebrew: I'm going to get my Paul Mitchell tomorrow!!! Thanks for The recommendation Hun! Your hair looks really good

Starkelia Moore: I just want to say I love your are doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work!!!!

D C: Hi Kaye, I wanted to comment because I absolutely love watching your videos even through I've had my hair short (ranging from a pixies to mohawks in the summer). I was wondering if you could possibly film and in depth video about molding your various styles. While, my hair had been short for almost 6 years, my molds are bloody hell and I end up having to spend more time in the morning correcting them. Thanks!

ItsTiffinysLife: I brought the Paul Mitchell Pomade today and wrapped my hair and lawd.... My hair was laid, soft and shiny. Thank you for the hook up!! Love your channel! Stay blessed!

Exhale TV: Thank you again I've watched your videos ,cut my hair and my friends, family and co-workers loved it!

Sandi: Kate, I have a slightly longer pixie and I like a “messy” style. Could you do a style for this look? Also,I don’t wrap my hair before styling.

Betty Life Vlogs: I love the Pomade. I use the Nairobi also. Great video keep them coming!!!!!

SimplyLiving_ byRenee: Great Vid! Would you recommend the pomade for scalp that cant take too much oil? I flake easily so I'm wondering if pomade with wrap would be too much. I appreciate your feedback

Sassi Luv: I'm a Paul Mitchell graduate and I love the foaming pomade mixed with their wrap as well... But the pomade flakes up when you put more than just two drops on it

Cathy J.: Hi, Where did you get your 1/2 inch flatiron? I’m having problems finding one with a long handle, the short handle ones don’t work for me. Thanks! Great styling!

Robin Ferrell: You welcome you share alot of great things

Kathy-Ann Providence: hi Kaye can u give me the brand and size of the small flat iron please

eccentric: Lovely as always! What lipstick are you looks like a nude and I like it?

Robin Ferrell: I just love your videos

Robin Ferrell: I use to bottle of the very black with a 40 developer

Phoenix Cocodiva: What is the name of the flat iron used in the video?

kareema matthews: I just love your hair

Rhonda Beauty: Another one!

Ericka Garner: do you have a link for the flat iron you use?

Mrs: If u use 40 vol with black it will lift the color you are supposed to use 10 or 20 vol for deposit and mix it with brown for natural pigmentation.

Robin Ferrell: I think I experience a burn from the color because he message it in my scab.

Yvette Arnold: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

CassieAfricanQueen: Omg your eyes!!!! What mascara are you wearing?

Dezeri Smith: O-kaye that's cute.

Miss Mir: What kind of flag iron are you using?

Nia C Holland: You are so pretty!!

Ericka Garner: ok..thanks

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