How To Do A Hair Wrap With String

  • Posted on 16 October, 2013
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

How to use embroidery thread to make a beautiful hair wrap around a braid or dreadlock. This is really easy and can be done in anyone's hair.

In this tutorial I will create a new hair wrap around the middle of one of my dreadlocks. If you don't have dreadlocks then I suggest making a tight braid, securing the bottom of it, and then wrapping the embroidery thread or string from the top all the way down to the bottom. On dreadlocks you have more options because you can start the hair wrap anywhere you want along it and end it where ever you want as well. I love adding theses colourful wraps into my hair and making my dreads what I feel to be more beautiful with something as simple as string.

String hair wraps can be made and worn on any length of hair from very short to very long. Longer wraps are fun because you can experiment with using more colors of strings or threads, creating patterns with them or going wild and doing whatever. Short hair on the other other hand is fun because there is less space to put your strings, but that offers creativity in a different way- with limits. Whatever length your hair is, have fun with it. Creating hair wraps with string is all about being creative and having fun so I say, do what feel right for you.

Thank you for stoping by my channel and watching my video on how to do a hair wrap with string. Please subscribe to my channel and keep coming back to see what I'm up to with my hairstyle each week!

Laura LP Hair

Hey it's me Laura for today's video I'm going to show you how to put a little drag up, wrap into your hair. I had one in my dread log and it fell out the other day. So now I'm going to show you know it, you don't have to have it dragging your hair. To do this, you can just make a braid and you could put it in or you know you can make one super long. It takes up the whole length of your hair, but this is just going to be a little one in Madrid, so we make a braid braid braid braid make it what you got to do so you need some embroidery thread you can use. However, many colors, if you want ten one, two, I'm using two I've got a pink one and I've got a green one, already put it in my hair, because it kind of took me a few minutes. What I did was I made a little hole in my dread right here and I filed the thread through that and that's just so that it doesn't slip out your hair because well that's what happened. Mine is slowly slip. Slip slip dyed my hair. I want that if you have a braid just through one of the little pieces break it apart file it through. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to have it wrapped around, and I want to have some green on my top. So what I'm going to do is I've got these through here, I'm going to lay this pink one right directly alongside my dread. This is just so that it's out of the way - and I can use it after and I'm going to take my green here and I'm just going to tightly wrap it in a little circle right here around my dread and try to keep the two next to Each other, not on top of each other and just slowly wrap it around here and if you want, you can leave gaps. So you can see hair I've done that and that can look pretty cool. But I'm just going to do this. One tight around like this. So wrap it around and when you decide you want to switch colors, so I did just a little 5 centimeter serve or millimeters of green. Now I'm going to drop that pick up. My pink one put the green one down there I'll make sure this pink ones come over and then I'm going to start wrapping with my pink one. I'M doing this by leaving the green one alongside my dread or your braids. If you have one the pink ones going to wrap around it and it's going to keep it in place, they're just gon na be very nice and you can switch back and forth between your colors and I'll. Show you a cool trick. I'M going to do for part of it too. Okay say you want to do a design in there take one of these green ones or both. If you want it, doesn't really matter separate them. This is why you do more than one to stick this guy up. There leave this one down here: keep wrapping your pink or whatever color you're, using keep that guy up there. Out of the way you clip in here, either hair out of the way wrap this around like this. That doesn't done, then lift and done so keep wrapping that there man, I should just make a whole one. This is gon na. Look good! Okay, get that back to there hold this here and now watch what I can do with this green see this green one. Let'S wrap it around and then look at this, I'm gon na have green wrapped around pink. What look at that and you can get as creative with this if you want like, if you have a couple colors it'll, look so good, because you can make some really cool, wrapped colors and really neat designs like Criss crosses and anything okay. I'Ll put that green back down there. You need to have a lot of string because you run out of it pretty fast. Let'S keep going with my pink here. Oh there we go take up my greens again, let's do another little pink wrap there put my pink up. There grab my green guys and let's wrap them some more there, and if you want to do this down a whole length of hair, do it. It looks good I like the student little section on a dread, though, because I don't really want to cover up my whole dread, but okay, now I'm getting near the end of my strings, I'm just going to do there now see these my one green guys. Pretty short, so you guys tie that off in a knot. So what I'm going to do is separate the two bring one back. This way. No, that's not going to work. You just need to get them in a little knot there and hide this little guy down there like that. Take my pink one, you're gon na do a little wrapper on here on my green, oh cool hug, sweet! Does that look a little bit there and there we go now, I'm going to just tie these all off in a little knot here. If you don't want to see the excess strings, you can go and you can bury them up inside of it, but it's kind of hard to do and you can just go and take a pair of scissors and cut it off really short right near the end. So why did suggest doing that if you're really picky shove it up inside of your dread, shove it inside your braid but tie some knots there you go, leave them hanging. If you want okay, there we go. There'S my little hair wrap how sweet to SAP look in there excellent alright, so I'm gon na cut those off, but I don't have a purse to sit here so anyway. Alright, so that's my little hair wrap in there and hope you enjoyed it and hope. You'Re going to be able to make your own send me pictures if you can like and subscribe I'll see you guys next week.

