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  • Posted on 09 October, 2020
  • Short Hair
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Hey Guys!

I have been using the Dyson Airwrap for a couple of years now and I am so excited about their new longer barrels. Today I will be comparing them with the original barrels to see if they style my hair faster, are easier to use, and if the curls look better and last longer. I will style each half of my head using the short barrels on one side and the long barrels on the other side. I usually stick to the 40mm barrels for my length of hair.

My hair is very course and curly so I am very curious to see how this goes!

Here is the direct link to the full Dyson Airwrap set I am using in the video:


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Hey guys it's ariba and i'm back with another tutorial. So today i'm going to be comparing the long and short airwrap barrels for you guys. I'Ve been getting tons of requests for this video and i'm finally putting it together. So i'm very curious to see if it's a little bit more effective if it's faster, if it's worth purchasing, so i'm going to test it out for you guys and i'm going to be using it for the very first time today. So in this tutorial, i'm going to show you guys all of the products that i use when i'm using my airwrap just so you guys have a better idea of how i get my curls to last, because that's a question that i've been getting quite a bit. So, first and foremost before i style my hair with any kind of heat i like to go in with some kind of thermal protector and because my hair is curly and frizzy, i usually go for a cream-based thermal protector um. So i'm using defy damage from joyco and so i'll, just usually just take a couple um of pumps of that and because it's a cream-based thermal protector, it also works as a detangler, which is really great. So i'm just going to kind of utilize. All of the moisture in this cream based product and quickly detangle, my hair start at the bottom and work my way up. So now you want to go in with some kind of styling product. That'S going to give you hold in your style, i'm going in with full frame from wretkin, and i like using this smooth, because it gives me just the right amount of hold without getting like too sticky or stiff, and i usually tend to be quite a bit Generous with my mousse, and i just kind of scoop it into my fingers and then just kind of work it through my hair, make sure i get it everywhere and kind of put it in on the other side. So now that we have our product in, we are ready to style. So when i'm styling my hair today, i'm going to be using the 40 millimeter barrels, which are their thicker barrels and i'm going to be using the longer ones on the right side and the shorter ones on the left side. So before we get started, you always want to pre-style your hair. So i'm going to go ahead and just pop on my pre-styling hairbrush and i'm going to blast it on on full blast. High heat high air, because my hair is so thick and when we're pre-styling it we're basically going to be drying our roots, um and a little bit into our mids. And you want to retain almost all of the moisture on your ends for this, because this is a wet to dry styler. It works best when your hair is damp, so that should be good and now i'm going to quickly pop this off. So i just want to kind of jump right into it and try out these longer barrels, so we're going to use these first um. So i'm going to go ahead and clip this side away and i'm going to be starting from the bottom and then i'll work. My way up we're just going to pop this on, so i'm going to be starting with the barrel that curls forward first, because when my hair is down at the end, i like these bottom pieces, to kind of sit on my shoulder and i like the top Pieces to kind of sit away, so i like to stick to one inch: sections and we're gon na hold our hair out six inches from the bottom and because i'm curling my hair forward. We'Re gon na put the barrel in the front here and if i was curling back, i would put it in the back. We'Re just going to go ahead and turn it on we're going to let it grab as soon as it kind of grabs we're just going to rotate it all the way to the top, and you can kind of adjust it by rolling it in and out. Just so you get some tension, it should have a pretty solid grip on there. So now, i'm just gon na press the pull shot and i'm gon na cool it down for 10 seconds. I'M just gon na go ahead and turn it off. So we have this beautiful curl happening and we're just going to repeat the same thing on this section and at this point, if you find your hairs, um doesn't hold the curls really well or you just want it to last a little bit longer right now is The time you want to spritz some hairspray and you don't want to do it right up against the section, be about a foot away from the sections and you just want to spritz it lightly and just kind of let that set and we're just going to keep Taking out rows and working our way up so because i did that section all forward, i'm gon na do this whole row backwards. So i'm just gon na quickly pop off the barrel, i'm gon na switch it for the one that goes back and right off the bat. Using these longer barrels. I already feel like. I have a lot more control of my sections, while i'm styling my hair and now we're just gon na release, so you'll find, if you guys, keep your sections, nice and kind of clean you actually fly through this pretty quickly. I also feel like i'm flying through my sections a lot more quicker. I'Ve been using the shorter barrels for quite a few years now, and i definitely notice a difference in how quickly i'm making my way through with these longer barrels. So now that that row is done, i'm going to give it a quick break of hairspray, so this next row is going to be curled forward and another reason i like clipping these away is because you want to preserve the moisture in these sections. If you leave it kind of hanging down while you're curling, your other piece, it'll start to dry out your wet hair and because this is a wet to dry styler, it styles your hair best on damp