Amanda: I remember people used to have these all the time in elementary school and I always wanted one... I think I'm gonna do it now at 19 years old and achieve my 7 year old's dream! Supa cool

Kristina Magdich: I did my first wrap by myself with this video ! thanks for the video ...I think it went well, my hair is a lot longer so it took ages but it's great! TnX :)

Trusting Jesus: Thank you for the video. Trying to send a picture of what I did to my daughters hair. Looks great

Quantized: Thanks for the info! I have one baby dread and wrapped it. I love it! I think I'll need more than one! Lol

Wonderland 2DOPE: watched this video all late but, this really helped I've been trying to learn how to do this and this tutorial helped a lot! :)

Kelli B: This is my first time visiting your channel and I love it! You are so adorable!! Thanks for the video.

jenny Mason: good job:). you really helped alot. Thanks

Rhiannon Phillips: Loved this! X

Lvydxt: thank you this was so helpful xoxox

Janeen Nelson: I have a question unrelated to the hair wrap...I have recently been adding random dreads to my hair. My hair is extremely long, and the dreads are wanting to eat in the parts that aren't dreaded. I thought the wrap would be ar good way to keep the dreads separated, but worry that it will keep them from maturing the way they are supposed to. Do you have any suggestions, since I see that you have "partial dreads" as well??

Cortney Kingsley: When you said "do it" at 4:26, I laughed so hard. Haha! This is really helpful! 

Caiden Griffith: You are so sweet, thanks for sharing. You make me feel like a kindergartner learning again. : 3

Latashia Bowles Bell: peace and love this was the cutest video i want to do my locs in wraps like total cool technique thanks for sharing you rock

WildRiceJones: I can't imagine why one would only loc a little of their hair and not all of it, but it looks cute. Thank u for the tutorial <3

M.E.: Thank you !!

freakyfairy86: thank you hun your adorable !! going Ti try this though my hair is a couple feet long and I want to do most of it I think . now to decide on the colors...

Sarah Glover: U could braid/plait the lose ends!

Imelda Nuño-Garcia: Actually I have a really long wrap and you don't need to have your hair in a braid to do it.

Michelle Smith: You're super sweet. Glad I found your channel!

Mina Ebrahimi: does it matter what kind of thread it is ?

she ros: how can you put this on if you bought it already done, it have a elastic band

cookie monster2016: how do you brush your hair with that thing in your hair. doesn't the brush get stuck or whatever?

Zebra 16: Can I swim with a hair wrap in

Vorname Nachname: She reminds me of a Woman that been at x-factor (with Simon ,Louis...),before some years

Regan Dunstan: I so want to do this I'm so excited and also can you wash your hair with the wrap

kayla cline: Hippie vibe...

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