hair. So you want to preserve that moisture. I'Ve also learned that it really really helps to give each section a spritz of hairspray. It really helps the style last quite a bit longer. Okay. So now we're going to be doing this last section on my right side with the long barrels, so i'm going to quickly just pop off the barrel going forward and we're going to do everything back in this section. So once you've made your way to the top, you want to make sure that this section is styled back. It'S just a little bit more flattering. Once the entire style is done, this side is all complete and, as usual, i'm just going to leave it alone. I'M not going to run my fingers through it just yet so now, on this side, we're gon na go ahead with the original uh 40 millimeter barrels, and these are the shorter barrels and we're just going to do the same exact thing that we did on the Side, we're going to start at the bottom and work our way up and we're going to alternate each row forward and backwards, starting with the bottom row going forward so because this area is completely styled. I want to be very cautious when i'm tying up this wet hair. I don't want it to kind of lean over to the side, so i'm just kind of rolling it into a bun and just making sure that it's not going to be touching any of my styled hair, and you want to keep your styled hair forward on this. Shoulder so it doesn't mix with any of the wet hair. So we're going to utilize our shoulder once again and i'm going to you put the damp piece on the back, we're just going to go ahead and start growing. So these shorter barrels are the ones that i'm used to styling my hair with and, as you can see, i'm making my way through my the sections in the same manner. I find that if i cup the section and spray it it helps with the curl. Last. Quite a bit longer just slide the section out from the bottom cup it in my hand and give it a quick spritz of hairspray before i release all right. So now we're gon na pop off this barrel and pop on our barrel to go forward. Now that i've used the longer barrel. I am noticing that it is taking a few seconds longer to dry my hair on the shorter barrel, because it is being compact in a smaller space. So now we're gon na do our final piece. Hi brush your hair, your hair looks wild no and again for this final section, i'm going to be curling everything back away from my face, cupping the section and giving it a quick spritz of hairspray, and you guys can see as i'm wrapping the section on the Shorter barrel, you see how my ends kind of drop down out of the barrel. I have to usually tuck them back in, which is not a big deal, but that is something that i don't have to do with the longer barrels. That'S something that i'm noticing more so in the areas where i have longer layers when i'm rocking the air wrap back and forth, i have to continuously push the ends back up into the barrel um. So it's kind of nice that i don't have to do that with the longer barrels. Okay, so we are completely done styling our hair, so i did use 40 millimeter barrels on both sides which are equal in width. So i didn't really expect too much of a difference in the way that my hair would look on either side. But i did expect a bit of a difference in my experience of styling, my hair with the longer barrel, and there were lots of differences. So one of the main differences that i noticed in the longer barrel versus a shorter barrel is that my hair styled quite a bit quicker with the longer barrel. I think it's because my hair had more space to kind of spread out, so it was drying a little bit faster, whereas on the shorter barrel my hair was wrapped almost on top of each other as it was being rolled um. So the air took a few seconds longer to kind of make its way through all of the layers. So i think that's maybe why my hair dried faster using the longer barrel. I also found like little things like when i wrap my hair with the shorter barrel. I usually have to sometimes push my ends back into it, or sometimes the top will kind of pop out and i'll have to kind of push that back in. But once i do push the section kind of back in and compacted in this barrel it does eventually style and, as you can see, it gives me the same result as a longer barrel, but i just didn't have to do that with the longer barrel. It spread out evenly and it just dried and i didn't have to tuck the ends or the top into the barrel, so i did style this uh section first, so the curls have dropped a little bit more on this side versus this side uh. These are just like freshly done with uh just a few seconds ago um, but the curls could possibly be a little bit tighter using um the shorter barrel. But i don't notice like a dramatic difference in the curls. I think i'll find out once it kind of drops a little bit more on this side, which it usually does. But overall, i think just because there isn't much of a dramatic difference in the finishing, and it was quite a bit faster for me to style. My hair with a longer barrel, i will most likely probably stick to my longer barrels now now that i've experienced them now that my hair's kind of cooled off and it's set i'm going to go ahead and just very quickly finish it off. So i'm going in with l'oreal paris, a dream length, serum and i'm just using a little bit kind of scrunch it into the ends, and you don't want to shake your hair out aggressively or you'll just ruin all of your styling. So this does last me pretty much all week. That is a question that i get asked all the time: um it's just as if the curls and the style pen progresses throughout the week. It ends up looking more like a blowout by the end of the week. As opposed to freshly curled hair, all right guys - as always, i hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you have any other questions about the airwrap or the longer or shorter barrels feel free to leave them down below in the comments - and i will get back to you Guys and if you found this video helpful, be sure to give it a thumbs up, don't forget to subscribe to my channel, and i will see you guys on the next one. Bye

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